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#Trendy Style Outfit#

It’s already the third day of autumn, is autumn in your city? Again to start racking your brain for what to wear in the fall? Not yet

White shirt

Well! This unisex versatile piece is definitely a great choice for autumn.

Which woman does not have one

? When you don’t know what to wear, wear it. from


Wear to


, a truly practical piece.

Yang Mi

In the latest photo blockbuster, wear

join together


The girlish feeling is full, sitting on the chair and shooting casually is a blockbuster sense of déjà vu, and this long leg is really envious.

in the photo

Shen Yue



Khaki suspenders

, full of youthful vitality, back to the sunset eyes clear, girly feeling, as if in a school idol drama.

Liu Shishi

In Shanghai,

Layered in black suits, it exudes a gentle and intellectual femininity, elegant and handsome.

The white shirt is really a versatile little master, so in addition to having a place in the workplace, what are the more everyday ones

Stylish matching


1. White shirt + jeans

A white shirt and jeans can be said to be a very classic combination. But are you still stuffing the hem all over the clothes? Wrong! It’s more fashionable to stuff half and show half like this!

This one

It is also particularly designed, with a crossed back swing and an upgraded dovetail~

At this time, be sure to choose one

High-waisted jeans

, and then tucked half of the hem, the proportion of the body short and the long above comes out, which is particularly high.

Sometimes I also take out the hem completely, although it is not in good proportions, but it is lazy and casual enough, I often see this kind of clothes on daily miscellaneous.

2. White shirt + flared pants

If you wake up in the morning and don’t know what to wear to work, then choose

Take a black strip

Flared pants

, comfortable and generous, that’s right.



, it’s so good to wear, not only

Small face

And also

Appears thin

role. Two necklaces can be layered at the neckline, which is delicate and stylish.

The mercerized texture fabric, cool and breathable in summer, the gold buttons on it are also particularly designed, and the temperament is grade.

Cropped flared pants are the best flared pants, even if you wear a pair of flat shoes, you will not look short.

In some areas, the temperature difference is gradually increasing, and you can wear one piece outside


, handsome and stylish. Back one

Chain bag

, has the effect of raising the waist line.

This shirt was stunning as soon as it was topped, and it was on both sides


, adding a three-dimensional sense of ethereal and flexible. Very designed white shirt.

Just tuck the front hem of the shirt into the flared pants, it doesn’t need much manipulation, it’s sweet and light, isn’t it your dish?

Don’t two ruffles want to be fat? Of course not, the delicate V-neck, cleverly exposing the skin, has already helped you look thin.

3. White shirt + A-line shorts


A-line shorts

, concise and capable. Short-sleeved loose fit, especially hidden flesh behind the upper body. The loose sleeves also cover the worship flesh on the arms.

Wear a pair of shorts as well

Loose fit

Yes, this outfit is especially suitable for young girls, which shows youthful vitality. Grab your beloved bag and wear a pair

Canvas shoes

, you can go out on the street.

It is also possible to layer one under a shirt

White vest

, wear it open, tucked into half of the hem, isn’t this way of wearing very trendy!

If you want to wear this look to work, you have to change your shorts to a clean fit. The hem of the shirt is tucked into the waistband, and a black belt marks the waistline.

The smart and neat shape is not very suitable for work! The loose trouser legs make the legs look very slim. A loose shirt can also hide the “swimming ring” around the waist.

4. White shirt + suit pants

The least error-prone way to wear a white shirt should be to match it with suit pants, but it is a little ordinary, choose a cropped suit pants!

Take a YSL handbag, the whole person’s temperament will change, and there are small leather shoes of the same color as the bag, is there no problem to meet the customer?

Summer is about to pass, early autumn has arrived, don’t let the white shirt fall to dust in the closet, hurry up and match it.

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White shirt

White shirt

White shirt

White shirt

White shirt

White shirt

White shirt