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“Mix and match fashion Anna”

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For those who like a comfortable and stylish style of dressing, sports style is an excellent choice. Seemingly ordinary sports style can actually wear a different style, want to put

Wear the right style and look good

, is also very particular.

Among the many brands that focus on sportsmanship, the domestic brand Anta can be described as the “light of domestic products”, and its design of sports-style clothing is it

It’s unique and eye-catching

, let’s take a look at how ANTA spokespeople Guan Xiaotong and Wang Yibo wear ANTA out of different styles.

On the night of the ANTA catwalk, Guan Xiaotong wore a simple casual suit to participate in the clothing show, and the outfit on her body was mainly white.

The whole is clean and competent,

The red line elements of the white top outline the three-dimensional feeling, and the inner layer is a five-star red flag

White T-shirt, very eye-catching.

The cropped coat is designed to raise the waistline and highlight her long legs. White harlan pants casual and temperamental, irregular cuffs are very trendy, and with a long black belt and a pair of sneakers of the same color, youth with a little maturity, attracting countless fans.

As the spokesperson of ANTA, Wang Yibo’s national flag sports style outfit is also very eye-catching,

Black and red color scheme

It is the main tone of this outfit, classic and fashionable, the short T front “CHINA” and five-star red flag print pattern, echoing the red flag pattern on the cap cap, the design is full of sense, and the patriotic elements on the body also make people feel very proud.

Paired with a pair of loose black casual sports shorts, it is refreshing and capable,

Sneakers in red, black and white colors

Plus a pair

Red and black mid-tube socks

, simply not too handsome!

How do boys wear sporty style out of fashion? Sometimes the collision and matching of different styles will also present a stunning effect, and it is also very personal, and Wang Yibo’s set of sports style has joined

Elements of street style.

These two different styles together not only do not look obtrusive, but also very attractive, both handsome and sporty, many young people also like the same way of collocation?

Black and white contrast top

With green embellished cargo pants, a small black satchel, plus a pair of street-style ANTA casual shoes, and a skateboard in hand, it reflects the sense of fashion well.

I want to wear sportswear

More simple and casual

, You can also learn Li Jiaqi’s outfit. The dark suit looks thin and mature, and the light T-shirt underneaths it to light up the whole without losing vitality. This outfit is really suitable for spring and autumn sports, and it is worthy of being the choice of Li Jiaqi, the “king of goods”.

After talking about boys’ sports outfits, how do girls wear sports style in the hot summer? Many of the summer sports-style outfits of national girl Guan Xiaotong are very eye-catching.

Tip1: Daily casual style

This set of white T and black cropped pants is very daily to wear, but the print of the clothes and the contrast design of the pants add a sense of interest, and Guan Xiaotong’s black fisherman hat also adds points to the look.

Shade and stylish,

Pair it with a pair

Taupe pink sneakers

, full of girly feelings.

Even if you wear hair, you can’t stop Guan Xiaotong’s sporty girly feeling, it seems that the rules of black and white matching are still very classic, if you can choose clothes with a sense of design on this basis, you can become a beautiful girl in summer like Guan Xiaotong.

Tip2: Personality contrasting style

Sisters who don’t want to show their arms in the summer can also choose to wear it with a coat. Like Guan Xiaotong’s blue and white plaid jacket is very unique, with a British feeling, the monogram pattern on the sleeves is very designed, with a little playfulness, and cool.

The embellishment of black socks is very thin calves, a pair of white sneakers make the whole lighter, more summery, and the capable mid-point shawl hairstyle adds a bit of maturity and stability, I have to say that Guan Xiaotong’s appearance and temperament are really high, salt and sweet.

Tip3: Simple and versatile

The thin hooded solid color sweatshirt is also very good to wear on Guan Xiaotong, and although the color saturation of this piece is low, it also looks more refreshing and sweet. Bat sleeves with a hint of lazy style, really temperamental, pure color simple and generous, there are many ways to match, suitable for many occasions to wear, very practical.

Guan Xiaotong tried a more summery way of wearing, showing her long legs, wearing a pair of white and pink sneakers, and a hat with a strong sense of design, instantly playful and cute, Guan Xiaotong is also very cute when she is funny.

Tip4: Energetic youthful breeze

Finally, Guan Xiaotong’s set of summer sports-style outfits are very trendy and eye-catching, and laser sunscreen clothes are simply a must for sweet and cool girls! The cool color scheme has a sense of technology, which is very in line with the aesthetics of young people.


Casual shorts, blue-violet gradient mid-tube socks go well with the laser of the top

, as if wearing rainbow colors on the body, full of youth, Guan Xiaotong’s high ponytail shape really matches this outfit, making people already feel a full summer atmosphere! I have to say that this set of personality, light color outfit, really has a summer feeling!

Today’s interactive topic: Who do you think Wang Yibo or Guan Xiaotong wears a sports style is more fashionable? Welcome to share in the comment area below!

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