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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

As a middle-aged uncle, my husband’s friends have gradually started the life of goji berries in thermos cups.

My husband does not soak goji berries, and in order to protect his blood pressure, he has been carefully soaking gynostemma in a thermos cup for a long time.

On this day, a friend mysteriously offered him two boxes of foot stickers, telling him that this thing was very good.

It can improve metabolism, improve sleep, improve blood supply; It can relieve fatigue and treat insomnia; Can detoxify, beautify and rejuvenate; It can expel moisture, strengthen the kidney and spleen; Can improve mood, depression, etc. and so on and so on.

In short, this thing is very magical, basically as long as it is a person, there is a disease that it can get.

Of course I don’t believe it.

Friends said don’t believe you see, stick it overnight you will see this thing turn black, that is, to expel the moisture in the body!

Then I don’t believe it, I really don’t want to accept such a gift.

So he swore that he bought it in a very famous local health hall store, it was expensive, there were many people who bought it, and it could not be a lie.

When it comes to this, the face of a friend cannot but be given.

So that night we started doing human experiments, and seven points of banter and three points of serious sticking it to the soles of our feet.

When I got up in the morning and tore it off, I saw that the foot patch had become dark.

The instruction manual explains: black means heavy moisture, the darker the color, the heavier the moisture; Yellowish means being on fire, staying up late or eating more spicy food; White means that it is not tightly fitted, or the blood circulation is poor, or the body is less dirty.

So, both of us are too wet!

It looks authoritative, but am I someone who trusts others so easily?

Definitely not.

So, I did the experiment again the next day.

This time, I washed a rag, wrung it out and folded it as a human foot, then pasted the foot sticker as it was, wrapped it in plastic wrap and let it sit overnight.

When I got up the next morning, opened the plastic wrap, and removed the foot patch from the rag that simulated a person’s feet.

Unsurprisingly, the foot patch was also blackened.

However, since the towel is not as smooth as the soles of the feet, and the foot patch is not so tightly fitted, it is not as black as our foot patch, and it actually looks a little yellow.

Yellow? It means that this rag is on fire, or you stay up late, or you eat too much spicy food!

Surprise or not surprise? Unexpected not surprise?

This time, although it is a pity to let rags and rags replace our feet to make such an expensive SPA, but at least it proves a truth: those online and offline health halls that bloom everywhere are really a good place to collect IQ tax, don’t go to the net yourself.

Finally, I want to tell my friends: If there is too much money to spend, is it okay to give me cash?