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I found that there are many people around who like to read novels, even if there is a little leisure time in life, they will take out their mobile phones to see, when I asked them why they didn’t buy an ink screen electronic paper book that did not hurt the eyes, they gave me the answer that the traditional electronic paper book is still too big, the smaller ones on the market are also 6 inches, plus the border that can run horses, it is not convenient to carry and use mobile phones. In fact, many people may not know that Ink Case has launched a 5.2-inch portable ink screen electronic paper book not long ago: Ink Case Mini Reading, which is smaller than mobile phones and focuses on reading, so can it become the best reading artifact around people?

Let’s first take a look at the appearance of the ink case mini reading, on the front of which is equipped with a 5.2-inch ink screen, the resolution is 1280 **720, 284ppi, the clarity looks good, and then the border on both sides of the fuselage is narrower than the traditional electronic paper book, which also makes its entire body size only about 143cm * 76cm * 0.7cm.

Seeing the detailed size may not be able to perceive the actual size, so I also compared it with the smartphone I used, and I can see that the size of the ink mini reading is significantly smaller.

In terms of the fuselage, the ink case mini reading has two colors of star gray and mint green, and its shell is made of relatively soft skin-friendly material, which feels good in the hand, and it is also worth mentioning that the weight of the ink case mini reading is 115 grams, which is about half the weight of the iPhone 13Pro Max.

Therefore, in terms of portability, ink case mini reading is obviously better than mobile phones, usually go out with an ink case mini reading, it will not become your burden, you can be on the way to commute, meal time, or at work to touch the fish at any time, you can take it out to read, and in the long-term use, I found that it has two obvious advantages, on the one hand, because its body is very light, long-term holding will not be tired, on the other hand, it uses a non-luminous ink screen screen, The display effect is close to that of paper books, and even if you read for a long time, it is not easy to feel sore eyes, which is more friendly to our eyes and vision.

So this ink case mini reading has become a reading device that I carry with me, and I feel that I use it more frequently than my mobile phone.

In terms of system, ink case mini reading built-in is based on Android 8.1 deeply customized electronic paper book system, equipped with 1GB of memory and 32GB of capacity, on the system desktop has been installed multi-read Kindle reading and other mainstream reading software, as well as also includes email, browser and other daily practical software, the whole system is relatively simple, daily operation is also quite smooth.

If you feel that there are not enough applications in the system, in addition to installing and downloading some software in the built-in app store, you can also download and install other third-party applications, reading, weather, music, and even some small games by connecting to a computer.

In addition, you can also use the ink mini browser to view the web page, or download the software directly.

At present, I have downloaded hundreds of M books in Ink Mini Reading, including TXT, PDF, and EPUB and other different formats, which can be opened directly.

In terms of the performance of Android software, ink case mini reading may not be comparable to mainstream mobile phones, but for these reading software, I found that they can basically run very smoothly, such as opening an 82M comic book, basically without any loading waiting can be read directly, and the response to page turning is equally fast.

Here is also detailed about page turning, ink case mini reading probably has three different ways to turn the page, the more commonly used way may be the same as the smart phone directly click the touch screen to operate, and in addition, ink case mini reading also provides logo touch page turning and volume button page turning two ways, and then the function of the logo touch button can also be customized settings.

I personally think it is more convenient to turn the page with the volume keys, because the body of the ink case mini reading is very small, and the index finger is placed exactly at the position of the volume keys when holding it, and you only need to press a little to turn the page, which I think is very easy to use.

Then in terms of reading, ink case mini reading also built-in a lot of settings about the ink screen screen, in any interface only need to pull down the screen to call out this shortcut bar, here in addition to WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. settings, but also can adjust the brightness of the screen reading light, and also support the adjustment of cold and warm color temperature and contrast.

Ink case mini reading supports 24 levels of adjustment in brightness and warm and cold color temperature settings, you can choose according to your preferences, and with this function, you can read at night with the lights turned off, and do not have to worry about affecting the rest of your family.

Any reading software seems to support typesetting settings, including font size, traditional simplified settings, etc., and then when leaving the factory, the ink case mini reading screen is also accompanied by an anti-glare protective film, I think the daily reading experience is obviously better than the mobile phone, in addition, in terms of battery life, ink case mini reading built-in is 1400 mAh battery, in the process of use, I found that if you open the WiFi connection for a long time, the power consumption will be slightly larger, so I generally download the books I want to read directly, Then occasionally turn on WiFi when you want to use the Internet, read books for about an hour or two a day, basically can be used for about a week. Some applications support power-saving modes, which can provide longer battery life.

After using it for a while, I found that the ink case mini reading can also be used to listen to books, the ink case mini reading itself is actually without an external speaker, but it supports Bluetooth 5.0, so you can use the ink case mini reading to connect to the Bluetooth headset to achieve the function of listening to books or listening to songs, which can be regarded as the best use.

Through a period of use, I personally think that the main positioning of ink case mini reading is portable reading, which uses an ink screen screen that does not hurt the eyes, built-in 24-level cold and warm reading lights, but the volume is smaller and lighter than mobile phones, which is very suitable for those who read anytime, anywhere, and then ink case mini reading built-in is an open Android system, you can install any Android software like a mobile phone to use, and 32GB of capacity space, but also enough for you to store enough books and audio files, Basically, you don’t have to worry about content resources, so the daily reading experience is obviously better than that of mobile phones.

Of course, if objectively speaking, there are also some shortcomings and shortcomings in ink case mini reading, such as when I turn on the WiFi networking function of ink case mini reading, its battery life will be significantly reduced, I will try to turn it off during daily use, in addition, if you can add a 3.5mm headphone jack on the fuselage, it will be more convenient to listen to books and listen to songs, what do you think?