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At the beginning of the year, EVISU, which is celebrating its 30th birthday, joined hands with EDC, which has been interacting with EDC earlier, to bring a new clothing series of “EVISU Designed by Edison”, a cooperation project;

To our surprise, EDC personally participated in the design of all the pieces this time, in addition to interpreting the styling matching.

The many stories behind EDC and EVISU, family, and creation can be explored in our detailed explanation of the collaboration between the two parties.

At the same time, at the end of the article, we will also give you this series of Edison Chen upper body EVISU denim shirts.

In the release of new movements, it cannot be ignored that EVISU has been a topic of constant conversation in the past year.

The response to the heavy operation is extremely high, and one of the things that has to be mentioned is

Travis Scott, known as the “EVISU Wild Advocate”;

TS First on Kohler Kardashian’s birthday

low-key exposure of “suspected joint jeans between the two parties”, and later confirmed the cooperation in his personal INS;

Although there is no news of the release so far, it has caused a lot of discussion among players under the many “momentum”, and many expectants have said that TS wants to bring this series “


How long?

EVISU preceded the above events and released a collaborative series jointly created with Palace, which received excellent feedback from the market and players, TS watched the Rockets game when the upper body, Rapper Lilbaby and domestic Ouyang Nana and other icons also favored the series items;

Today, the jeans in the collection are still in the domestic secondary market.

One is hard to find.”

A certain fish platform sells more

Up to 8000-12000 RMB, sealed as “

God pants


In addition, Edison Chan earlier “joined hands again”


It is also an in-circle event of “Ye Qing Hui” in the mouth of domestic players;

And with the two brand series that EDC participated in shooting in 19 and early 20, this OG brand once again gained the attention of many domestic players;

At the beginning of EVISU’s 30th anniversary, under a year of uninterrupted high-quality and robust operation,

He also chose to create a new clothing collection with Edison Chen to launch this “EVISU Designed by Edison”;

Edison Chen also took the lead in interpreting some items on her personal social platform, including a pair of anti-wearing jeans and the combination of “red silk AJ1 Mid” on the upper foot, which aroused heated discussions among netizens.

Many netizens said that “EVISU is the most suitable for EDC”.

And Edison Chan also did not hesitate to praise EVISU as “the treasure of the denim world” when cooperating

Since its inception,

The reason why Icons and players continue to be sought after is why EDC is right.

91 years


Founded in Japan’s “cowboy mecca” Okayama, senior fans naturally know, founder

Obsessed with American Vintage jeans.

The original jeans were cast on an old-fashioned American shuttle loom,

And trimming and upgrading the pattern and pattern, so as to establish a unique brand culture;

The full embodiment of “craftsmanship” is also the “fundamental” of EVISU


When making each pair of jeans, strive for the ultimate and do not tolerate any flaws, such as

Use genuine leather as a trouser logo, draw each seagull M logo by hand, etc.;

Compared with other denim brands, EVISU’s exaggerated, bold print design is even more powerful

The brand culture spread rapidly around the world, especially in the hip-hop street field in the United States;

In the mid-to-late 90s and early 00s, Jay-Z frequently wore EVISU jeans, and Fei Dong used EVISU with a shark hoodie, which was regarded as the “best match” of the era.

In recent years, in addition to TS, Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert and other rappers who have become fans of EVISU, an earlier “survey report on street youth in the United States” also showed that

A pair of EVISU jeans is a dream item for many people since they were young.

In the face of this phenomenon, the EVISU design team also said: “When we do design,

I never thought it would be sought after by so many young people, simply because we wanted to wear it. ”

Back to the “EVISU Designed by Edison” series,

Edison Chan also talked about the profound impact of EVISU on his teenage years in the process of talking about design concepts;

At the same time, it is said that


Brand’s unique DNA and dedication to denim culture are important reasons why he has repeatedly collaborated with him.

The biggest attraction of this “EVISU Designed by Edison” is not only the first project for the brand’s 30th anniversary.

Edison Chen is also personally involved in the design process, and interprets her understanding of life and art in clothing;

As early as May, Edison Chen revealed the details of the cooperation on social platforms, which shows the importance and care of the two parties when preparing for this cooperation.

Now on sale, EDC not only shoots catalogs for the collection, but also shares his inspiration for the creation and the story behind the collaboration.

Time spent in Hawaii with family,

It became an important inspiration for Edison Chen’s design:

Edison Chen Prior to the launch of this partnership with EVISU,

Because of the love for brand culture from a young age, the idea of participating in the design came up:

“If you just put the logo on something, it’s not my thing, especially on denim, a fabric that has become an “art form” in itself, how to make and treat denim, each unique interpretation of denim is your own.

Talking about the source of inspiration when creating, Edison Chen mentioned COVID-19,

The change in lifestyle and the fact that he spent more time with his family allowed him to explore himself deeper in another way;

During the design process, living in Hawaii in the past 3 years has greatly inspired Edison Chen:

“It’s always calm, without any vision or aesthetics, and inspires me as much as it does;

So, I wanted to do Hawaii-related design, like, looking at the rainbow all the time and feeling that blessing every day. ”

As a result, the “rainbow” became an important element throughout the series,

The presentation of each piece and more details is more worthy of our analysis.

When the “Sunrise Sacred Cow” EVISU meets the “Rainbow”,

A tribute to the classics with the spirit of craftsmanship:

The first is the blockbuster item that has attracted much attention in this series – jeans, the bottom version chooses the “radish pants” launched by EVISU in 17, the cut is “wide at the top and narrow at the bottom” slim fit, plus the heavy washing effect, quite “original”;

At the same time, Edison Chen also “signed” EDC on the back leather label of each pair of jeans,

And on

The corner of the brand image is painted with “a tear”, which reflects ingenuity in addition to playfulness;

The “knife cutting effect” on the front is quite surprising, supplemented by details such as red ears, fine stitching and stitching, and the brand’s exclusive lettering year logo;


In addition to “craftsmanship”, too

Restore the player’s aesthetic and texture of the era of chasing the “Japanese Tide Sacred Cow”, and at the same time

It is Edison Chen’s own tribute to the “classic”.

Pants at the back to

Ghosting rainbow pattern presentation

The “Big M” logo, the “buttons” sewn with different colors of the rainbow at the pockets, are the unique elements that Edison Chen injected into this collection;

Incorporating the “exotic elements” of Chinese style into denim,

Edison Chan’s preferred “design language” is reflected:

The “denim shirt” is based on the classic washed sky blue denim style, and the slim drape shape continues the usual cut of EVISU;

The pockets and shoulders at the chest are made of exotic ancient cloth embroidery panels favored by Edison Chen.

Both full of “


It is also in line with the trend brought by Japanese brands such as Kapital in recent years, breaking the “monotony” of traditional denim;

Carefully speaking, the stitching and routing of each embroidery are regular and complement each other, and the EVISU classic “M-shape” LOGO is placed in the upper left corner, which will not rob the main visual and echo the brand theme;

Below the back embroidery, the “Big M” logo is also presented with a rainbow pattern, which can be worn with jeans to enhance the overall styling effect;

The “disc button” design on both sides of the hem is also full of “Chinese style”,

The embellishment effect and uniqueness are added, and the collar is presented in a triangular composition of “EDC” handwritten font.

The T-shirt features “3D Visual Effects,

Presents the EVISU “Quality Assurance” print

Interesting, but also throughout the theme:

The T-shirts in the collection are printed on the front despite a simple plain white color scheme


In the design, Edison Chen incorporates a lot of interesting elements that continue the theme, which is also the final presentation of Edison Chen’s “spy photos” exposed in INS.

EVISU’s iconic “quality assurance” pattern is superimposed and printed in rainbow colors to present a 3D stereoscopic visual effect;

The logo on the collar and hem is the same as other pieces in the collection, and it is also the embodiment and expression of Edison Chen’s personal elements throughout the collection;

Benefit Period:

All EVISU Designed by Edison collection items will debut on January 8th at 20:00 on the brand’s Tmall live broadcast room.

At that time, there will not only be many interactive benefits and surprises, but also the exclusive interview video of Edison Chen, as well as the audience to send personal limited signed products and announce the “story behind the joint name”, fans and players should not miss it.

Comment on your thoughts on the collaboration and EVISU in the message, and we will also select one to give away the collaboration denim shirt.

The series will also start on January 9 and will be officially launched on the EVISU brand official website, mini programs and designated offline stores.