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Today’s article is from the grass planting team of the unimprovised miss, she is good at home decoration, she has a unique experience for desk storage, her sharing, I believe it will also help you!

Not making do with Miss

Recently, many students ran to the background to urge more about the storage arrangement and transformation of the desk, it turns out that everyone loves work so much!

Okay, in order to prove that I love my job as much as you (boss look at it), the desk renovation plan must be put in order~

I’m not a superstitious person, but I firmly believe that a good office environment is essential to career fortune!

Don’t hit me, I’m serious.

Kaka also said before that when she used to be a reporter, the office was full of old newspapers and magazines, and every time she entered she felt uncomfortable, so that she didn’t want to go to work at all, one day she really couldn’t stand it, and disposed of the newspapers, magazines, and documents that she couldn’t use in one breath, and she was instantly refreshed and her work efficiency was rising.

(Image by Russian illustrator Dmitry Narozhny)

So, before we move into a new office, we imagine our workplaces like this.

But the reality is often brutal… Take a look at my desk

Initial state

, the same is a desk, a computer, but the gap is simply higher than the sky and deeper than the sea.

It is estimated that the initial office configuration of most students should be similar to ours, a desk, a computer, and a locker.

Today I will share with you the three steps of my desk transformation –

Step 1: Plan the space wisely

One of the most common problems with desks is: chaos!

No matter how big the table is, we always have a way to fill it. My desk was often filled with papers and trials brought in by Fox, and she seemed to feel overwhelmed every time she passed by without leaving something behind.

However, the moment I saw her desk, I understood her.

The best way to deal with chaos is to store well.

First of all, first put some unopened notebooks, sunscreen, stain removal pens, mosquito repellent, etc… (I don’t know, my little things are also a little too much) “hidden” in the drawer, leaving enough space for the desktop to be transformed.

And then it’s my “secret weapon” turn —

IKEA document basket

Reference price: 29.9 yuan

When I recommended stationery before, I told you that in order to facilitate the search for information, I will put different types of files in different color folders, and it will be clear at a glance when I use them.

But this leads to another problem, which is, my folder… Huge lot.

In order to make the new desk look more “fresh”, I gave up a batch of folders and found a “home” for them.

IKEA is very cost-effective. The metal texture is particularly durable, and the mesh design is not so easy to get dirty in addition to being light to pick up. I boldly chose the white one, which matched my table better~

The depth is just enough to fit in an A4-sized folder.

MUJI combination tray + shelf + divider box

Reference price: 196 yuan

In addition to documents, there are also some small bits and pieces that need to be used at any time and are also “old difficulties” on the desk. Hide it, it’s too troublesome to find when you use it. Spread it on the desk, and it looks too sloppy.

So when I see MUJI, it’s like seeing a savior!

The bottom tray can hold magazines that have just been scooped up, and since Yanji opened again, I can’t help but want to wander around after lunch.

Although the tray position is not large, it is more than enough to put one or two books, and it can be regarded as urging me to update the book list in time~

The upper shelf is layered super clearly, and even small things can be put in, and it can become organized.

I guess that many students have tried to find the pen when they are busy, as if each pen has a regular “evaporation” function, when not in use, the eyes are full of it, and they will definitely not find it when they use it.

But since I have this pen holder, my pen has been completely “treated” by me, it is integrated with the shelf, it is inconspicuous at first glance, but it is really able to fit, and it is still very loose to put 5 or 6 pens in. The depth is also just right, and the ordinary length ratio will not fall out when put in.

If you also have the habit of using post-it notes, you can stick it on the shelf like me, and instantly have your own exclusive work “little emotions”~

But if it’s this kind of reminder post, I don’t want to see more at a glance, haha~

Well, everyone, it seems to be a god! Clear! Gas! Refreshing!

Step2: Add some small things to life

If it’s just neat, it still looks a little too rigid, and I don’t want to be a person who is addicted to work and has no interest in life.

Isn’t working hard to be nice to yourself?

Therefore, you should also add a little practical seasonal gadgets to the desk, have a little more life atmosphere, and work a little easier~

Green plant “Air Pineapple”

Reference price: tens of yuan, the specific price can not be remembered

We spend a long time in front of the computer every day, in order to avoid the deepening of myopia, I will put some green plants on the table all year round, write and write tired, take a look at it, rest your eyes~

In fact, our company also has some green potted plants, but I prefer miniature, and this “air pineapple” is very close to my heart.

Although it is a small one, the moment it is placed still adds more vitality and vitality to the serious office environment, and the more you look at it, the cuter it is~

You can also choose some plants with particularly good meanings, such as fortune trees, etc., to add more good luck to yourself, turn your aura, see the way the sun shines on the green plants, and feel that life is full of hope~

Flower Puls

Reference price: 99 yuan/month

This was recommended to me by Kiki, the bag number next door, and she impressed me on her first day in the office, just because of this vase of flowers!

At first glance, it is a delicate person~

I have wanted to put flowers in the office several times before, but because of my busy work and lazy cancer star attributes, I am afraid that I will not be able to raise them. As a result, Kiki told me that many flower services are now super convenient, and they are delivered regularly every week, and they only need to be responsible for changing the water every day.

Haha, this suits me so much~ It also goes well with my marble coaster.

Coasters are also what I see at a glance on the Internet, not for anything else, just because what cup can be instantly exquisite and special, and recently it has often been requisitioned as a photo prop.

Florihana mini humidifier

Reference price: 268 yuan

Staying in the office in the summer, my life was given by the air conditioner, but my face also “dried up” because of the air conditioner. So as soon as I moved into a new office, the first small appliance I bought was a humidifier, otherwise a bottle of moisturizing spray a week would not be enough for me.

The most attractive thing about Florihana’s this one is that it is small enough, delicate enough, smaller than my water glass, and it does not take up space at all on the table~

A few more drops of essential oil into it, instantly feel like being in your own home, no intention to work, just want to touch the fish~

Occasionally the air conditioner is not powerful, and I use it with my invincible little fan, well~ this is my favorite summer wind~

After this step, does the desk look less rigid?

Step3: Add a little thing that belongs only to you

With the foreshadowing of the last two steps, the desk can be said to be clean and comfortable, but anyone’s desk can ah, no feature, this is not my style ~

I spend most of the day in the office, and I must have my favorite fun items on my desk in order to increase my vitality at any time~

Fun figures

Reference price: about 30 yuan 400 yuan

The first thing that is essential is what I love

Miss Enko

, how much I love her, I have written a confession before. Jennie in our office was also a die-hard fan of hers, and she happened to sit diagonally across from me, and the station I came to was surrounded by Miss Enko in various postures.

The cup is not its only destination, I like to put it in a conspicuous position such as the computer and storage box, and when the pressure is high, it will bring me some wonderful little luck, and the bad little emotions are instantly smoothed out~

And mine

Groot baby

, The last time I wrote about the faceless man, there were many readers who planted grass and the little tree man, I will show it off today, I still have its childhood version Oh~

At that time, I just finished watching “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” and ran to the Internet to find a figure, this series is Hottoy, a group of three, about 400 yuan.

I brought the cutest one to the office, this big head, this big eyes, this dumb face, see it, any troubles can wait and talk ~

OCE cylindrical hourglass

Reference price: 23 yuan

Hourglass is a must-have decompression gadget for my office, because I play with hourglass when I feel like I’m overwhelmed by anxiety every day and chasing me every day.

Turn it upside down and quietly watch the pink grit stay little by little, and it feels like time has slowed down in an instant, enough for me to breathe, haha~

The reason why I fancy it, in addition to the fact that the color is girly enough, is also because the size is not large, and it only takes more than 4 minutes to miss it once, which is not too time-consuming.

Finally, let’s take a look at the whole picture of my desk, is it not necessary to write the name, and at a glance you can know that this is my ~

The side face is also very beautiful~

There is a saying in “Relief Grocery Store” that I am quite impressed by: “If you don’t want to live actively and seriously, no matter what kind of answer you get, it is useless.”

Since cleaning up the desk like this, I really have a lot more expectations for going to work, I want to see how today’s flowers are, and then I want to think about whether to bring a novice to play with Miss Enko, you see, going to work is not so boring and exhausting~

I hope my desk can give you some small inspiration, take advantage of the weekend to think about how to give the office a big makeover, let’s face up to Monday syndrome!

The above article comes from the grass planting team, not only food, but also about skin, makeup, amateur transformation, they also wrote a lot, such as:

“No need to change heads and faces, amateurs can also debut in C position”

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Too many will not be put up one by one, you can pay attention to their public account

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“You can see it~