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Classified plastic trash can manufacturers

Which plastic trash can manufacturer is good?

In our daily lives, a lot of waste is generated every day, but did you know? Not all waste is really “waste”. The available resources in the garbage can be sorted out and treated for special treatment, and they can be recycled into new resources. Like our household waste and some office waste, there is a lot that can be reused.

Classified plastic trash can manufacturer-Hunan Lixin trash can manufacturer

  For example, every ton of waste paper recycled can make 850 kg of good paper and save 300 kg of wood, which can reduce pollution by about 80% compared with reproducing 850 kg of good paper; For every 1 ton of plastic beverage bottles recycled, 0.7 tons of secondary raw materials can be obtained; For every 1 ton of scrap steel recycled, 0.9 tons of steel can be trained, which saves about 50% of the cost and reduces air pollution by about 80% compared with ore smelting. It can be seen that garbage classification is of great significance, and recyclable waste can save us a lot of resources and protect the ecological environment from more harm. In the implementation of garbage classification, the classification of plastic trash cans plays an important role that cannot be ignored.

  1. Recyclable trash cans for sorting plastic trash cans:

  It mainly includes five categories: waste paper, plastic, glass, metal and cloth. For example: newspapers, old magazines, books, and all kinds of commodity packaging, glass bottles, various light bulbs, cans, cans, high-grade metal wine boxes, discarded clothes, rags, towels, old quilts, old shoes, etc.

  Second, the kitchen waste garbage can of sorting plastic trash cans:

  It mainly includes food leftovers, bones, vegetable leaves, fruit peels and other food leftovers.

  Third, the hazardous garbage cans of classified plastic trash cans:

  It mainly includes toxic and harmful substances such as waste CDs, waste batteries, and expired chemicals.

  4. Other trash cans for classified plastic trash cans:

  Other wastes include ceramics, muck soil, toilet paper, paper towels and other wastes that are difficult to reuse.

  With the construction of a resource-recyclable society, classified plastic trash cans are being more and more widely needed. Purchasing such trash cans, finding classified plastic trash can manufacturers is a good choice, you can get high-quality products at a lower price. Hunan Lixin trash can manufacturer is a reliable classified plastic trash can manufacturer, which has a very good reputation inside and outside the industry. The company has complete qualifications and strong strength, specializing in the production of various models and colors of classified plastic garbage cans, can authorize municipal sanitation bidding projects, and can sign strategic cooperation on sanitation projects. If necessary, please call us.

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