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A few days ago, we found that the BMW 3 Series headlight cover (dust cover) was missing. Looking at the car I just mentioned, the left and right sides were really “bare”, which made me very unhappy. Interested partners can click BMW 3 Series headlight cover is missing (with a solution) to understand my journey.

Although it is not an obsessive-compulsive disorder, looking at the bare headlight assembly in the engine compartment, I am really unwilling, so I used the almighty Taobao to find the original parts that should have appeared on the love body.

Place an order and wait (express delivery in special periods is indeed slower)

Finally, it arrived two days ago, let’s take a look.

It can be seen that the origin of this headlight cover is the Czech Republic, in fact, the cover plate is still in production, but BMW has made global production adjustments to the 3 Series and canceled this part

(It’s pretty nice to think about!) )

Open the package, see the overall mold opening is really very good, the corners of the parts are very good, no burrs appear, and all the empty seats above are also manufactured in accordance with the original position of the 3 series cabin and headlight group, which should be very convenient to install.

Start the installation (the video is about 9 megabytes, this bit of traffic everyone feel free to watch ha)

Video loading…

In fact, the installation steps are very simple

1. Open the engine compartment

2. Divide the “left and right” alignment of the headlight cover plate and put it well

3. It can be fixed directly with the buckle attached to the cover plate

4. Installation complete

Succeed with flying colors!

Calculate the cost, the price of accessories is 320 yuan, free shipping

DIY by yourself, the difficulty is not a single star

Everyone wants their car to be perfect, although the 3 series bought now does not have a headlight dust cover, even if it will not have a negative impact on driving in use, it is estimated that all Bimmers are like me, willing to let TA return to the way it should be. That’s the end of my story about my Series 3 headlight dust cover, and I’ll see if there’s anything else I can put it back in.