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Let’s take a look at what the curtain rod is good!

What is a curtain rod?

The curtain rod is a bridge that connects the wall and the curtain, and its personality is mainly reflected on the decorative head of the curtain rod. The style of the curtain rod can be substantially divided into a curtain rod of the art curtain rod and wooden carved rod head.

How to classify the curtain rod?

1, dark pole

The dark rod is about to hide the curtain rod in the curtain box, and it is easy to see the pole itself. Among the dark rods are pulley-type rails, hanging the curtains on the pulley by hooks, and the slider is hidden in the curtain box, and the opening and closing of the curtain is achieved by the movement of the pulley;

2, the navigation

The curtains hanging by the mandarin can see the pole itself and the decorative head. This curtain rod has realized both the rod suspension function, and pursues the effect of decoration, in line with the trend of “light repair, heavy decoration”. The Roman rod is a kind of martial art, the shaft is a cylinder, the pole of the pole into a gourd shape, named similar to the style of ancient Roman building. The working principle of the mandarin is to do a ring on the rod, and the rod is designed to do orbit, and there is a pulley on the ring, and the opening and closing of the pulley is driven on the rib on the rod.


What are the materials of the curtain rod?

The material of the production of the curtain rod mainly has three kinds of solid wood, aluminum alloy, and iron curtain rods. The material is not only an element of the style, but also a consideration for the curtain rod.

1, solid wood curtain rod

The advantages of solid wood window curtains are natural materials, giving people a pro, natural impression, especially for idyllic decoration. Solid wood is a shortcomings and advantages that are very obvious, solid wood is more sensitive to the environment. The solid wood is easily cracking in a dry environment, and when the air moisture in the environment is too high, the solid wood is easy to be moist, if long Time is suspended, which can cause the curtain rod to bend, deformation, and curtains.

2, aluminum alloy curtain rod

The aluminum alloy has a small material density, light quality, strong plasticity, which can be broadly curved, suitable for curved windows of windows, is a material suitable for use, but the color of aluminum alloy is a single, can’t Very good to meet the needs of individual decoration.

3, iron curtain rod

The iron delay is good. After processing into a variety of styles through the later process, the metal unique “ice-cold” texture makes it unique, combined with the curtains into a landscape of just soft.

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What is the material of the curtain

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