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Some time ago, we did a lot of evaluation and experience on ergonomic chairs, of which there were more than 10,000, two or three thousand, and more than a thousand.

However, I saw that many netizens left messages saying that the chair at this price does not match his identity, so today we have a ergonomic chair that can meet the identity of these netizens, that is, within five hundred yuan.

What is the difference between the five hundred dollar ergonomic chair and one or two thousand or even one or twenty thousand, today let’s take a look together.

These two products, respectively, are the fourth-generation family version of eight or nine rooms, with a price of 439 yuan, and the Goldley sports hip spring cushion version, which costs 363 yuan.

Function introduction

Eight or nine

The function is relatively simple, the chair’s operating device has one side and one side does not.

Some of the ones are on the right side, the lower button can adjust the sitting height and seat back, and the upper button can adjust the sitting depth.

It is important to say that the lower seat back adjustment function, the button is pulled outward, the back of the chair can be tilted back, but this back tilt has no fixed angle, it is a getaway mode, and the back of the chair and the cushion have been maintained 90 degrees, shaking is also shaking together. This feature is somewhat similar to Herman Miller, but not quite.

The armrest can be adjusted up and down, but it cannot be adjusted left and right, front and back, and the armrest is a little small and a little short.

The seat cushion can be adjusted back and forth, so that the sitting depth will be longer, and the leg support will be better when sitting up.

The chair also has a lumbar back, which can have different support for the waist.


The functions are also relatively simple, first of all


The adjustment device on the right allows the chair to be adjusted up and down.

Then the adjustment device on the left side of the chair is to adjust the backrest, break it up, the backrest leans back, to a certain angle, and then break the adjustment device down, and the angle of the backrest is fixed.

The armrest can also only be adjusted up and down, not left and right, front and back. This chair has headrests that can be adjusted up and down.

The waist back can be adjusted up and down, but how to adjust the waist back is a bit chicken, to be honest, it is a bit chicken.


Next, we will share the whole experience of sitting on these two chairs according to three types of people, about one meter six, about one meter seven and more than one meter eight.

1. Girl, 162cm

First of all, in terms of appearance, it is still more in line with some of the aesthetics of girls, and the combination of white and gray looks very good.

In addition, the specifications and sizes of the chairs and the height of the armrests are basically in line with their daily use, and there is no problem in normal office.

Escape mode, leaning back and leaning back is also quite comfortable.

Of course, there are also not very convenient places, one is the back and forth movement of the cushion, that is, the sitting depth adjustment, you need to rub the butt forward hard to complete the adjustment, but girls can’t move in most cases, so they may only be able to rub with strong legs that are relatively long, so this function is basically not used for ordinary girls.

Second, the adjustment of the waist is not reliable, and how to adjust it does not have much feeling, which is a dispensable function for them.

2. Boy, 178cm

Overall, the size of the chair is okay, and the sitting posture is more suitable.

The getaway mode is still relatively cool to use, but there is no headrest, which is not very convenient when taking a nap.

The adjustment of the seat cushion is also not so easy, and it is also difficult to move forward.

In the end, everyone made a consistent complaint about the workmanship of the chair, which was slightly rough, but because it was really cheap, it was understandable.

3. Boy, 185cm

The chair is slightly small, but the sitting feeling is okay, and the more satisfying is the escape mode of the chair, which is very comfortable to relax, that is, in the process of leaning back, there is no place to lean above the shoulders, a little dangling.

It is also worth saying that the handrail, may be used to sit when relaxing, the arm can be placed on the armrest, if the office, the arm is not touched by the handrail, the arm without the handrail support for a long time will be more tired.

The function of moving the cushion forward is very useful for me, because my legs are relatively long, and if I sit deep, I can have good support for the legs, but under the chair cushion is a plastic plate, if you sit forward, there is a sense of suspension, that is, I feel that there is a possibility of breaking at any time, from the firmness point of view, I am still a little worried.

From the overall sitting position, the headrest part can be leaned up, but it is also uncomfortable.

The two armrests of the chair are all adjusted to the highest or lowest, which will appear not to be the same height, I don’t know if it is a problem of workmanship.

The design of the waist lean is a bit strange, the upper part is particularly forward, inclined, and the normal waist lean should be flat, so the waist will be a little rough.

The adjustment device on the left side of the chair can be tilted down, and in the process of rotating the chair, it will rub against the five claws, and, if you are not careful, it will also clamp your hand.

The cushion of the chair is still relatively comfortable for them, because the cushion uses springs, and it is more Q-elastic to sit on.

Similarly, the headrest and lumbar rest are not very comfortable, especially the lumbar rest, which is very clumsy.

The structure supported by the whole chair does not feel very solid, and it will be wobbly when sitting up. Also, after sitting up, the chair will tilt to one side.

The seat cushion was also well received, and the Q bomb felt very comfortable.

Finally, say this air pressure rod, there is no indication of the level, but asked the customer service and said that it is a level 2 certification.

When I bought this chair, I went to the cushion, it felt very comfortable, and it was actually okay.

The headrest piece, adjusted downwards will knock on my shoulders, adjust upwards, just pillow this piece of plastic, it feels better than nothing.

The waist rest is the same, it’s too clumsy. When leaning back, because I weigh a lot and always feel trembling when leaning, I feel that this chair is just a good fit, and it is not a big problem to put it in the office area for friends.


In this issue, these two chairs within five hundred yuan are also claimed to be ergonomic chairs, and there are also some adjustment functions. But in fact, you can compare it, it is more than a thousand or two thousand we measured before, including more than ten thousand, ergonomic angle and level, it is indeed a lot worse.

It may be treated as an ordinary chair to sit, and it will not be too particular about the workmanship and materials, because it costs hundreds of dollars.

If you have certain requirements for quality, these two chairs may not meet your needs, but if you are only more sensitive to price, these two chairs can actually be used.

Especially for small netizens, this kind of small chair is more suitable, because the large chair tested before is basically not particularly friendly to girls, and it is relatively large.

So in the end, as for which of these two chairs is better? Is it worth buying? You can express your views in the message area.

Eight or nine


1. Girl, 162cm

2. Boy, 178cm

3. Boy, 185cm