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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

The cold winter has arrived, office white-collar workers generally have central air conditioning in the summer, but in the south there are few offices equipped with heating, especially in the south in the winter is clammy and cold, more cold than the dry cold in the north.

To be warm on your commute and comfortable in the office, you need these heaters.

USB heated hand warmer mouse pad

Soft edelweiss on the outside and skin-friendly edelweiss on the inside. The inner fabric of the mouse pad is made of thickened edelweiss, fine and firm, soft and considerate, warm and delicate to the touch, after the hand is reached, the inner space is warm and wide, and the unique windproof entrance is double warm.

Heat warm table mats

Electric heating constant warm table mat, 30 seconds of rapid heating without waiting, carbon crystal far-infrared rapid heating film, uniform heating, durable and safe to use, front and back PU leather waterproof and leakage-proof, eliminate the risk of electric shock.

Thermos stainless steel thermos flask

Humanized anti-scald cup mouth, food grade PP material. Non-slip cup lid, using special spiral more stable and not easy to slip, classic tea partition, removable and easy to clean, can brew flower tea to effectively block tea, etc.

Macaron explosion-proof hand warmer

Winter warm gift, commuting to work on the way to must, 8 seconds of rapid heating, heating uniform constant temperature heating, dual-purpose design, is a hand warmer is also a mobile power, portable use, only “100g”, petite body, convenient and easy to carry, the size of a makeup mirror.

Baseboard energy-saving quick-heat heater

Instant heating, using the core of common heating technology of Philips Emerson electrical products, instantaneous heating, forming a hot curtain effect, the temperature is more uniform and comfortable. Direct heating of air, no need to use fan heat dissipation, low temperature static convection heating, does not evaporate moisture in the air, heating is naturally not dry.

Tower type heater

No radiation, no light and no noise, PTC heater heating speed, safe and reliable, more stable than traditional heating elements, good heating performance and rapid heating, dumping power off protection function, dumping will automatically cut off the power supply, adding a layer of protection to the possibility of accident.