Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

1. Cleaning supplies:

Meiji, Hanshu, Yiye, My Beauty Log Brand Mask are the second half price in the whole venue (limited to the same item number).

2. Food supplies:

From January 1st to January 3rd, buy a single cash slip of the same brand of infant milk powder and get 1 piece of 100 yuan (cash coupon) if you spend more than 300 yuan, get 2 free for 600 yuan, and so on.

3. Fresh food:

1. 1. 17.9 yuan/500G2 in the wings, duck leg 4.98 yuan/500G3, chilled yellow fish 15.98 yuan/500G4, fungus 32.8 yuan/500G5, shiitake mushrooms 35.8 yuan/500G6, 1.25kg ham gift box 98 yuan/box

4. Pots and pans:

1. Astar stainless steel two-layer double pot 88 yuan/pcs2, Astar precision cast iron pot 49.9 yuan/pcs

5. Textiles:

1. Plaid cloth drag 8.9 yuan/double 2, Mercury happiness pillow 19.9 yuan/pc

6. Home appliances:

1. Elite rice cooker 99 yuan/set 2, Midea’s electric pressure cooker 199 yuan/set.

7. RT-Mart’s first ring of the New Year:

On January 3, the “low-price storm” hit! More than 300 printed goods folded in four, ultra-low price to give back! Welcome to grab it!

Details of the above activities are subject to the announcement in the store.

Address: RT-Mart, No. 6 Guoqing Middle Road, Tianjiaan District, Huainan City Hotline: 0554-2601188

1. Food supplies:

1. I miss you wild game sour dates 11.8 yuan

2. Panpan French soft bread 5.5 yuan

3. Kanto Xuejilin good rice 29.9 yuan

4. Standing white plant softening softener 19.9 yuan

5. Yerba bag laundry detergent 5.0 yuan

2. Fresh food:

1. Grass carp 4.58 yuan/jin

2. Chinese cabbage 0.29 yuan/jin

3. Sweet potato 0.99 yuan/jin

4. Pipa leg 7.38 yuan / jin

5. Horqin beef 29.8 yuan/jin

3. Processing category:

1. Vegetarian balls 4.90 yuan/jin

2. Peach crisp 4.98 yuan/jin

3. New Orleans roast chicken 8.90/jin

4. Clothing:

1. Hengyuanxiang men/women’s combed cotton underwear 89 yuan/set

2. AB men’s and women’s printed cotton wool underwear set 69 yuan/set

5. Electrical appliances:

1. Duoling electric kettle 39 yuan/set

2. Pioneer heater 279 yuan/set

3. Subor electric pressure cooker 279 yuan/set

Sixth, there is more gratitude at the end of the year, and the value is a big exchange

The event will be held from December 28 to 31

Details of the above activities are subject to the announcement in the store. Customer service telephone: 0554-5335088 Address: No. 85 Chaoyang Middle Road, Tianjiaan District, Huainan City, Anhui Province: 121 Road, 34 Road, 30 Road, 127 Road, 210 Road

1. Toiletries:

Toothpaste and toothbrushes are 50% off the authenticity

2. Household Products:

Foot bath, hot water bottle, mop, thermos cup, ceramic tableware, and organizing box are all 5% off

3. Soft supplies:

Socks, shorts, slippers, plush toys, towels, bath towels, and bedding are all 50% off

4. Housewares:

Sanitary napkins, paper drawers, washing powder, dish soap, laundry detergent, face masks, bags, and rags are all genuine 60%.

5. Food:

Soy sauce, wine, and red dates are all 60% off

6. Grain and oil:

Sesame oil, rice wine, cooking wine, vinegar, hanging noodles, olive oil are all authentic 70%.

7. Snack food:

Nuts, potato chips, pre-blended wine, cereal, melon seeds, nori seaweed, cake are all discounted off

VIII. Import Categories:

Imported beverages, imported adult milk powder, imported coffee, and imported tea are all authentic

9. Personal Products:

Shampoo, shower gel, baby diapers, men’s toiletries are all genuine

10. Fitness appliances:

Fitness tools, massage tools, electric heaters are all genuine

11. Dairy products:

1. Guangming / Yili / Mengniu / Junlebao / refrigerated milk and refrigerated yogurt 25 yuan off 5 yuan 2, milk powder: Wyeth Gold S-26 / Abbott broodstock / Mead Johnson A+ / Nestle / Meisu Jiaer / Tomez / Beingmate maternal and infant milk powder except for one paragraph, 100 yuan off when 400 yuan is over3, milk powder: Yili / Feihe / Yashili / Shien / Shengyuan / Youbo / Mengniu / Heinz / Yiyi maternal and infant milk powder except one paragraph, 100 yuan off when it is over 400 yuan

12. More than 60 categories of New Year’s Eve discounts, tens of millions of red envelopes serial pie

Event time: December 31, 2015 18:00-January 3, 2016 Just 3 days!! Regular-priced goods only (retail names, special prices, group purchases, promotional packages, and joint counters are not involved)

Suguo Sunshine Holiday Shopping Plaza

Customer service telephone: 0554-5737902 Address: West side of Caixin Road, Xiejiaji District, Huainan City (Sunshine Holiday Square) can be taken: 26 Road, 121 Road, 20 Road, 111 Road, 3 Road

Suguo Huainan Quanshan Road Shopping Plaza

Customer service telephone: 0554-2687636 Address: Huainan City Tianjiaan District Quanshan Road intersection northwest corner of the route: 26 Road, 121 Road, 6 Road, 9 Road, 3 Road, 122 Road, 127 Road, 24 Road, 35 Road, G2 Road

1. Yuanbao soybean oil 5L 29.9 yuan/barrel

2. Mingguang 40 degree H8 wine 98 yuan / bottle Buy 1 get 2 free

3. Shuanggong lamp aged flower carving wine 2.5L 12.8 yuan/bottle

4. Panpan French milk bread 440g 5.9 yuan/bag

5. Aomiao Clear Blue Full Effect Deep Cleansing 4.5KG 43.5 yuan/bottle

1. Red maple seedling rice 1.89 yuan/jin

2. Coix kernel 3.98 yuan/jin

3. Walnuts 16.8 yuan/jin

4. Broccoli 2.58 yuan/jin

5. Sugar oranges 5.58 yuan/jin

1. Roast chicken 7.9 yuan/piece

2. The pickles are 7.9 yuan/jin

3. Peach crisp 9.9 yuan / jin Buy one catty and get one catty free

4. Wife cake 9.9 yuan / jin Buy one catty get one catty free

1. Old Beijing cotton shoes 39 yuan/pair

2. Men’s casual cotton clothing 118/piece

3. Women’s leggings 49.9 yuan / piece

4. Pajama pants 19.9 yuan / piece

There are also discounts for you to choose, and tens of millions of red envelopes are delivered

Event time: December 31st to January 4th

Yonghui Supermarket Huainan Chaoyang Middle Road store

Address: Huainan City, Tianjiaan District Chaoyang Middle Road No. 40 New World Life and Leisure Plaza negative floor service telephone: 0554-6262008

Yonghui Supermarket Fengtai Xichenghe Park store

Address: Huainan City Fengtai County Youth North Road Xichenghe Park Jinhui Plaza Service Tel: 0554-8899518

1. Food:

1. Hejiafu Northeast Rice 10KG 49.9 0 yuan/bag

2. Shengyun strong noodle 900g 3.90 yuan/cylinder

3. Haitian grass mushroom old soy 500ml 6.50 yuan / bottle

4. Papago (China Red) Premium Red Wine 750ml 19.90 yuan/bottle The second piece is half price

5. Meishang monkey mushroom egg roll 115g 9.90 yuan/box The second piece is half price

2. Department Stores:

1. Yerba desensitization toothpaste 130g 1.9 yuan/stick

2. Hejiafu coconut oil essence laundry soap 206g*2 3.9 yuan/piece

3. Miaojie magic cotton absorbent cotton mop MOJ-A 32.5 yuan / handle

4. Paper sound soft draw 6 consecutive packs 400*6 packs 9.9 yuan / mention

5. Super Zhicui Laundry Detergent (bright and bright) 1kg 9.5 yuan/bag

Hejiafu Supermarket Renmin Road store

Customer service telephone: 0554-2601383 Address: Tianjiaan District Renmin Road (Fortune Center Area A) Bus route: 12 Road, 110 Road, 127 Road, 3 Road, 121 Road

Hejiafu Supermarket Huaihe New Town store

Address: Tianjiaan District Hubin West Road Huaihe New Town Phase IV Comprehensive Building Bus Route: 210 Road

Details of the above activities are subject to the announcement in the store.

Details of the above activities are subject to the announcement in the store.

Details of the above activities are subject to the announcement in the store.

1. Food supplies:

2. Fresh food:

3. Processing category:

4. Clothing: