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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

CooYoo this brand, everyone who plays outdoors should have heard of it, and the workmanship is not bad, but the introduction to this brand is quite small. The introduction of Baidu Encyclopedia is as follows:

In 2005, the two Fans set up an EDC tool room out of their common hobby, just to make high-quality EDC tools that they would be happy with. Stimulated by interest, several gadgets soon came into being. After tireless improvement, the studio finally has its own unique style. Because of their exquisite craftsmanship, unique personality, and portable and practical gadgets, they quickly became “niche products” that their peers talked about. With the large community of hobbies, “bring the right EDC tool for you” quickly became the consensus in the circle. In 2007, the studio officially launched the CooYoo brand, hoping to use the power of market to let more people enjoy this high-quality experience.

The official website is as follows, basically only the guide

This time I bought a new product of his family, CooYoo USIGNAL U-shaped mini portable flashlight~

The box was disassembled when it was in hand, and there was no way to restore it, so I could only put an official picture

The list of accessories, body, lanyard, USB cable, manual, key ring, quite simple.

Body front

The reverse side of the ontology

The shell is a one-piece alloy, the feel and weight are not bad, and the grip will not slip ~

The instructions on the back, mainly the parameters of the three lamp beads, as well as the warning, never point directly at the eyes.

Charging port, open the waterproof plug is it

It is convenient to charge, just plug in the power bank

The lamp heads of the three lamp beads are white LED in the middle (including strong, medium and weak three gears, up to 160 lumens, quite bright), red LED (including flickering and continuous light two gears), UV violet light

Officially, the size is still quite small and easy to carry

white light

Violet light (don’t look at your eyes!!!! )


The included USB cable… Nothing special

Actual test, mid-range brightness

In complete darkness, the mid-range is enough, the resistance is slightly insufficient, and it is enough for daily use.

LED red light beads should be used as signal lights, hung on the bag, and play a role in prompting when riding.

And UV violet lamp, banknote detection, check whether there is fluorescent dye, etc. is still very practical, official propaganda can also be used to detect body fluids and blood residues?! It seems that there is some amazing way to play.

Banknote Verification Display:

Finally, add a main parameter, 30 hours of red light shiny is enough to use casually~ outdoor waterproof is also very convenient.

Main advantages: waterproof, sufficient brightness, high metal shell, function 3-in-1, rechargeable, small and portable

Main disadvantage: expensive!

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