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As a hipster, are you thinking about how to make yourself a splash when shopping for new clothes this season? It is said that the supermodel’s leg length and body proportion are good, what is the difference between you and the supermodel?

Height and leg type are not a thing! Wide-leg pants – the secret of the perfect long legs! Wide-leg pants are also the savior of problem MM, helping you modify imperfect legs, the tight waist and hip line can be cinched in the waist and tummy, and the loose pants make the overall outfit very thin.

White pull-loop wide-leg pants ¥199

【Wide leg pants】A classic item

Wide-leg pants were most popular in the 30s and 40s, when Hollywood superstars were big fans of wide-leg pants. ↓

【Wide leg pants】

There is aura

Have you found that wide-leg pants bring out a feeling that other clothes can’t give, that is: the aura of an elegant big woman? ↓

【Wide-leg pants】Very thin

The navy blue wide-leg pants are comfortable and cool at the same time, giving a visual shrinkage effect, satisfying your comfortable wearing while having the charm of beautiful legs. Put on high heels and you can meet the requirements of tall at the same time. ↓

One-neck striped top ¥239+navy blue wide-leg culottes ¥399

White suspenders ¥59 + navy blue wide-leg culottes ¥399

【Wide-leg pants】Super versatile

Wide-leg pants are very versatile, and the common pieces in the wardrobe can be put together.

Paired with a white lace top, it adds a bit of sexiness to the aura. ↓

White lace top ¥199 + white looped wide-leg pants ¥199

Classic black and white matching, the least error-prone matching rule. ↓

White lace top ¥199+White suspenders ¥59+Black pull-up wide-leg pants ¥199

With a ruffled little top, the girl’s heart is bursting. ↓

White ruffled top ¥399 + black pull-up wide-leg pants ¥199

The small dewy shoulders keep the just right scale between aura and sexiness. ↓

Neck top ¥499 + black pull-up wide-leg pants ¥199

Mixing and matching with pinstriped pieces can be a good way to adjust the proportions of the whole body, which seems simple, but it really looks good! ↓

Neck striped top ¥239+White pull-up wide-leg pants ¥199

Wear it with a vertical striped shirt for a holiday vibe! ↓

Vertical striped loose top ¥239 + white pull-up wide-leg pants ¥199

White suspenders ¥59 + white sweater ¥99 + white pull-on wide-leg pants ¥199

White suspenders ¥59 + white sweater ¥99 + black pull-up wide-leg pants ¥199

Wide-leg pants with skinny suspenders give you the perfect combination of a thin waist, ample buttocks and beautiful legs in no time. ↓

White suspenders ¥59 + white pull-on wide-leg pants ¥199

White suspenders ¥59 + black pull-up wide-leg pants ¥199

If you’re a strong woman in the workplace, matching a navy blue sleeveless T-shirt is not only smart, but also quite imposing. ↓

Navy blue T-shirt (out of stock) + white pull-up wide-leg pants ¥199

When it comes to hot items, it’s Crop Top, a thin cropped top paired with sleek wide-leg trousers that keep you comfortable all season long. ↓

Printed cropped top (out of stock) + knitted cardigan special price ¥89.4 + white wide-leg culotte special price ¥249

The shirt should be regarded as a good friend of wide-leg pants, and where there are wide-leg pants, the shirt will appear on schedule. ↓

Blue shirt ¥199 + white pull-up wide-leg pants ¥199

【Wide leg pants】Short leg MM choose a high-waist style

If the legs are not slender enough, the easiest way is to raise the waist line and visually lengthen the proportion of the legs. And the size is not tall, everyone understands the reason for high heels to make up. ↓

White lace shirt special price ¥199.2 + vertical stripe high-waisted wide-leg pants special price ¥191.2

Don’t say that wearing high heels is too tiring, it is very tiring to be a beautiful woman, and you can only wear the public model in the sea of people because of this difficulty! ~

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