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Although Sun Yi, born in 1993, is only 25 years old this year, she married Dong Zijian early and had a daughter, which is quite rare among post-90s actresses.

Sun Yi recently attended a channel’s Fall/Winter 2018 show, wearing a white knitted top with pants, and bohemian fringed sandals on her feet.

The only one who wears white so fresh and vulgar is Sun Yi.

Sun Yi recently demonstrated how to tie her hair with a data cable wrapped several times, successfully solving the trouble of not having a leather band, and this wave of operation also made netizens shout 666. However, some fans joked: if you turn on electricity, your hair will be styled, so that you can take off the thread.

I have to say that it is better to give birth when I am young, and Sun Yi’s figure and appearance after giving birth are simply younger and more energetic, in this regard, netizens think so:

Do you know Di Li Gerba: You can be so good after giving birth

Fish love and listen to the rain: Sun Yi is really beautiful! The goddess is so beautiful!

Thousands of paper cranes: Sun Yi is tall and beautiful, really good

Nan Fatty’s treasure bag: Meiyi, it’s really good-looking, calling crazy for you

The most simple little beautiful bird: It’s so beautiful, it’s still so beautiful after becoming a mother


The entertainment industry is right and wrong, the star circle gossip is breaking the news, and the entertainment industry is dynamic.

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