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Every time you go out, you must always match a look, shoes are the key, choose sneakers? Also tie up, choose high heels? Too tired feet, slippers, too unformal, and a pair of mules can perfectly solve all the above problems, as a savior of lazy cancer patients, it has also derived a lot of new tricks.

The original mules were evolved from Roman shoes, and later transformed by Leonardo da Vinci to make mules instantly popular in Europe, and then became women’s special shoes, and then Marilyn Monroe, known as the sexy goddess, brought goods, interpreting the ten thousand styles of mules, and since then, mules have been held by everyone in the fashion palace.

There are more styles of mule shoes, there are open-toe or toe models, the original mules give the impression of being a little stereotyped retro, and with open-toe shoes, women can apply bright nail polish, more summer feeling, sexiness index has also increased, with clothes are particularly good-looking.

Flat mules are always based on comfort, and then many new elements have been added, such as pearls, ethnic styles, velvet, which make the plain flat mules more beautiful or classical, which can not only walk without stopping, but also have a different style.

And the high heel is no longer an ordinary sandal-drag style, it has become fashionable and avant-garde, do not do things on the upper, then rely on the high heel to make a fuss, the metal heel full of architectural sense is amazing, it turns out that mules can still play like this! Elegant with fun, the overall look is very futuristic.

Here are a few recommended mules for everyone

1. Nologic’s folding cowhide slippers. Black white gray sexual cold tone, solid color design plus irregular origami is the main feature of its home, this shoe on the hand folding is very designed, the shoes are very beautiful, the foot feeling is also very breathable, the designer has worked the shape, wear very exquisite. White is particularly fresh and beautiful, with the overall clothing is very summery, definitely will not hit the street style, very friendly to high-footed stars.

2. British-style muller block heels. This shoe has black and white bright colors, white is a classic marbling, the heel is a trapezoidal look, the tongue is upturned, friendly to high-footed stars, black is the style of commuting, suitable for matching OL clothing, the design of the thick heel is very comfortable, go out and step on a pair of feet all day will not be tired, after work is still very suitable for shopping, or bring goods goddess Zhang Shaohan the same style Oh!

3. Baotou half-slip block heels. All those who are busy and afraid of trouble but like chic, you are definitely suitable for this pair. Mueller’s little white shoes can give you a fashionable summer. Calfskin wrapped in a delicate and silky feel that can be touched. The first layer of pork skin is padded with feet, soft and breathable, giving you a comfortable upper foot experience.

4. Black and white striped point-toe mules. This pair of black and white zebra striped drag-mule slippers is really very beautiful. Pointed-toe shoes have always been a favorite of girls, very elegant but full of femininity, the upper is made of soft fabric, the upper foot is comfortable, the black and white stripes have the blessing of a bow, and it is very retro, and the details of the whole pair of shoes are also very perfect.

5. British vintage flat heel slippers. The slippers with a foot design can enjoy an easy and convenient feeling without giving a sloppy impression. As a pair of powerful sandals, comfort is of course the magic word, the interior is made of delicate sheepskin, moisture wicking, strong and wear-resistant cowhide upper, flexible and comfortable, metal buckle as the finishing touch, more in line with street trends.

6. Velvet pearl lace-up mules. A classic ISS style, these toe flat-soled mules blend pearls and lace-up elements that can be put on and taken off at will, with straps that can be removed and accentuate the ankle-to-calf curve. The upper is made of high-density velvet, with the blessing of pearls for a more vintage texture, with a sheepskin inner and rubber outsole, which makes the upper foot comfortable and soft.

7. Vintage embroidered point-toe muller. These mules flat slippers have a strong national style, classical and fresh color matching, and the blessing of embroidery elements is more retro. The shoe shape is perfect and the upper foot works well. And super comfortable and versatile, in the summer with skirts and shorts are very elegant, but not informal.

8. Wild deerskin mules. This shoe looks very stylish with any basic model, it is a free and easy style, black looks very refreshing, and a pair of mules with a ball head is easy and fashionable and not sloppy. The color is smart and atmospheric, you can wear it for a non-strict commute, the ankles are very slender, the light pink of deerskin is also slightly sweet and white, the beige is clean and atmospheric, and the versatility is strong.