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The China Association of Inventions and the Foshan Municipal People’s Government signed the “Invention Exhibition (2019-2023) Strategic Cooperation Agreement”, Foshan will become the host of the National Exhibition of Inventions and the International Exhibition of Inventions within 5 years from this year, and the project will also promote the permanent settlement of the Invention Exhibition in Foshan.

VR virtual devices that make cross-temporal conversations a reality, waterless toilets that turn waste into treasure, pedestrian crossing lights for colorblind people… A variety of inventions gathered in Foshan to compete on the same stage for creativity. Yesterday, the 3-day 23rd National Exhibition of Inventions, Belt and Road and BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition opened at Foshan Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. This is the third consecutive year that the Invention Exhibition has settled in Foshan, with more than 1,900 invention and innovation projects from all over the country participating in the exhibition.

More than 1,900 projects participated in the exhibition, and the number reached a new high

Nandu reporter learned that this exhibition set up invention exhibition history, VR experience, high-end intelligent manufacturing, environmental protection and energy saving, smart home, new generation information technology, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, youth invention and innovation and other exhibition areas in four exhibition halls, a total of more than 1,900 projects on the same stage to compete in invention and creativity, the exhibition projects reached a new high.

During the exhibition, the China Association of Inventions cooperated with the BRICS Business Council for the first time to jointly hold the 3rd Belt and Road and BRICS Skills Development and Technology Innovation Competition 2019, including the Industrial Robot Installation and Maintenance Technology Competition, UAV Application Skills Competition, Machine Learning and Big Data Competition, Industry 4.0 Competition and other competitions, creating a stage for international and domestic development for high-skilled talents in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Yu Huarong, Secretary of the Party Committee, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of the China Association of Inventions, pointed out that the Invention Exhibition will work more closely with domestic and foreign, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Foshan through successive exhibitions and competitions, forming a base and platform for mutual promotion and common development of invention, innovation, creation and entrepreneurship, so that more invention and innovation achievements will land in Foshan.

According to reports, this exhibition attaches great importance to promoting invention and innovation and industrial capital docking, and held the 2019 scientific and technological achievements through train (Foshan Station intelligent manufacturing field) activity at the same time, in response to Foshan’s industrial needs, from Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao and other parts of the country to introduce more excellent projects and solutions in the field of intelligent manufacturing, to promote the transformation and upgrading of Foshan’s manufacturing industry.

In the next 5 years, more international exhibitions of inventions will be settled

Up to now, the China Association of Inventions has held 23 national invention exhibitions and 10 international invention exhibitions, and this year is the third consecutive year that the invention exhibition has settled in Foshan.

In the 2017 National Exhibition of Inventions, the “Foshan China Invention Achievement Transformation Research Institute” signed a contract to settle in Foshan has developed rapidly in the past two years, and this year a special exhibition area has also been set up in the Greater Bay Area Innovation Hall, focusing on the scientific and technological achievements transformation projects introduced by the Institute, including the open magnetic resonance application laboratory will bring the latest research and development project results – department mobile magnetic resonance equipment, intelligent temperature control automatic opening and closing fire extinguishing system application, home health monitoring system, superoxide home, etc.

In addition, 13 projects from all over the country held a signing ceremony at the opening ceremony yesterday. Among them, the China Association of Inventions and Foshan Municipal People’s Government signed the “Invention Exhibition (2019-2023) Strategic Cooperation Agreement”, within 5 years from this year, Foshan will become the host of the National Invention Exhibition and the International Invention Exhibition, and the project will also promote the permanent settlement of the Invention Exhibition in Foshan.

“The International Exhibition of Inventions and the National Exhibition of Inventions will continue to settle in Foshan in the next five years, which is a full affirmation and support for Foshan’s invention and innovation work, and also an important opportunity for Foshan to accelerate the gathering of innovative resources and promote the development of innovation and entrepreneurship.” Cai Jiahua, member of the Standing Committee of the Foshan Municipal Party Committee and vice mayor, said that Foshan will strive to make the invention exhibition a high-level, high-standard and high-efficiency invention and innovation event, and become a broad and high-end platform for innovative talents, projects and capital to build exchanges and cooperation.

New Inventions

VR Technology:

Future generations can feel the life of their predecessors in detail

Just put on a VR headset and enter the world of the protagonist who has been modeled in the database, see the world he sees, and walk the path he has taken… In the VR virtual exhibition area, the project “Tribute to Life” brought by R3 Research attracted many people.

The biggest feature of the project is the use of VR virtual technology to digitally collect and save the irreproducible body shape, life image, life scene, language movement, etc. of the elderly in time and space, so that future generations can “return to the elderly” or “enter the past life scene” through VR virtual technology equipment. “With this data, after adding AI intelligence, big data algorithms, and virtual world engines in the future, these scenes and characters that will disappear forever in time and space will be ‘alive’ again.” Tian Oni, director of project operations, introduced that within the scope of the authorization of the elderly, the descendants of the elderly or others can experience the extraordinary experience of time travel through VR virtual reality equipment. “In this way, future generations can also ‘see’ the appearance and even dialogue of their ancestors through this technology.”

Waterless and environmentally friendly toilet:

A weapon in cold and water-scarce areas

No need for septic tanks, no need for sewage pipes, and still make organic fertilizer? At the exhibition, this magical toilet attracted many people to stop and watch. Human excrement, whether it is poop or urine, through this environmentally friendly toilet, can become green organic fertilizer. The appearance of the eco-friendly toilet will be a little larger than the ordinary toilet, and there is not much difference. So where is this toilet environmentally friendly?

Lifting the toilet lid, you can see that the inside of the toilet is divided into two parts, the front section is a urine collector, and the back section is a conveyor belt, which transports feces to a solid biochemical reactor. After urine enters the liquid biochemical reactor, it can be converted into colorless and odorless liquid through various microorganisms, magnetism, magnetoelectric, physical treatment technology, etc., which can be used as circulating water for flushing toilets. “The excess water can also be used as organic fertilizer, which can be used to grow vegetables.” Li Ze, the inventor of the waterless environmental protection toilet, mentioned that magnetic microbial technology is the core technology of the toilet, “Our country first successfully adopted magnetic microbial rapid precipitation technology, the fine, flocculent activated sludge rapid flocculation and precipitation, to ensure the quality of the effluent, but also greatly compressed the sedimentation time.” ”

At the same time, feces are degraded into a large number of green organic fertilizers containing organic matter and rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium through efficient magnetic microbial flora in biochemical reactors. “The water content is only 30%, there is no odor, that is, there will be a little taste when treated, and these will be discharged through the air vent.” Li Ze showed a bottle of feces treated by a waterless environmentally friendly toilet at the scene, and a bottle of treated urine, which did not smell peculiarly.

In addition to not requiring water, it also consumes low energy, consuming 0.25kwh per day, which can be used in cold, arid and water-scarce places. In addition, this toilet does not require sewage pipes and septic tanks, and can be used as a mobile toilet or a car toilet. At present, the environmentally friendly waterless toilet has been put into some enterprises in Foshan for trial.


Great wisdom for elementary school students: remind dolls to wear the right shoes

Shoes with voice reminder left and right feet, crosswalk lights for color blindness, sitting reminders, smart lampposts, remote aerators… In the Youth Invention Zone, a number of interesting and practical projects are on display, many of whom are between the ages of 7 and 10, and some of whom even have ideas for inventions as early as 4 years old.

Chen Tianrun, a 7-year-old second-grade elementary school student from Beijing, brought a pair of shoes with voice reminders on the left and right feet, “This pair of shoes is designed for children aged 2 to 4, can be distinguished by color, and there is a voice reminder function.” Chen Tianrun took into account that foreign children could not understand Chinese, and set up English voice reminders. At the age of 4, he made a pair of shoes that could remind the left and right feet, “Kindergarten children always have children who wear shoes backwards, easy to fall, the teacher has to help everyone check every day, feel that the teacher is very hard.” In October this year, he finally had the opportunity to make these shoes, “With these shoes, parents and teachers don’t have to worry about children wearing the shoes backwards.” ”

Next to Chen Tianrun is also a small inventor, Yan Baikuan, also a second-year student, who brought two works this time, one is a pedestrian crossing light for the colorblind and the other is an adjustable table and chair legs. “Stick a film with symbols on the traffic light, x for red light, △ for yellow light, and O for green light, so that you can distinguish the traffic light even if you can’t distinguish the color.” Yan Baikuan had the idea of making a colorblind rampant light when he was 5 years old, “My neighbor Grandma Gao died in a traffic accident at the intersection of the traffic light because she couldn’t distinguish the color of red and green, and I was very sad and brought this problem to kindergarten.” He also obtained a national patent for this invention and won the gold medal of the 43rd International Exhibition of Inventions in 2018 and the only highest award of the conference – “Best International Youth Invention Award”.

“It’s an adaptive touchless sitting reminder that doesn’t need to be worn on your head and placed on a table.” Huang Shengzhan, a primary school student from Guangzhou, said that the innovation of his sitting reminder is that it uses dynamic scanning laser ranging to automatically and accurately set the initial distance, and if the test person is sitting incorrectly, there will be LED lights and buzzers for double prompts. “Now that the 2.0 version is being shown, I plan to add another suction cup base plate and time display to make a 3.0 version.”

The old man has repeatedly lost battles: invented a wheelchair that can move while sitting

At the exhibition site, there is also a 78-year-old man, his name is Peng Zigui, a native of Foshan. “When I retire, I wonder if I can do something for other people.” Initially, he planned to make a chair that could climb stairs, but he only read it until the second grade of elementary school, and he had no professional electrical knowledge, and the motors installed on both sides of the chair were always fast and slow, “If the two sides are inconsistent, people will fall, and they can only abandon this project.” ”

But he did not sit idle, and then poured the fire cabinet, solved the problem of heat insulation and not afraid of burning, “but the problem of exhaust cannot be solved, and there is no better way until now”, which ended in failure again.

Until the age of 70, he had a new invention inspiration, for the elderly with mobility problems to make a chair that can move, in one attempt after another, he succeeded this time, and also applied for two invention patents in 2016: “fitness rehabilitation wheelchair”, “limb sports rehabilitation machine”, and three appearance patents. Through the modification of the wheelchair, the elderly can move on wheels. “There are manual and electric ones, and I have a business license, but now I don’t have the money to put it into production.” Peng Zigui said that his children did not support him to make these inventions, and he himself had thought about selling the house and using the money from the sale of the house to produce sports wheelchairs, but the children did not agree, and the plan was shelved, “hoping to find people who are willing to invest and let more elderly people use these sports wheelchairs.” At present, Peng Zigui also plans to make a voice-controlled wheelchair for the blind.

Professor of the Buddhist Academy of Sciences: invented the automatic blood gas analysis diagnostic instrument

“The human body is like an ocean, and the data of the test sheet can only let people know what substances in the human body cause the pollution of the ocean, but what is the thing that causes this pollution? Our instrument is to help doctors analyze and then remove this contaminant. Professor Huang Feng of the School of Pharmaceutical Engineering of Foshan University of Science and Technology exhibited an intelligent automatic blood gas analysis and diagnostic instrument at the exhibition, as long as the test report is put into the instrument to scan and upload data, the diagnosis results can be quickly obtained.

Through intelligent computing technology, doctors can solve the problem of calculation and directly obtain diagnostic results. In addition, if it is linked to the big data of the health system, big data analysis and comparison can also be carried out. If there are similar cases in large hospitals, then the treatment plans of large hospitals can be directly applied to achieve resource sharing, especially the experience of doctors in large hospitals is directly introduced to community and township hospitals. At the same time, it can also be shared with large hospitals how similar cases are treated, which plays a guiding role in the treatment of patients in community and township hospitals. Professor Huang Feng mentioned, “At present, there are 30 cases, the diagnosis results are basically accurate, and agreements have been signed with several hospitals and are in the commissioning stage. The future has to be done

To be more accurate than an experienced doctor, this is artificial intelligence. ”

Version 01, 08 Written by: Nandu reporter Yang Yunyi Hong Shimin Photo: Nandu reporter Zheng Zhong