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The Zendure SuperBase V, the largest portable battery to date, began crowdfunding

Zendure’s SuperBase V is the largest and most powerful portable battery to date. Not only can the 6.4 kWh on-wheel battery scale to 64 kWh with stackable modules, but it stores electrons in what the company calls “the home energy system of the first semi-solid-state battery.”

It can accept up to 3,000 watts of solar input, can be charged at Level 2 EV stations, and includes external running lights, voice control, and EV wheels.

According to Zendure, semi-solid-state batteries have 42% higher energy density and improved safety compared to lithium-ion phosphate (also known as LFP or LiFePO4) batteries. Zendure’s semi-solid-state batteries are basically just higher energy-dense versions of ordinary lithium-ions, but in the form of solid bags, which clearly have greater vandalism resistance than more typical cylindrical batteries.

During semi-solid-state battery manufacturing, the chemical solvents used to make the internal compounds remain inside the battery during assembly. These solvents harden and become solid electrolyte interphases that are more elastic and less likely to have the kind of knock-on reaction that causes fires and burns in other lithium-ion options, even if punctured by metal spikes in performance tests.

The 130-pound SuperBase V boasts even more capacity and power than rival EcoFlow’s largest battery, the 100-pound Delta Pro, which comes with a 3.6-kilowatt-hour LFP battery that expands to 25 kilowatt-hours. For background, the standard range Ford F-150 Lightning pickup has 98 kWh of available energy. In terms of output power, the SuperBase V is unusual because the US version has 120V and 220V sockets to power standard and high-wattage devices. The AC output is rated at 3,800W and the surge power is 7,600W, which is enough to meet the needs of almost all household appliances. If you need more power, you can connect two Superbase V systems together to get an output of 7600W. It has a total of 14 output ports, including a pair of 100W USB-C PD ports for gadgets and a 12.6V/30A Hans Christian Andersen port to power your RV.

The 6.6 kWh SuperBase V battery can also be recharged in as little as an hour by plugging in AC and maximizing the use of solar input in perfect conditions. Complete features include an app that lets you manage ports from your phone and an optional home panel that connects the entire system to your home line. SuperBase V is crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

The SuperBase V, which is priced at $3,799 and a 4.6 kWh LFP version for $2,499, has raised $1.2 million and runs until November 18, after which SuperBase V can be purchased on Zendure’s website.

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