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Who is the most fluid skirt in autumn? I will definitely answer “pleated skirt”! The style design of the pleated skirt has a certain sense of autumn atmosphere, and the style is also very changeable, which is definitely the most unmissable skirt in autumn.

So, how can we match the “pleated skirt” to look better? And what are the dressing tips? Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the autumn dress strategy of pleated skirts, I hope it can be helpful to you!

Autumn selection tips for “pleated skirts”

The style design of pleated skirts is relatively rich, but if everyone chooses the basic pleated skirt, it is difficult to wear fashionable style. Today I will introduce you to a pleated cake dress that I personally like very much, which is both smart and girly, beautiful and attractive.

The advantage of the cake skirt itself is that it has its own layering, giving people a lively and flexible feeling. However, most of the layers of cake dresses are not very friendly to small people, and small girls should choose extra carefully.

The folds are leaning up, and small girls can choose

, because you can move the eyes of passers-by, the effect will be better.

Then there is the color selection of pleated skirts, and the solid pleated skirt is the most versatile skirt. If you don’t know how to choose, then pick a pleated skirt in a solid color, it will satisfy almost all your styles.

In the specific collocation,

The color of the solid pleated skirt can reflect the overall style of the look well

, such as calm and simple earth tones, fresh Morandi colors, girly candy colors.

The checked pleated skirt is a well-deserved school style king, the skirt can be long or short, and today we will mainly talk about the mid-length skirt. middle

The long checked pleated skirt is darker in color, mostly brown and gray.

The dense grid is more mature, and the sparse grid will be more age-reducing, so you can choose according to your preferences. And the length, everyone should choose more styles that just cover the calf belly, which can effectively show height and thinness.

Most of the styles of broken flowers are biased towards two extremes, either pure girls or old-fashioned. So how to choose a floral dress correctly?

The lighter and fresher the color of the floral dress, the denser the décor

Age reduction

If you want to reduce your age, choose a floral skirt with a lighter color, dense broken flowers, and more white space; If you want to dress up a little more mature, you can opt for some dark floral pleated skirts.

Autumn matching tips for “pleated skirts”

For almost all outfits, the first thing to pay attention to is the color matching problem. The sense of color harmony lies in

The same color is smooth but has layers, contrast color stitching is natural and smooth

When pairing with a light-colored pleated skirt, you can choose a light-colored top, such as a white shirt or apricot sweater. White is the most versatile undertone, and if the pleated skirt is based on white, the top can be worn freely.

The difficulty of contrasting color matching is “

Good-looking without losing a sense of coordination

Simply put, it can give people a bright feeling without being fancy.

That’s when we can

Choose colors with a large difference in brightness to create a “contrast match”

, such as an apricot yellow shirt with higher brightness + an earthy yellow pleated skirt with lower brightness, which is not only very layered, but also does not look too jumpy.

In addition, we can also use “neutral colors” without hue properties to create contrast color matches, such as black. In autumn and winter, the black pleated skirt is the most versatile skirt.

Black and white matching, simple and stylish; Black and red matching, retro and colorful; Black and blue combination, high-end and color-colored.

Because black has no hue, it will not look obtrusive no matter who it is paired with, even if it is a color match with greater contrast between brightness, saturation and black.

Pleated skirt is both literary and gentle, is a must-have for autumn and winter, learn the matching method of pleated skirt, you can find the style that suits you and make a better choice~