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Apply environmentally friendly fabrics to reduce environmental pollution – hemp fiber, organic wool

Lifestyle eco-friendly fabrics are generally composed of RPET fabrics, organic cotton, colored cotton, bamboo fiber, soy protein fiber, hemp fiber, modal (Modal), organic wool, log tencel and other fabrics. Today we will get to know hemp fiber and organic wool fabrics.


Hemp fibers are fibers obtained from a variety of hemp plants, including bast fibers in the cortex of annual or perennial herbaceous dicotyledons and leaf fibers of monocotyledons. Bast fiber crops mainly include ramie, jute, green hemp, hemp, flax, robu hemp and hibu hemp. Among them, hemp, flax, robu hemp and other cell walls are not lignified, the thickness and length of the fiber are similar to cotton, which can be used as textile raw materials to weave into a variety of cool fine linen cloth, summer cloth, and can also be blended with cotton, wool, silk or chemical fiber. The strength of hemp fiber is higher than that of cotton fiber, up to 6.5 grams / denier; The elongation is small, only half that of cotton fiber, about 3.5%, which is more brittle than cotton fiber. The surface of hemp and flax fiber is smooth, it is easier to absorb moisture, and the speed of water dispersion into the atmosphere is faster; The fibers are relatively straight and not easy to deform.

Organic wool is produced on a farm that is chemical-free and GMO-free. These sheep are free-range, grow entirely in nature, and have an “organic certificate” issued by an authoritative agency, which actually means natural wool. At present, Australia produces 300 tons of washed organic wool every year, accounting for about 0.1% of global production, and it is predicted that this proportion can be increased to 5%~10% in the future.

Due to environmental pollution and environmental protection, the concept of ecological and sustainable development has become the theme of this year’s yarn, fabric, garment and carpet exhibition.

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