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Women who will dress know that the more we don’t have extra decorations, the higher the requirements for their own temperament and matching, if they don’t pay attention to color and wearing, then it is easy to fall into the mediocrity, such as shirts typical.

It seems that you don’t pick people, but it is very particular to wear, especially for small children who are not tall enough. If you are worried about this, then let’s take a look at the matching demonstration of the small child. Telling, this is the “shirt” of the textbook level to wear, height is 1 meter 58, and it can be elegant!

First, the shirt is not worn

Take a small child of the high-grade temperament route, when choosing a shirt, it is recommended to make simple summons than the cumbersome style. The latter is extremely advantageous due to a simple and generous, highlighting the elegant temperament that is brought to middle-aged women.


This is the case, she rarely uses the design shirt. The basics of the mirrors in the shape are basically the basic paragraph. Even the cardiometric design is superimposed, and the number of cardiographic designs will be controlled in one or two, will not give Human complex.

And when you use a base shirt to create a street LOOK, in order to improve the shape of the shape, she will also be in the tailoring, material and workmanship of the shirt.


After all, whether the basic shirt can wear a high-grade taste, the key is that the material is material and tailored. Usually, the style of tailoring simple and profiling and fabric texture is easier to create a noble and generous visual effect, allowing overall LOOK more quality.

In addition, the shirt line strips are strong, and the longitudinal lines can be extended, and the small children who are not tall enough.

Second, color is less

Whether it is not tall enough, or go to the high-level temperament route, you need to do minus time in color use.

If the color type in the shirt is more than three, it is easy to cause visual cumbersome and cumbersome, which will cause no focus in dressing, and the size ratio is cut into multiple parts, causing bloating short.

Conversely, if a black and white color or base color + earth color matching is used, it can ensure that the upper dressing is distinct, and the proportion is high, and it is classic.


The neighboring color or smooth color also belongs to the category of minimalism, as in white suit with white suit, with denim shirts with jeans, it is easy to strengthen the visual depth, and the high level is full.

But the smooth skills have any requirements for details, don’t forget to cut out the three or seven points of proportion through the plug.


Third, the more you look at it, the higher the superior


Small children are tuned, which is tedied, whether it is a stacking fashion element, or a pursuit of complex work, will pull your high level to a certain extent.

Looking at the bloggent Elborn, you can find that she basically does not use too complicated matching programs when wearing a shirt. Basically, it is very simple to washes, and it is very high at home.

If you use a white shirt with a black high-waist wide-leg weaponi, black and white color, the proportion of harsh trousers in the whole body, the overall LOOK is both a long leg, and is washed and stabilized.


If you want to further improve your style, you may wish to change the high waist wise pants into silk bag hip skirts, straight skirts, or pleated skirts.


In addition to adding priests, the knee skirt can also make a sense of romantic atmosphere belong to the summer.

The long shirt belongs to a small-friendly style of a small child, compared with all pants, but also recommended that everyone uses “lower clothes missing”, which can avoid the bloating of the waist and abdomen, but also increase the skin.

But don’t forget to enhance the exquisiteness, such as bubble sleeves, lamb sleeves design, or a double red ballet shoes.

Fourth, raising waistline is very important


For small sons, although there are many ways to improve your body, it is still the best choice for the best results.


When the blogger Elborn is wearing a shirt, it usually also raises the waistline position by incorporating the shirt into the high waist pants.

Just like here with a white shirt with a dark pants, it is easy to make a short-term dressing effect.

If it is a long shirt, or an integrated shirt skirt, then the waist line becomes more necessary. The above is this shirt shared by a child. If you like the bloggent Elborn’s temper, then you may wish to remember these four wear points, and don’t have a high level and elegance!

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