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The protagonist of this case is the Audi Q5 introduced by Zhongshan old customers, due to the owner of the night car walked more, the original car lighting has completely can not meet the demand, when the owner has experienced the modified lighting system of friends in our store, more firm to change the idea of lights, today specially from Zhongshan came to our store to upgrade the lighting.

Why change the lights?

1. See the dark road, improve the safety of night driving, and reduce the difficulty of night driving.

2. Increase the life of the lamp and reduce the occurrence of lamp failure.

3. Make your car cooler and more personal

Obviously, the owner of Q5 is for the first article, that is, to improve the safety of night driving, as we all know, when the brightness of the car is obviously not enough, night driving eyes are easy to fatigue, people are also in a state of high tension, especially tiring.

Original car low beam effect:

The original car Koito Q5 lens xenon lamp, the cutting line is still relatively clear, the brightness is obviously low, for the owner who often walks the night train is difficult to meet the demand.

Original car high beam effect:

The high beam irradiation range is small, the light thickness is thin, the brightness distribution is not very uniform, the owner reflects that the original car high beam brightness is low, it is difficult to see the road conditions ahead when running at high speed, especially on rainy days, driving the car to see the front is blurry, sometimes feel that there are no other people’s motorcycle lights, really uncomfortable.

After understanding the owner’s frequent road section and lighting requirements, the customer service recommended several modification schemes for him, and finally the owner chose the following configuration.

Audi Q5 lighting upgrade configuration at a glance:


Top imported HELLA five double lenses


Original car ballast


Imported Osram CBI bulbs

Original genuine Hela, just look for Fengcheng! Perfect craftsmanship, but also find the front!

After the full vehicle inspection of the Audi Q5, the master filled in the inspection results one by one on the “Fengcheng Car Transformation Construction Sheet”, and then handed them to the owner for confirmation and signature, and finally the master made vehicle protection measures for the Audi Q5.

The master quickly disassembled the Q5 headlight assembly and put a layer of headlamp protective film on the headlamp after cleaning. Protective film has a cheap and expensive distinction, some cheap protective film pasted on the surface of the lampshade, although it can also play a role in preventing scratches and anti-fouling, but after the modification is completed, after tearing off this layer of protective film, it will leave traces that cannot be cleaned, and some protective films will emit a pungent smell in baking. The Fengcheng car uses the best protective film on the market, which is not only resistant to high temperature, but also tears off this layer of protective film after modification, which will definitely not leave any traces. The application speed is very fast, it will not be said that it will suddenly not stick firmly during construction, and the scratch resistance and anti-fouling ability are also very strong, which is the reason why we chose it.

The filmed Q5 headlight assembly is placed in a constant temperature oven for uniform heating, and the master adjusts the temperature and time required for heating according to the material characteristics of each model to ensure that the heating will not cause irreparable hard damage to the headlamp and avoid it

The assembly is deformed and leaks water in the future


Accelerates aging

Soon, the master perfectly separated the headlight base from the lampshade, removed the low beam configuration of the original car, replaced the Shanghai Pull-up Five lens and Osram bulb, and then installed the headlight back into the body for lens positioning and debugging.

The master uses a positioning level and a horizontal ruler to assist in manual positioning, so as to ensure the level and range of the left and right lights. Lighting debugging is not only related to the actual illumination effect, but also related to the safety of vehicle driving, the light is too high, the low beam will make the opposite vehicle glare, which is very affecting safety. If the lighting cannot be adjusted correctly, it will also affect the final irradiation range and the illumination effect of the road surface.

The master with superb technology quickly debugged and fixed the lens, and then entered the lamp sealing process, our store chose to use imported sealant, which is the best sealant for lamp modification, there is no one.

After the headlights have been sealed, heated and other processes, it is almost close to the end of the light change, and the master now puts the upgraded lights back into the body, and then carries out the final lighting debugging.

Standard 7.5 dimming distance low beam effect:

The upgraded low beam illumination range is wide, the brightness is high, and the visual effect is greatly improved, which minimizes eye fatigue during long-distance driving at night, and does not affect the line of sight of the oncoming driver, ensuring driving safety with a high degree.

Standard 7.5 dimming distance high beam effect:

Wider and farther irradiation range, more uniform light and better penetration, make driving at night as easy and comfortable as day.

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