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New record: 10KW photovoltaic power station generates 90 degrees a day? Intersection

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Recently, the small box saw a promotional information of a photovoltaic power station enterprise in the WeChat group. Uncle Han’s house in Ningyang County, Shandong Province installed a set of 10kW photovoltaic power stations, which reached 90 degrees on that day. Essence Essence

A 10kW photovoltaic power station, daily power generation reached 90 degrees, can really apply for Guinness record!

Household use photovoltaic power stations are really a magical industry. Sellers are constantly boasting that their products have high power generation. They even hit the banner of “original” to degrade competitors and think of ways to propagate power generation. As a marketing personnel close to the front line, it is necessary to publicize the average daily power generation after a year, instead of the one -day publicity of the highest power generation.

How can such a false propaganda explain to the people after a year? How to explain to the market later?

The photovoltaic industry was soon labeled by the people’s affordable industry.

Source: Photovoltaic Consultation

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