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The kitchen decoration garbage can is not installed, there will be maggots, do 8 details, and the wife rushes to cook

Now the social kitchen has become a battlefield for men, every day you can see the kitchen room in the community, all busy men figures, many families are for cooking this little thing, quarrelsome, and even divorced, many reasons are because the decoration is not done well, cooking a meal is the same as fighting, back pain and exhaustion. Therefore, when decorating, everyone should pay attention to these small details of the kitchen.

1. Kitchen trash can

The first is that the kitchen must not be installed, hidden garbage cans, that is, garbage cans hidden in the cabinet, although the cabinet door closed can not see anything, but really particularly dirty, it is easy to breed bacteria, especially when the weather is hot, it is easy to forget to pour kitchen waste, overnight the whole kitchen is smelly, and may also grow maggots, so you must not install hidden garbage cans.

Can be wall-mounted garbage can, directly hung on the cabinet, there is garbage on the countertop can be directly wiped into the garbage can, and now need garbage classification, directly hang two garbage cans on it, it is very convenient to use, take out the garbage does not have to bend.

2. Dishwasher

Washing dishes is really a big thing, say that it is better to call cleaning, to say that it is difficult to clean up the mess, cook and eat are willing, when it comes to washing dishes, really no one is willing, there are many small couples divorced because of the fuse of washing dishes. So now it is really necessary to buy a dishwasher at home, it is really a must for lazy people, eat the bowls and chopsticks directly into the dishwasher, the dishes and chopsticks can be automatically cleaned, and also come with a disinfection function. If you don’t even want to wash the pot, buy a dishwasher with a cabinet, a large one, and a small dishwasher if you don’t have much money.

3. Water retaining strip

Every time I wash dishes and dishes, the kitchen floor is full of water stains, and then as soon as my feet step on the kitchen floor, it is dirty, all black footprints, and the kitchen has to drag the floor 3 times a day, and it is really annoying to death. Therefore, the water retaining strip of the kitchen countertop must be installed in a memory, and it needs to be installed in front of the countertop to prevent water from flowing to the back of the cabinet and causing mold, and the front to prevent the countertop water from flowing to the ground.

Many owners do not know that there is a water retaining strip problem, which has been renovated, you can go to the Internet to buy a sticker water baffle, which can also be used to block water,

4. Ceiling lamp

The most common thing for office workers is overtime, as long as it is overtime to return home is basically dark, the next day want to bring food, but also cook, this point cooking washing vegetables cutting vegetables is easy to backlight, that is, the kitchen light is blocked by their own body, resulting in washing vegetables can not see clearly, do not know whether there is a wash, and there is easy to cut vegetables, especially when cutting shredded potatoes. So don’t forget to install lights under the kitchen cabinet, so that you don’t have to be afraid to cut vegetables.

5. Hanging cabinet

The hanging cabinet should be made at the top, so that dust and oil stains will not fall on the kitchen hanging cabinet, becoming a dirty and impossible to clean sanitary dead end.

There is also half of the hanging cabinet is made very large, although the storage space is very large, but the space that can be used, only this piece at the bottom of the cabinet, and because of the height problem, it is very inconvenient to take and put things, so the kitchen cabinet needs to be installed with a drop basket, as long as you reach out and pull the basket, the basket will fall to the front, and it will become very convenient to take things and take things.

6. Socket under the sink

One is that the problem of water quality is now worse and worse than before, and the aging of some pipelines will affect water quality, so if there are children at home, water purifiers will be installed. There is also the fact that the water heater is installed in the bathroom, the kitchen hot water comes slowly, and a small kitchen treasure may be installed. Therefore, when decorating the kitchen, don’t forget that the socket under the sink must be installed outside the socket.

7. Table height

Every time you cut vegetables and wash dishes, you have to bend over, stir-fry and set up, and make a meal people are wasted, so the height of the kitchen countertop is very important, the usual countertop will be adjusted between 65 and 90 cm, you can measure your own height. The person stands up straight, and the palm of the hand can touch the lowest point of the sink. Then the stove side only needs to be lowered by about 10 cm.

8. Open kitchen

Chinese kitchen is not suitable for installation of open, home is not often eat Western food, every day big fish and meat, the use of oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, must install partitions or sliding doors, otherwise short-term your disapproval, long-term use of the kitchen you will find that stir-fry oil smoke floats all over the house, even the best range hood will leak smoke, for a long time the whole house will be stuck with oil.

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