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Bamboo rain pine organ rhyme, tea smoke Wuyue book sound. In addition to enjoying the spring scenery, soaking a pot of fragrant tea to soak the heart and spleen, and even the favorite of Chinese people for thousands of years.

In the middle of spring, China Tea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as China Tea) has gathered the accumulation of many years of deep cultivation of the national tea industry, and concentrated on the “golden 30 degrees north latitude” zone selected by famous tea, and in the 2021 New Year, the selection of this national tea boutique is all included in the Jiaming Holy Land, bringing “old friends” and “new customers” of the 2021 new tea season to the majority of tea lovers.

At the beginning of the 2021 Green Tea Guide of China Tea, we show tea lovers the fragrance of the famous Chinese tea Biluo Spring. While lingering in Gusu Chunyi, we continued to search for “Green Tea Raiders” at “Golden 30 degrees north latitude”. Cross Taihu Lake to the south, come to Anji across the lake from Suzhou, and continue to visit the famous green tea – “Anji White Tea”.

Anji white tea, a special product of Anji County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is a national geographical indication product. It is located at the northern foot of Tianmu Mountain and is also known as the “Bamboo Township of China”.

In 1930, dozens of wild white tea trees were found in Malinggang, Xiaofeng Town, Anji, and “the young leaves drawn from the branches were white as jade, and slightly yellow after roasting, which were produced by the local golden light temple.” Hidden clouds and cliffs for thousands of years, now fragrant to thousands of homes. White tea, which used to be hidden in famous mountains and hidden by later generations, has now entered thousands of households.

In early spring this year, China Tea specially launched Anji white tea fresh-saving series gift boxes. The raw material for this gift box tea is produced in Anji, where the vegetation coverage is 73%, and the trees and bamboo are shaded and cloudy. The amino acid content of Anji white tea is about 7%, which is twice as high as that of ordinary tea, so the taste is more fresh and sweet. Anji white tea is straight and delicate, shaped like a phoenix feather, the tea soup is soft yellow and tender green, the taste is sweet and sweet, smooth and refreshing. In addition to the selection of raw materials from the core production areas, the newly upgraded gift box packaging is high-end and atmospheric, highlighting the texture and complementing the high-quality tea.

In addition to the pre-Ming series of Anji white tea, China Tea has also launched a series of products that sell Anji white tea all year round, the raw materials are all produced in the core production area of Anji County, Zhejiang, the background color is like white frost, and the taste is full of cabbage fragrance.

China Tea always adheres to the concept of “good tea in Chinese tea” to help a better and healthy life. Chinese tea, selected tea. If the fragrance of Dongting Biluo Spring and Anji White Tea still makes you unfulfilled, please look forward to the continuation of the chapter – “Longjing” of Green Tea Raiders.

Source: Reference News Network