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Text: Nicole

Hi, I’m Nicole, ready to be beautiful together?

Now many girls are almost precious to foreign big-name skin care products, but they know very little about domestic skin care products, and those grandmothers’ skin care products are even more black.

So, for those old domestic products with low prices in China, is it really cheap and not good? Of course not! The following old domestic products,

The use experience is not lost to the big brands, and the model can be called a work of conscience

No.1 Baozhong Bao urea Cream

Autumn hand cream means that it is really not less, especially the 10,000-year-old dry hands!

So far, I have used a lot of sister paper other L’Occitane, Caudalie Grape Hand Cream, various cosmeceuticals such as Avène and other hand creams, as well as Julique ones, and what Australian lanolin, etc. ~ Domestic products have also been used, such as the most familiar Longrich snake oil, Meijiajing and the like~

However, if you’re like me, your hands will always dry and peel, you should definitely try it! One day, I accidentally saw it sold in a small supermarket next to my house. It’s only 3 yuan, just buy it casually, use it casually

Who would have thought that this product would be so easy to use! Moisturizing, not greasy! Only a faint non-annoying taste, as the little lid says, prevents drying! The ingredients are also very simple, and there is no fake slippery feeling! It’s just a word run. 3 yuan 100g, how to use it is not distressed.

No.2 Bee flower sandalwood soap

Recently, it can be said that I love to wash my hands, put in a magical soap, put it in the wardrobe before use, and the whole wardrobe is fragrant.

Looking at the outer packaging, it is very stylish, simple and simple. And you can smell the strong sandalwood fragrance through the packaging. It has a very fragrant sandalwood smell but is not irritating at all, like the smell in my grandmother’s closet when I was a child. It will bring back memories of old times in one fell swoop. It’s that taste of memory.

This kind of age packaging, coupled with the taste of the age, makes people unconsciously have a sense of age, I want to say that it is very temperamental and charming.

When used, the foam is particularly delicate, moisturizing and locking water, and the hands will not dry out after washing, unlike some hand sanitizers that will be particularly dry after washing the hands. The traditional fragrance and the comfort of use are the reason why I can buy back indefinitely.

No.3 Pechoin Glycerin No. 1

Pechoin glycerin should be familiar to everyone, it has several versions, but the main ingredients are glycerin, and the basic role is also moisturizing. Unlike Vaseline Jelly, this glycerin can be used on the face skin, although it is an oil-based skin care product, but it can be used for mixed oil and sensitive skin.

The texture is relatively moist skin care oil, and the massage absorption is quite fast. The basic function of glycerin is moisturizing, and it has a certain effect of repairing the skin barrier, which can be used with other skin care products. But beyond that, it has other uses. Such as hair care, strengthening makeup holding ability, goosebump skin, etc.

No.4 Friendship alabaster

The reason why alabaster is called alabaster is because “rubbed on the skin, leaving a fragrance, and the paste fades invisibly, like snowflakes, hence the name alabaster.” ”

The texture of alabaster looks thicker, but it is not mushy at all, take an appropriate amount to apply to the hands, absorb the thief quickly, and then not greasy at all (don’t rub it after absorption, it will mud) It will form a layer of wax film on the skin, the hands are not sticky, you can rest assured to use your hands to take things to do, very refreshing, especially suitable for summer use, after applying and then wash your hands, the hands will not be dry, especially moist.

The face is dry skin can also use it, apply a little more at night before going to bed, massage and absorption after the skin is in a matte state, do not worry about sticking pillow towels, the next morning after getting up the skin is soft and comfortable.

No.5 Pearl Cream

In the eyes of many older generations, few people may know about international big names for them, but when it comes to “Piece Zixi Pearl Cream”, it can be said that it is a household name. The main effects of Pearl Balm are:

Moisturizing and brightening

Removes yellowing and improves skin texture

The main ingredients inside are Flake Zixi and hydrolyzed pearls,


After entering the skin care products, it can help nourish the skin from the inside out, remove black and yellow, and also help calm the skin and stabilize the skin.

As an old domestic product, Pian Zixi can be described as one of the most popular stars, many stars have called for it, Chen Shu and fans have had this piece Zixi pearl paste.

Its texture is a little creamy, may not be useful when you will worry about whether it is a little thick problem, only if you try it yourself to know, super good to push, a touch of water, fast absorption, just wiped the skin and a blingbling water light, not sticky at all, the face is refreshing and gray often good absorption.

Every time you need to open OT overnight, I will first remove the makeup and then simply apply a layer of this pearl ointment to hydrate, insist on it for a period of time, the dry skin is relieved, not to mention, the skin feeling after the overnight is still very transparent.

In addition to the skin care at night, what surprised me more was that its moisturizing effect before makeup was really a must, and the two words were “amazing”! It may be because the hydration power is very strong, there is a very obvious moisturizing feeling after the face, as if the moisture is firmly locked in the skin, I tried to apply only this at home on weekends before, even if it is a whole day of air conditioning, the skin will not dry out at all!

The effect is not lost to some first-line big brands, a bottle is only dozens of pieces, holding it in the hand is full of weight, every day use can probably be used for a quarter, the cost performance is really too high! It is definitely the light of domestic products I found in 2021!

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