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❝ How to divide ankle boots into “ankles”? I’m so hard! ❞

Ankle boots are really the most refined of all boots


of species, because, “anelle” is high and low, are not good-looking ↓

The booties in the picture are very common, not high enough to the anq, and have a round opening at the ankle to cover the instep of the foot. But there is a question, can these boots wear socks? Even if it is a boat sock, it is easy to show a edge, which is not beautiful.

Wear trousers when it’s cool, is this looming skin embarrassing or embarrassing?

So what about a little higher, to the ankle? It turns out that the situation has not become particularly optimistic, and if the boots are more bloated, they really cut into a pair of “hoof” shoes.

What about a little higher, to the calf belly? I also found that the man is too angry, although the half-height is not short can fit the calf skin, but there is always a sense of dancing knives and guns, and this kind of booties are often accompanied by metal buckles and straps, and the matching and daily nature are not high.

So here comes the point,

It is best to look at the ankle boots that will not look fat, and the top is high

is a “just” compromise point.

Over the ankle, but not to the calf,

Give a sense of extension just right, best.

This height does not make people feel that the shoe stops abruptly at the ankle or rigidizes the calf line. Although it cannot be said to be absolutely thin and long legs, it is the most natural and eye-catching shoe shape.

What celebrities love to wear is this height

Zhou Yutong wore a pair of fruit-green square buttoned ankle boots when shooting the ELLE star wardrobe, to see, is it the above “over the ankle, not as good as the calf belly”?

Jing Tian’s recent desert photo has been on the hot search with a white dress and heart-shaped earrings, but if you pay attention to her shoes, it is also worth seeing. The background of the sand mountain coincides with the sassy white leather boots, which is a beautiful beauty.

Tang Yan and Ma Yili’s ankle boots are also full of strength. It can not only add a touch of fortitude to the skirt, but also reverse the casual feeling in the pants look.

Sun Yanzi’s black dress sets an example for everyone to wear “no effort”, all black has the silence of a philosopher, but secretly accumulates strength, blending mystery and low-key. The toe zipper of these Belle boots is added to the metal texture for versatility and personality.

Taokou ¥AFVnYOCI7k9¥

This pair is also different from the above, the same ankle boots from Belle, the same black leather, but the performance effect of the block heel and the thin heel is completely different. The thick heel gives the impression of being steady and dignified, while the thin heel is more noble and delicate.

Taokou ¥t61VYOCtkNe¥

Speaking of ankle boots


, It’s really not that the higher the better↓

The heel height should preferably not be greater than 5 cm

It’s not just for aesthetics, it’s for an objective reason. The ankle boots themselves are tentative at the thick edge of the leg, if the heel height exceeds 5 cm

Tightness in the calf muscles

, the leg shape is very easy to overturn.

Here’s why blogger models prefer low-heeled or even flat-soled ankle boots. Ankle boots pursue an unintentional simplicity of beauty, and do not have to be elevated to show their leg length.

Big cousin’s big flat Chelsea boots, aren’t they beautiful?

Guan Xiaotong’s tread pattern patent leather flat ankle boots walked out of the handsomeness that could not help but be said.

The kitten’s ankle boots are also quite stunning. It has always been said that cat beauty is addictive,

“Cat ankle boots”

It can also show a wave of presence. Highly recognizable, light and easy to walk, salt and sweet, very high-grade.

Other than that

Boot barrel

Also be careful not to be too wide.

This may seem like a small detail, but it can’t be ignored.

Ankle boots that fit the curve of the calf

, so that it will not appear fat, it is best to be like the socks boots that the eldest cousin likes, showing the strongest thin strength.

If the boot barrel inevitably leaves leeway, be sure to step up to see how much bigger it is. Generally speaking

More than one finger width

It’s time to think about it a little more.

How can you wear an ankle boot in autumn that won’t be so cramped? Try it

“Exposed” wearing method

In the clothing matching of ankle boots, it is easy to have a situation, that is

The cuffs will pile up near the boot barrel, forming folds

, especially tacky + cramped. Therefore, it is better to stay

Some space is exposed

, so that the connection between pants and boots is not so straightforward.

You must say, didn’t the beginning point out that “showing a cut” of skin is unsightly? But the difference is that

It does not expose the feet, but the skin of the calves

It’s amazing that this not only naturally forms a visual segmentation point, making the whole look sharp and natural, but also inadvertently raises the leg length.

The same is true for skirts, which do not have to be long over the ankle, and the whole person is “wrapped” tightly. The midi skirt is long and paired with ankle boots, which is both elegant and appropriate. Strong push in autumn!

Don’t be disgusted with this series of operations, control the top height, heel height, boots and matching, ankle boots can help you win the autumn street championship!

Image source: Instagram, Weibo, Oriental IC