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In the past 30 days, the self-broadcast GMV of the ANTA brand (sports/children) exceeded 10 million yuan. Kuaishou has become another important brand position of ANTA.

In April this year, the “ANTA Children’s Official Live Broadcast Room” started self-broadcasting on Kuaishou.

Within 2 months, from more than 4,000 fans in the initial stage, it achieved a monthly increase of 200,000 fans and a monthly GMV of more than 4 million yuan in June.

At the end of July, “ANTA Sports” settled in Kuaishou,

It rose by 600,000+ fans in 2 months, with a GMV of nearly 4 million yuan in the first month, and a single live broadcast GMV exceeded 700,000 yuan on September 6, once reaching the first place in the brand self-broadcast group on that day.

ANTA sports anchor in the live broadcast

What is ANTA’s exploration and thinking on Kuaishou brand self-broadcasting? What are the interesting convergence points between national brands and Kuaishou e-commerce? What are the untapped value points of Kuaishou brand self-broadcasting?

Regarding these issues, we chatted with Li Yilin, head of e-commerce of ANTA Sports Kuaishou channel.

600,000 fans, ROI 3.25

ANTA Sports’ Kuaishou brand self-broadcast first experience

As for why Kuaishou launched the brand self-broadcast at the end of July, Li Yilin’s answer was very blunt, in addition to Kuaishou being the Olympic rights broadcaster and Anta being a partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee, 500 million monthly activities is a reason that cannot be ignored.

“Such a big platform, huh?” Li Yilin said.

Previously, the operation of “ANTA Sports” was basically based on product promotion, and although it accumulated 400,000 fans, there were not many attempts related to live broadcast and e-commerce.

At the end of July, Li Yilin began to form a brand self-broadcast team focusing on operation, products, and promotion, while looking for agency broadcasters, and finally selected a live streaming e-commerce service provider focusing on Kuaishou.

In addition, in order to extend the live broadcast duration and obtain high-quality anchor resources, the self-broadcast team of “ANTA Sports” was also divided into two, one part in Xiamen, the headquarters and the other in Hangzhou, the e-commerce capital.

“Now it is equivalent to the start of broadcasting in Hangzhou in the morning and Xiamen in the afternoon, with a daily live broadcast of 15-18 hours.”

“If the follow-up development is better, I will also go to Hangzhou”,

Li Yilin added that another advantage of splitting the self-broadcast team in two is that it can better deal with accidents and ensure the normal progress of live broadcasting. Recently, due to the epidemic in Xiamen, the live broadcast tasks of “ANTA Sports” were all transferred to the Hangzhou live broadcast room.

A corner of ANTA Sports Hangzhou live broadcast room

As the SKA brand of Kuaishou e-commerce, “ANTA Sports” has also received support from Kuaishou officials in terms of daily operation of the live broadcast room, launch strategy, and resource package for major events. “Kuaishou officials have arranged three small twos on the e-commerce side, the launch side, and the commercialization side to dock.”

After the start of the brand’s self-broadcast, “ANTA Sports” also underwent a process of exploration and exploration. “At the beginning, our performance was relatively low, and the GMV in a day was 10,000-20,000.” In order to solve this problem, Li Yilin and his team have optimized from many aspects such as goods, operations, and launches.

From explosive to exclusive explosive

In terms of goods, “ANTA Sports” directly listed popular products verified on other platforms, and the result was that “the performance directly exceeded 200,000”. This allowed “ANTA Sports” to skip the testing link directly in the early stage, and once again verified that good products were killed by the whole network.

However, because of missing the internal order meeting of ANTA, the pallet was not deep enough, resulting in the proportion of explosive sales in the live broadcast room being too high, reaching 70%-80%.

“My idea, Top10 explosive models account for 60%,” Li Yilin emphasized.

To this end, at present, the product planning of ANTA Sports is basically to promote welfare funds, drainage funds, and finally use explosive models to undertake traffic, while constantly trying new products, hoping to use data

“Test your own exclusive hit”

, constantly enrich the health of products in the live broadcast room.

From bringing goods to product promotion, from low price to high price

In terms of operation, ANTA Sports uses standard playing methods, in addition to making good use of operation tools such as lucky stars, matching gifts such as limited blind boxes for stars, and improving the operational efficiency of the live broadcast room by constantly grinding the team.

For anchors, Li Yilin “hopes.”

Cultivate anchors with a very high degree of brand fit, who can not only talk about products, but also understand the brand

, such as the Winter Olympics these brand events”, he expects the anchor not only to be able to sell goods, but also to be able to bring the brand image.

For teams, you need

Improve cooperation and trust between teams through high-frequency communication.

Previously, the self-broadcast team has always lacked attempts to bring high-priced products. In this regard, Li Yilin believes that “Kuaishou will not only accept low-price products. Slowly high unit price, cost-effective, and brand power products will be more and more liked by Kuaishou Laotie.”

Finally, under Li Yilin’s continuous emphasis, a shoe with a unit price of more than 200 yuan sold more than 300 pairs in a single game, which proved it

High-priced products are also popular with Kuaishou Laotie.

It also opened up new ideas for the self-broadcast team of “ANTA Sports”.

Raise the powder first, then sell the goods

In terms of launch, “ANTA Sports” basically implements the logic of “first increase fans, then sell goods”.

“Our current playing style is basically based on adding fans, and then improving the ROI of the live broadcast room. In the future, we will also increase the push of short videos to reduce the cost of adding fans in the live broadcast room,” Li Yilin said, adding that he will specially give the user portrait package that fits the brand to the delivery team, so that it can optimize the delivery strategy and increase the matching effect.

Because the self-broadcast time is relatively short, the accumulation of repurchase fans also takes time,

“At present, there are two main directions for our fan growth, one is to vote for competitive fans, and the other is to focus on regional fans.”

It is understood that at present, “ANTA Sports” has invested an average of 800,000-900,000 yuan per month in investment tools such as magnetic Taurus, and 600,000 yuan in 2 months. Up to now, the GPM (1,000 exposure turnover) of ANTA Sports live broadcast room has increased from 27 to 56, and the ROI of Magnetic Taurus in the past 30 days has also reached 3.25.

In addition, Li Yilin is also preparing to open a new account and hand it over to the remote view network to which Yu Dagongzi belongs to do agency operation, so as to obtain more talent resources and try to distribute talents.

“The big one has more tasks, and I have to do self-broadcasting and product promotion, and I can let go of my hand to play on the small side.”

Of course, compared with the achievements of the experts who often exceed 10 million yuan, the self-broadcast results of ANTA Sports are not very amazing. In terms of experience, because it has only been broadcast for two months, even Li Yilin himself feels that there are many things to be optimized – the proportion of explosive sales is too high, the compatibility between anchors and brands is not enough, and the cooperation of the self-broadcast team is not deep.

From the perspective of review, with the help of service providers to quickly make up for the lack of manpower and experience, quickly open the situation through explosive products, and at the same time borrow delivery tools and official support to promote store climbing, try account matrix, and talent distribution to further open up the situation, these experiences of “ANTA Sports” also further enrich Kuaishou’s STEPS brand self-broadcast methodology.

For how national brands enter Kuaishou self-broadcasting, “ANTA Sports” also provides a new standard sample.

From long-termism to sustainable growth

Why does ANTA Sports do self-broadcasting?

For national brands such as ANTA, especially official accounts, simple GMV may not be the first pursuit, but rather hope to collide with more sparks on the brand.

From a macro perspective, Kuaishou has 500 million monthly active users and Kuaishou private domain, which contributes the vast majority of e-commerce transaction volume, allowing ANTA Sports to see the potential of Kuaishou e-commerce.

“We ANTA should be more forward-looking than other sports brands, and ensure the brand’s status on the Kuaishou platform,” Li Yilin said, stressing that it is necessary to ensure the brand’s first position in the sportswear category on the Kuaishou platform.

In a nutshell

See the opportunity to take the seat first. This focus on key platforms is itself part of the brand strength display.

From a micro point of view, brands and service providers also have different understandings of Kuaishou self-broadcasting.

Brand autonomy and long-termism

If it’s just to rush sales, it’s undoubtedly an easier and faster way to just do influencer distribution. But if

“If you blindly cooperate with influencers, the autonomy of the brand will become lower and lower”

This is one of the reasons why ANTA Sports is willing to spend effort to do brand self-broadcasting.

“In the early stage, we mainly focused on increasing fans, and (when there are more new fans), the current fan repurchase of a live broadcast has reached 15%-20%.”

Li Yilin hopes to continuously attract users interested in sports, sports, and Anta on the Kuaishou platform through self-broadcasting, and do a more long-term thing with the help of Kuaishou’s private domain attributes.

According to the data of the new fast

(Kuaishou Data Platform under the new list.)

, “ANTA Sports Flagship Store” accounts for 81.2% of fans under the age of 23, which is also in line with ANTA Sports’ brand positioning of young and sporty.

Proportion of age of ANTA Sports fans. Source: Xinkuai

Compared to a complete public domain traffic platform

Kuaishou’s private domain attribute gives brands the opportunity to have a group of low-cost and repeated fans, and with the help of content tools such as short videos and live broadcasts, it is possible to precipitate them into the brand’s private domain assets.

“I want to make a strong correlation between all fans and Chinese domestic products, Chinese fashion brands, and ANTA Sports to strengthen the character of our brand.”

“From the brand’s point of view, shoot some short video sitcoms that are more in line with Kuaishou Laotie’s preferences.”

In Li Yilin’s planning, brand self-broadcasting is not only a sales channel, but also a product promotion window, and an important way to communicate with 500 million Kuaishou Laotie.

Account growth and delivery stability

Luo Tianen, the Kuaishou service provider of ANTA Sports, gave an answer from another perspective.

In his opinion, compared with other e-commerce platforms, the operational details of Kuaishou live broadcast room are similar, the key is

Kuaishou’s private domain attribute allows accounts to “have a steadily growing feature.”

“In the long run, doing it in Kuaishou can slowly unify your user portrait; But in Douyin, it distributes traffic by model (product). ”

Through the accumulation of fans in the early stage, Kuaishou accounts are more likely to see a “sustainable growth”, and as fans repurchase, the spending on investment will become less and less, and then obtain a stable performance delivery.

For service providers, maintaining stability in delivery is one of the core objectives.

“This year, 300 yuan, tomorrow 300,000 yuan, the fluctuation is too big, and it is not good for the brand,” Luo Tianen explained.

In addition to selling goods, what is the second value of Kuaishou brand self-broadcasting?

Zhang Yongzhao, director of Kuaishou e-commerce apparel brand operations, once emphasized in a speech:

“We are a content community, not a pure e-commerce shopping app.”

To a certain extent, this exposes the essence of Kuaishou e-commerce.

From focusing on industrial belts and white labels to the current vigorous introduction of brands, from the STEPS brand self-broadcast methodology to the three big deals, and then to the Wind Maker Plan, in essence,

The underlying logic of Kuaishou e-commerce is not product upgrades and e-commerce monetization, but trust maintenance, which is to make Kuaishou Laotie’s consumption on the platform more assured.

From ANTA’s point of view, 30 years of brand accumulation has already passed the selling stage, and tackling tough brands is the more important task at this stage. Whether it is sponsoring the national team or choosing star Wang Yibo as a spokesperson, it is essentially an attempt to build a brand image. In particular, the rise of national tides has given domestic sports brands new opportunities to surpass Nike, Adi and other brands.

In the layout of new traffic platforms such as Kuaishou, brands are also willing to give time to polish accounts, maintain fans, and build trust.

If the live broadcast room of Yu Dagongzi and other experts is a large-scale group buying meeting linked by family ties and driven by discounts, then the live broadcast room of ANTA Sports is more similar to a brand fan pool with the dual functions of selling goods and product promotion, aiming at brand culture incubation and brand fan cultivation.

At present, most of the brands that enter the self-broadcast of Kuaishou brands are mainly selling goods, but how to give full play to the value of Kuaishou private domain fans and how to further link with Kuaishou Laotie may be the next problem that brands need to overcome.