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Six good hair care essential oils are recommended, test it yourself!

The recent climate is described in one word, that is, dry, especially after two or three o’clock in the afternoon, I feel that the whole person is short of water, and I suddenly can understand the imperial capital brother who applied a mask on the subway some time ago… In order to be a long-haired soft girl happily in this weather, I also worked hard and used a lot of hair care oils, but in the end only these few remained.

Recommended to all fairies, after all, hair still needs to be maintained, in case it is touched and killed by the male god one day! You guys say four is not four!

1. Reveur silicone-free plant hair oil 100ml

Because this brand of shampoo has been used before, it is amazing that the hair is not dry or oily after washing, so it is added to the same hair care oil, which adds grapeseed oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and other plant hair ingredients, the texture is between water and oil, the fluidity is strong, the smell is fresh and fruity, fat sausage girl.

Its dosage should really be very small, otherwise it will be a little oily, control the dosage is fresh and smooth feeling, this is more moisturizing, the hair is very smooth the next day before going to bed, it feels like velvet, and the penetration effect is very strong.

Recommended Index: ★★★

2. Amorei essential oil 70ml

This is really too friendly to fried stars, you can feel the effect once you use it, suitable for using it to maintain a wave when the hair is dry and knotted, insist on using it every day, the hair is simply not too smooth, very suitable for dry and rough damaged hair.

The sticky texture is relatively fresh in taste. A small bottle is actually very durable, and it is pushed open with a drop or two in the palm of the hand, which is very malleable. The bottle is so light that I usually carry it when I go out. The disadvantage is that the moisturizing degree is not very long-lasting, and the fragrance is a little cheap, but the cost performance is still very high.

Recommended Index: ★★★★

3. KOSE Botanical Hair Care Oil 100ml

This one was brought back from Japan by a friend before, the bottle has a very gorgeous rush, the fragrance of this is light, the taste of pure plants, smell more reassuring. It is also a texture that is easy to wipe off, it looks slightly thick, nitrogen, and it is quickly absorbed on the hair, I will probably use two or three drops at a time, this bottle mouth will not pour out a lot at once, use it to wipe all the hair in the morning before going out, the hair is immediately not frizzy, the key is that the hair becomes light and soft, and the kind that comes with the wind when walking out of the house.

The shine is also very natural, there will be no feeling like I have not washed my hair with a layer of oil, and my oily hair is not stress-free to use, but the absorption is a little slow, and I need to rub it for a while. I usually apply this essential oil when my hair is 7% dry, and then dry it with hot air, and I feel that the whole person is exquisite.

4. Milbon Beauty Leave-in Hair Serum 120ml

This essential oil hair lotion is recommended by the hairdresser, koala on, lotion-like, fluid, it also contains essential oils, so you need to shake it before use, my bottle is Emulsion+, more suitable for my frizzy and undynamic coarse hard hair, the packaging is very textured, the bottle has high value, it is pleasing to use, the texture is not heavy, the main thing is that the fragrance is too good, sweet and fruity, I like it. It is worth mentioning that the effect of this brightening hair color is more than one loss, it is very suitable for dying faded hair, the withered yellow hair suddenly has its own shiny and smooth effect, and after using a bottle, I feel that the hair is in a much better state, especially the gloss is significantly improved.

To be honest, this lotion is more moisturizing than essential oils, and the penetration effect is also better, which is very suitable for this dry season, fairies who feel that essential oils are not moisturizing enough can try it, and the hair is not frizzy for two or three days after use, moisturizing but not greasy.

5. Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Seed Hair Care Oil 60ml

This is said to be hair oil, in fact, it can be used directly to wipe the face or added to the cream, especially moisturizing, and the amount of ash is often saved, as long as one or two drops are almost enough, the ingredient is 100% camellia seed oil, smells no fragrance, reassuring, boys can also use Da, a bottle to get hair and face, easy to make a delicate boy. It should be noted that it is recommended to use wet, directly used on dry hair will have a loss of tiredness, I generally use it on wet hair after washing, the hair is not dry at all after blow-drying, moisturizing properly, recently unlocked a new usage, take it to remove makeup, the removal is quite clean said.

I don’t know if this hair oil nutrition is too powerful, the small broken hair at the edge of the hairline seems to have become more, and the girl who wants to nourish the hair should not hesitate to start!

However, compared to my other hair oils, this one is really mini, and if the hair is long, it is really using soft sister coins to care for the hair…

6. MoistDiane Moroccan Leave-in Hair Oil 100ml

I bought this in Hong Kong, the fragrance was very attractive at that time, I entered it, less than a hundred yuan, I feel that the bottle is very high, this brand is a Japanese washing brand, and recently planted its essential oil shampoo. The taste of this bottle of essential oil is really tonal, and I fell in love with it after smelling it once, with a woody fragrance and a sweet aroma of flowers and fruits, and the rich layers will not feel the taste of greasy. It is said that it contains plant essence oils such as argan oil, breadtree seed oil, and mango seed oil, which are often seen in some high-end washing products, and are good essences for hair.

I have a lot of hair, and it is almost enough to squeeze three times after washing my hair each time, and the design of this nozzle is very convenient to say, which can accurately control the dosage. Because it is much more refreshing than other hair conditioners, I basically apply the whole hair, absorb it at once, and it is more worry-free to use in the morning when I am in a hurry, it is really good to smooth frizz, and it is very comfortable to touch after using it. Great love!

Recommended Index: ★★★★★

All fairies usually have good skin maintenance, but also forget the maintenance of hair, inadvertently ruffle the hair, maybe you can make the boy you like… Well, you know. The above is my favorite money over the years, and other useful ones are also welcome to communicate together, roar, and hope that everyone can have hair swaying in the wind like an advertising heroine!

Recommended Index: ★★★

Recommended Index: ★★★★

Recommended Index: ★★★★

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