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Now many people buy a car will take leather seats as the hardware configuration of a car, of course, leather seats seem to be more classy, but leather seats also have many disadvantages. There are also many car owners who buy a car with leather seats and regret spending this extra money in the first place. So what kind of disadvantages do leather seats have, let’s take a look at them one by one.

First of all, the maintenance of leather seats is more difficult, and it will be scratched if you are not careful, and it will really be very distressing at that time;

Secondly, the comfort of leather seats is not as good as we thought. Anyone who has really used a leather seat knows that he really belongs to the typical winter cool summer heat, ice butt in winter, hot butt in summer;

Finally, leather seats are relatively dangerous. Leather seats are a little more slippery than ordinary seats, and in case of accidents, they are more likely to be dangerous.

Of course, in addition to the above points, the price of leather seats is relatively high is also a disadvantage, in fact, there are many car seats in our lives that are more cost-effective than leather seats, such as linen car cushions, ice silk cushions, fabric cushions, etc., let’s take a look at a few.

Four Seasons General Motors seat cushion

Car seat cushion all-season universal seat cover

We buy car cushions to protect the seat, extend its life, and then make the interior of the car more welcoming or tasteful. This cushion really satisfies our various desires, wear-resistant leather, five-layer high-elastic composite type, strong and tough leather, it is particularly comfortable to sit on, and the quality is excellent. And it satisfies our visual desires and looks tall.

Lingyue car cushion

Car seat cushion Four seasons seat cushion

Environmental protection materials, high-quality fabrics, no deformation, environmental protection and health, more wear-resistant, good quality, no peculiar smell, fine workmanship. It is common to all seasons, so there is no need to change back and forth in winter and summer, saving a lot of trouble. The overall effect of installing it in the car is great.

Car all-inclusive seat cushion

Eco-friendly material, non-toxic and tasteless. Dirt resistant, wear-resistant, breathable, comfortable, extraordinary quality, create your own temperament. Professional workshop production, fine craftsmanship, 360-degree fitting without dead ends. With it, instantly upgrade the grade of the car, tall is you.

Toyota special car seat cover

For special cars, the opening is accurate, the installation is convenient, and it fits the seat well. Made of high-quality environmentally friendly leather, ubiquitous comfort, relatively close attention to detail, fine workmanship, good quality, soft leather. It is a low-key luxury style, which seems that the owner is very stylish.

Single piece summer cushion

Summer single piece hawthorn seed health non-slip car cushion

Hawthorn seed mattress, breathable health cushion. Anti-slip, wear-resistant, breathable, openwork design. Delicate hemming with strong stitching. It is a simple style, but it invisibly carries an elegant style, beautiful atmosphere, which is a good product to improve the quality of the car, and it is full of tempting taste.

New linen cushion

All-season linen cushion

Suitable for all seasons, warm in winter and cool in summer, a cushion can be made all year round. High-quality breathable material with leather, the headrest interior is full of padded, good wrinkle resistance, good at microscopic points, details determine the quality of the item, quality is not negotiable. The overall effect is simple and atmospheric, fresh and stylish, 12 colors, there is always your own style.

Ice silk summer cushion

New summer ice silk car cushion

Green, natural cushion. The leather is soft, comfortable to sit on, quality assurance. Do you still think that only Sprite is breathable and refreshing? Are you still bothered by hot cushions in summer? Well, this is it, breathable and cool, and also gives you a comfortable summer interior of the car.

Wooden bead cushion

Car ventilation refrigeration massage four season cushions

Non-toxic, harmless, fresh and natural high-quality cushion. Using original pear wood, non-slip design, comfortable, breathable, drive away boredom. The workmanship is good and the wooden beads are fine. As long as you want, minimalist, retro trends are also suitable for you.

Four Seasons General Motors seat cushion

Car seat cushion Four seasons seat cushion