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In the cold winter, the high-necked undershirt is simply a “talisman”, and only by wearing it to reduce the loss of heat energy in the innermost layer can it be used for those thick clothes. But seeing others wearing undershirts is delicate, simple and high-end, and they are “native girls entering the city”. So

Layering is naturally the concept of winter undershirt wearing, and whether layering is high-end trend

, as the bottom element of the high neck bottom naturally has to choose a solid color without pattern or pattern, so that through the superposition of other pieces is more layered and neat and high-end.

Of course, the neckline design of the turtleneck undershirt is different for suitable people

。 For example, sisters whose necks are not slender enough or whose faces are wider can choose a half-high neck, a looser high neckline, which can better define the shape of the face.

Jimei with a short neck should not choose a lace and high neck with a medium and high neck, the neck that is not long will instantly become the center of visual gravity and appear shorter, while sisters with wider faces try not to choose round necks, and choose V-necks to show a small face.

Now that you know how to choose a turtleneck undershirt, let’s start getting its layering skills.


White base + short off-white baseball uniform

The off-white color combination is gentle and casual. This outfit is extremely simple and comfortable, the baseball uniform brings a sporty feel to the plain white leggings, looks more simple and casual and full of vitality, wear it without looking boring every day, with gray sweatpants and sneakers, a proper vitality girl.


Dark gray turtleneck base + dark gray cargo coat

The dark gray color combination combines the shape with a crisp and draped coat with a cool and sassy atmosphere. The same dark gray coat and high neck underneath are similar in color, but because they are originally low saturation and low brightness, it feels as cold as it.

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Banana under the wool undershirt women’s turtleneck Fall/Winter 2021 new slim fit warm cardigan with knitted sweater



It doesn’t look like it’s repetitive and tacky, but it’s full of a special high-end cool feeling, if it is paired with black Martin boots, it is definitely a cool ceiling, with board shoes or canvas, it will weaken the cold feeling to bring a relaxed and casual sense of vitality, and it is also a high-class street trend


Dark turtleneck + black coat

In the same way, the previous set is similar. On the whole, it is still cool and sassy, but after adding the gentle elements of the skirt, it will appear more affinity, while the black skinny leggings show slender legs, showing thinness while increasing sexiness, a variety of style elements coincide, so gentle and playful without losing personality of the little sister who does not love it?


High neck layered + white denim jacket

Solid turtlenecks are always versatile. It is paired with a simple vest will highlight the casual and comfortable sense of luxury, the white jacket is also to accentuate this comfortable and simple casual, this set is also versatile, wear dark jeans and Martin boots, that is handsome young lady, or with black straight pants and small leather shoes, that is a smart and elegant working woman.


White turtleneck + beige lamb

I have emphasized before that the beige and white color combination is the gentle goddess. The low-saturation top should be paired with dark pants or skirts to show more high-class freedom, the lamb coat matches the skin tone while being lazy and casual, and the small leather shoes with a stable dark apricot tweed skirt are the unique gentleness of the “aristocratic lady”, and the low-luxury high-end is quietly born.

Sum up

There are thousands of styles and dressing skills for undershirts, but the most important thing to wear a high-end sense of fashion is to have fewer color block elements and try to combine the same color and cool elements.

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Don’t wear the “turtleneck undershirt” that is necessary for winter, with these jackets, it is more fashionable and advanced