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Especially in recent years, little sisters, your skincare storage box is definitely indispensable for one or two affordable large bowls of easy-to-use domestic skincare products! Some are not distressed how to use it, some are insistent on using it to slowly improve skin quality, and some are sensitive periods to cure rotten face, today to take a look at the self-use affordable bowl and amazing domestic skin care products shared by Cinderella, are years of word of mouth, safe and effective, reassuring.

As a delicate pig girl who is keen on online shopping, especially the delicate pig girl who is keen to buy all kinds of skin care products and cosmetics ~ I always actively explore all kinds of skin care beauty products with beautiful prices and conscience, although I stepped on some thunder, but more than that, I bought a variety of satisfying products! Cost-effective product!! Today I will introduce you to a part, all under 20 yuan, all under 20 yuan! ! !

Because the headline can’t put the address, if you need it, you can go to the “hardcore door picking” public account article to get Oh~

Skin care products are not divided into men and women, everyone can find their own suitable products~

Skin type: summer oil skin and winter mixed oil

01 Skinmeilin Yellow Fat Facial Cleanser 3.8 yuan

Some time ago, I always saw this domestic mite removal facial cleanser on Douyin, I went to Taobao to check, plus the postage is only 8.8 yuan, it is simply a ridiculously cheap price!! Curious to try Kang, I bought it back~

The same texture as lotion, a little Chinese medicine smell, pay attention to oh~ This is a foam-free facial cleanser, directly on the face with massage and circular cleaning method, after rubbing and washing off.

The yellow one is a gentle cleansing type suitable for dry skin. I also found a method that works for all skin types~! It’s when the morning is clean! Morning cleaning does not need a facial cleanser with too strong cleaning power, this is very suitable~ It is not exciting at all after use, and it will not feel tight and dry in the follow-up.

Although it’s only a few dollars, it’s not a chicken rib at all to use!! It contains bitter ginseng, cnidium monnieri extract, and milk formula, which are all affordable but very effective ingredients, with the effect of soothing astringency, cleansing and inhibiting mites and softening the skin, and after using it for almost two weeks, I really feel that the skin is more delicate! ~

Eight dollars of facial cleanser for morning cleaning, the investment in facial cleanser can be reduced by half! Thinking of the money saved and the delicate skin, what a fragrance~!

(The hardcore sister complained: This facial cleanser was an Internet celebrity domestic product when I was a teenager, but I didn’t expect that today’s young people actually know it from Douyin.) )

02 Pechoin glycerin 7.4 yuan

Pechoin, old domestic products ~ Look at cheap and easy-to-use skin care products on the Little Red Book, many people are recommending this, 7.4 free shipping also consider what, decisive as I placed another order ~

Its main component is glycerin, including pearls and aloe vera; Vitamin C three, no flavor pigment added.

Don’t look at the word oil in glycerin to misunderstand it Oh, the texture of glycerin is actually the same as water, but super super moisturizing, can be used to supplement into the skin care step when dry, can be added to lotion lotion foundation, can be used to repair the barrier when the skin has problems, and can wipe hands and feet, lips and hair, simply all-round.

There are also many people who say that it can also turn white when used, it should be the role of the VC inside, whether it can be white or not, just look at its few dollars of things can be so all-round, I can buy back for another hundred years~!

03 Yumei Fresh Milk Lotion 17 yuan

Look at my real picture, I have used three empty bottles!! I can see that I love it!!

Yumeijing’s fresh milk children’s cream is already very famous~ used as a body milk skin slippery ~ This fresh milk lotion is also so good! And it is more delicate and suitable for facial skin use~

It smells good, and it doesn’t get tired of smelling! The lotion has strong fluidity, which is really super super moisturizing! Don’t apply too much, any more will be oily. It can be used all year round, and after using a bottle, you will feel that your skin is really smooth and tender! !

Apply it to an area that is prone to skin explosion before makeup, or you can mix foundation liquid in autumn and winter, and the base makeup is really fit! Mom doesn’t have to worry about my foundation card powder anymore~

04 Snow Perfect Lipstick 14.9 RMB/2 sticks

This is a Hong Kong drop brand, Watson’s for sale, buy it at Taobao stores a lot cheaper!

This lip mask used for the night is simply perfect, and the next morning you can harvest a fried chicken fried chicken tender mouth~ I, a person who does not like to use lip balm, only uses this little cut, it is true love~

This lip balm has a clear, oily texture that doesn’t taste much. Natural beeswax texture is a natural food-grade formula that can be used by pregnant women and children such as avocado oil and pondflower seed oil, which is easy to use and safe.

05 Womei Hand Cream 12 yuan

Womei hand cream may be relatively unheard of, a relatively unpopular product, but it is really really good to use!!

The first time I saw this look, I couldn’t help but want to chop my hands! The opening of the pacifier design is super cute and super eye-catching~! And buy two and get one free, 24 yuan can get three branches, one only 8 yuan! Who can endure this~!

It has a variety of options, roughly divided into two textures: moisturizing type and popping water droplets, popping water beads are relatively refreshing, moisturizing type is suitable for people with very dry hands. I use hyaluronic acid goat’s milk popping water droplets, which can really wipe out delicate small water droplets. It’s not like a lot of hand creams are greasy!! This hand wipe is a very moisturizing and refreshing feeling! The taste is not flushed, it smells good~! Regardless of the packaging or the sense of use, it is really worth it~

06 An’an Golden Pure Olive Oil 14.8 yuan

Olive oil is a little more expensive than glycerin, moisturizing a little, and also has antioxidant and whitening effects. It is also more useful, and can be used as skin oil, body oil, hair oil, cleansing oil, massage oil, it is simply omnipotent~

An An Jinchun This is a virgin olive oil imported from Spain, which is sold in supermarkets for more than 30 pieces, and Taobao only needs more than a dozen pieces. Very moist and moist feeling, no matter how cold the wind blows, the face can’t get up! Oil skin acne muscle bypass oh ~ there will be the possibility of stuffy acne ~

If there is a dry and cracked calf heel, it can also be solved with it~ When the hair care essential oil is rubbed hot in the palm of the palm, evenly spread on the hair end, can play a good drop nourishing effect~ It is especially recommended to use this makeup remover, especially clean and gentle, sensitive skin friendly~

More than a dozen pieces of universal oil, just used to remove makeup to earn over, which little fairy does not want to prepare a bottle~

07 An An loofah barley water 6.8 yuan

500ml, an oversized bottle, only less than 20 yuan, the price that is friendly to the point is simply touching!! It is recommended to take a small spray bottle to divide, spray and replenish water directly after washing your face, or you can use it as a wet compress, as a water film, or the second cleaning after washing your face, how to use it is not distressed. (Hardcore sister warm tips, found the hidden 10 yuan coupon, 6.8 to a bottle, wipe the whole body is not distressed.) )

It is a light loofah flavor, which contains hydrating loofah extract and whitening coix seed extract, as well as witch hazel extract famous in the soothing circle, which is simple and effective, relatively refreshing, and will not have an oil film feeling after use.

My requirement for this large bottle of lotion is the hydration function, some whitening and soothing effects are already extra joys, and the rest don’t ask for anything duck~

So spicy~ Today’s easy-to-use and inexpensive skin care products are introduced~

All of them are recommendations that I touch my conscience to everyone!!

The public account and the “hardcore door picking” of all platforms are the hardcore sister herself, oh~ If you need to reprint and renote the original author’s name.