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The fairytale kingdom is home to a beautiful, kind Snow White

But the vicious queen framed her again and again out of jealousy

Snow White who had to flee to the depths of the forest

Met the friendly seven dwarfs

So an adventure to save the princess begins…

The beauty of the princess, the malice of the queen, the kindness of the dwarfs…

The plot of the picture originally in the book

Everything will become a “reality” on Children’s Day

From the classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Yinchuan Children’s Art is newly arranged

Large-scale parent-child fairy tale stage play

“Snow White”

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June 1 | June 3

Let’s go on an adventure with the theater and “Snow White”

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Show time

In 2022

June 1| June 3 19:30

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43.5/58.5/96/118.5 (VIP) yuan

Classic fairy tales are not to be missed

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” is a classic Grimm fairy tale and Disney’s first animated film, and the beautiful and kind image in this fairy tale has written the yearning of many people.

The parent-child fairy tale stage play “Snow White” relies on mature classic stories and carries out a new interpretation and interpretation, the story dilutes the cruelty and dilutes love.

It flogs the queen’s jealous ugliness and celebrates the kind, brave, hardworking nature of the beautiful Snow White, and the helping spirit of the dwarfs. It teaches children the value of friendship and the value of good character.

Innovative interpretation, puppets on the same stage

“Snow White” is close to life in the content of the script, especially in the role of the seven dwarfs, and the actors will make the characters in the play more vivid through a large number of typical and stylized forms, words and other means on the basis of following the real experience.

The stage play also has a playful adaptation of the names of the seven dwarfs: popcorn, cannon barrel, big ben, potato chips, cookies, shovels, egg cones, which are fun and easy for children to remember.

In order to make the “dwarf” more vivid, the actors have to wear special costumes and gain vision through the dwarf’s hat, so that the dwarf instantly “becomes shorter”, thus forming a “height difference” with Snow White.

Of course, the children are most concerned about our “heroine” Snow White, her beautiful princess dress must make the baby girls envious; And the queen’s fierce eyes and terrifying voice are also impressive, be careful not to be frightened!

Tickets for the show

June 1| June 3, 2022 19:30

Venue of the show

Yinchuan Theater Grand Theater

Show tickets

58/78/128/158 (VIP) yuan

Early bird 75% off fare

A century-old classic, a new interpretation

June 1 | June 3, 2022

Show time

43.5/58.5/96/118.5 (VIP) yuan