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At any age we must maintain the spirit of not obeying the old, as long as you remain confident, and not afraid of age, then you will be very attractive, Wang Mingquan is one of the representative figures, she is now over seventy, but from her state, it is still very energetic, and it is impossible to guess her actual age, in terms of dressing, Wang Mingquan has used a lot of skills, choosing a loose striped skirt to match it can also create a fashionable and high-class temperament, Let’s continue to explore Wang Mingquan’s look!

How do you match when you are older?

Try bright colors

Who says middle-aged women can’t wear colorful items? If you want to look young, you should try more bright colors, Wang Mingquan’s outfit integrates black, white, and green and other colors, the combination of a variety of bright colors collides with wonderful sparks, giving people a feeling of vitality, and wearing these fashionable colors on the body, you will also feel very fashionable, and you don’t have to be afraid of monotony.

The lower body is combined with a white fishing net inside, the skirt of this fishing net looks fashionable and personal, with a certain sense of layering, and the matching of this striped dress will not feel inconsistent, if you want to look more fashionable, maybe you can refer to her mix.

Boots with personality

Booties are the most popular item in autumn and winter, booties can also be matched with dresses, interpreting a cool and beautiful temperament, Wang Mingquan did not choose the most common black boots, but for himself with this white boots, it looks more refreshing, the design of the square toe is quite retro, will feel very fashionable.

Continue to take a look at Wang Mingquan’s age-reducing collocation:

(1) Bright color dress

The reason why Wang Mingquan is so attractive is that her dressing style is very rich, and most of her matching is quite bold, many people feel that pink is a little cheap, in fact, middle-aged women or older women can also wear pink, Wang Mingquan’s pink dress dressing shows her girlish feeling, not tacky at all.

When choosing a dress, you can incorporate some different cuts, so that you can stand out and avoid being old-fashioned, Wang Mingquan below this white dress shoulders combined with a three-dimensional rose design, this design can bring out her delicate facial features, appear smaller face, and the three-dimensional cut can modify the head and shoulders ratio, highlighting a full sense of fashion.

Puff sleeves are very flesh-covering, whether you choose a shirt or a dress, you can use this puff sleeve element, and the design of the puff sleeve is not too pompous, otherwise it is not very suitable for daily life, and even looks tiger back bear waist, the following burgundy puff sleeve top is quite suitable on the body, low-key and elegant.

If you want to stay young, you should try more bright clothing, always black and white gray will definitely feel monotonous, like this green skirt will also let Wang Mingquan’s sense of elegance show, bright green set off her fair skin, lining people are very young, and the loose fit can also better hide the flesh.

The orange slip dress is beautiful and fashionable, this slip dress is paired with a white underwear, more layered, when matching on weekdays, we can try more layering skills, enrich your outfit, avoid too single color leads to dullness, and the combination of orange and white is just right, will not be noisy, but will feel very attractive.

(2) Stylish and versatile suits

For middle-aged women, the suit is very worth referring to, it can keep our style unified, and suitable for attending important occasions, wearing it is not easy to be outdated, Wang Mingquan often borrows some suits to concave the shape, the blue suit below is fresh and beautiful, and can also set off fair skin. If the skin is bad, you can also learn from the basic color set, which is versatile and error-free.

Overall, Wang Mingquan’s matching is still at the forefront of the fashion industry, and most of her dressing style is very energetic, full of youth, and does not feel old and vulgar, you can also learn from it. Disclaimer: The text is original, and the picture comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you. Text/9

74-year-old Wang Mingquan dresses so fashionably when she goes shopping, with a colorful striped skirt and small white boots, which reduces her age and is fashionable