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Moe Mengda crochet hairband earmuffs

Ear protection headband

This is a simple and practical ear protection headband suitable for cute babies and cute girls

My girl likes blue recently, so she used blue gold silk and horse sea with a ball of baby milk cotton. This one basically does not pick the color, does not pick the wire, as long as you feel like it.

Starting 11 needles (hair width, can be adjusted at will)

Each line starts hooking 5 needles lock needles, 11 long needles, flipping

Hook to the desired length, (measure the distance between the left ear and the top of the head to the right ear, slightly shorter, because the yarn is somewhat elastic)

Next hook the earmuff section









Short thread, turn to the other end of the headband and hook the earmuffs as well

Replace with a furry thread, hook two earmuffs separately, use the furry thread to overlap the hook of the earmuffs on the hairband and sew a short needle, and then hook the two lock needles as a frenule

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about 32dB High SNR NRR Foldable Safety Earmuff For Ear Protection, hope it can help you.