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In autumn and winter, men’s concave styling is not only very important, but also the underwear. Throw away the fancy of printed embroidery, a simple and pure basic sweater is more in line with the temperament of straight men. Solid color sweaters not only match clothes with high safety factor, but also handsome and stylish charm value can make you gain a large number of fans!

The reason why the black-white-gray sweater is called a classic for men’s underwear is because it has stood the test of time and trends. Warm and stylish, handsome and handsome, the ability to match is extremely deep, tough manburst and elegant gentlemen all cater to men’s requirements for underwear. Next, let’s see how to match it, so that you can wear it until you are old and handsome!

Solid color sweater + leather jacket

▲ The short leather jacket can show the man’s leanness and style, and the black and gray turtleneck sweater is inside, and the temperament of the tough guy is created in minutes. The sweater with a low neck is slightly more casual, and the combination of a lapel shirt will also look very layered, and the classic color system will not look cumbersome at all.

Solid color sweater + jacket with tufted lapels

▲The combination of a solid color sweater and a hot suede collar jacket has a super youthful charm. The checked jacket is eye-catching and warm, and a calm and restrained black sweater is needed to bring it off. And when you feel that the black jacket is too dull, the fresh blue sweater will save you, both functional and aesthetically important, and can be regarded as the trendy frontline item of the season.

Solid color sweater + suit

▲ The necessary suit in the workplace can not only be matched with a shirt Oh, a solid color sweater with a high neck or a semi-high neck can give you a good feeling, warm and slim will not affect the style of the suit, the more simple and fashionable, the style design without complicated decorations can be worn versatilely. The gray and blue suits that men often wear, with black and white sweaters, can instantly add a bit of fashion.

Solid color sweater + tweed coat

▲ In autumn and winter, a dashing coat can keep you warm and have grace at the same time, and the sweater with a solid color will not look bloated, whether the coat is simple and stylish or retro trend, the coat can be worn with a striking effect. The straight high neck is fashionable and durable, and it can also protect the neck when the cold wind hits.

Solid color sweater + down jacket

▲The solid color sweater itself has a gentleman and high-class temperament, and it will not change its simplicity and elegance under the costume of the fluffy down jacket. The combination of dark and light colors between the sweater and the down jacket is neat and rhythmic, and the stable color will make the whole look more righteous and wise. In winter, you need a solid sweater like this to help you create all kinds of looks, without complicated designs, just a basic solid color can easily stand out. Leather jackets, coats, jackets and down jackets can be controlled by all kinds of coats, and having a cool piece with no worry and effort is equivalent to mastering the initiative of matching!

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