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China is beginning to move towards an ageing society, with seniors over the age of 65 expected to account for 20% of the country’s population by 2040. To cope with aging, there are both challenges and opportunities, the general trend brings continuous growth in demand, technological progress brings about the continuous increase in supply, and the increase in policy support brings about the value enhancement of the whole industry.

On July 14th, CBME baby exhibition in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled, as a mother and baby can not be missed, highly concerned exhibition, every year CBME to us to deliver a lot of industry information and trend changes.

This year’s CBME, with the upcoming landing of the new national standard registration system, everyone’s attention to milk powder brands has increased. Nurez Pavilion has some new highlights every year, such as last year’s Zhiyoubei A2 milk powder, and this year’s Nurez Pavilion has more changes and surprises, and has launched three new New Zealand original can imported adult formula products.

Point 1: Green space, interpretation purity

Nurez’s pavilion is based on green as the main color, with white auxiliary colors, luminous trees, New Zealand silver fern leaves and other elements intended to interpret the brand concept of green purity. Coming to the pavilion is like coming to the green world of New Zealand, exuding a strong green and pure atmosphere.

Point 2, ace variety show, brand strength

In-depth communication with young mothers, Nurez has new actions in brand communication this year. The new generation of parents after 90 and 95, as the natives of the Internet, have been occupied by the Internet for longer than the previous generation of consumers. National tides, variety shows, and dramas are all their daily lives, eager for “non-indoctrination” communication. Nurez cooperated with Mango TV’s popular ace variety show “Wife’s Romantic Trip 5” this year to convey the core product concept of “mother’s love and protection” to more mothers.

Point 3: Children’s milk powder zone, potential new products

In the children’s milk powder zone of the exhibition hall, Nurez brought 3 kinds of imported children’s milk powder from New Zealand and 2 domestic children’s milk powder from A2 milk source, which respectively strengthened the nutritional needs of children’s vision, intelligence, bones and other aspects, with powerful formulas and high appearance. As an important item in the increase of stores in the past two years, Nurez children’s powder has received great attention from many channel manufacturers at the CBME site.

Point 4, nutrition for the whole family, and adult milk powder

Since the beginning of this year, many channels have paid significantly more attention to adult milk powder. Dairy products have never been exclusive to babies, they also play an important role in adult health, and the aging of the population structure has given birth to a large market for adult nutrition.

In the field of adult milk powder, Nurez’s results are remarkable. In the adult milk powder category of Tmall and, Nurez’s whole milk powder, skim milk powder, Lusen Ranch and other sales are among the best, last year’s Double 11, Tmall International milk ranked first, Jingdong imported milk powder category sales ranked top three.

This CBME, Nurez adult milk powder has launched three new New Zealand original can imported adult formula products, and gradually laid out offline channels.

The formulas of the three new products are quite bright, respectively for the three major adult health problems of formula research and development, carefully customized adult milk powder suitable for white-collar, sub-health, middle-aged and elderly groups, providing adults with different nutritional solutions for fat loss, intestinal health, low GI blood sugar stability, in line with the health demands of contemporary adults.

Highlight 5, the live broadcast room of the exhibition hall, 360° cloud exhibition

In the Nurez Pavilion, you can also see the busy figure of the anchor in the live broadcast room through the glass wall. According to the person in charge of the brand, Nurez attaches great importance to the communication of new media, and is gradually creating a new ecology of live streaming and live product promotion.

During the exhibition, the live broadcast of the Nurez Pavilion was carried out hotly, and the live topic was broadcast live every day, so that channel vendors who did not go to the scene could also visit the exhibition in 360° cloud and understand the information of the Nurez booth in all aspects. And channel providers who go to the scene are even more likely to experience it live in Nurez’s live broadcast room.

We will show partners and consumers the whole industry chain of New Zealand and the highlights of Nuretz’s new products more deeply through live broadcast, and we will also invite some channel celebrities to come to the live broadcast room to talk about their views on channel selection and development trends, so as to help everyone have a more comprehensive understanding of the Nurez brand and the entire industry.

Practice internal skills, and the rest is persistence

In today’s increasingly stimulating competitive landscape in the milk powder industry, no single brand can achieve results effortlessly. Nurez is confident about the future.

In recent years, Nuruiz has been continuously carrying out industrial chain layout and product category innovation, as a brand of Zhongmu Group, it has significant advantages in the construction of upstream industrial chain, and has now formed a pattern of dual industrial chain in New Zealand and China, and also has a complete product layout from infants to children, adults, middle-aged and elderly products.

It is obvious to everyone that Nurez has also increased investment in brand building in the past two years, from CCTV advertising, to variety shows, to the endorsement of the all-black team, Xiaohongshu and other new media platforms, these are all valuable things for the future.

Under the impetus of the new round of registration system, the pattern of the brand will definitely change, and the brand with solid internal strength, adherence to stability, and continuous innovation can go to the end and go better, and Nurez can expect the future.