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The house shared with you today has an area of 140 square meters, belonging to a three-bedroom, two-living room and two-bathroom apartment type, the owner couple is also because the children at home go to school is more convenient so bought this house, considering that the children’s elementary school and junior high school are in this neighborhood in the future, so the owner decided to decorate this house well, it is estimated that it will also be lived for many years, for the new home owner hopes to have a little of their own personality, while satisfying comfort while taking into account some sense of design, the designer cleverly uses hidden light sources when decorating, Green elements are added to black and white to create a warm and comfortable home residence for the owner.

House Type:

Three rooms

Size of the house

: 140 square meters

Renovation budget

: 300,000 to 500,000 yuan




: Lin Zizi

Main material

: Deep palm stone, jade guanyin stone, yarn glass, leather-faced melamine board, hemlock solid wood, wooden floor, powdered lacquered iron parts, tiles, etc

【Floor plan】

The house type is relatively square and regular, the north and south transparent indoor light is also very good, the owner hopes that the home can be simpler and want to add a little fresh and bright elements, after all, the children in the family have just entered elementary school, the home should not be too dull, or fresh.


Design highlight: Hide light

A large entrance cabinet is designed at the entrance of the door, which takes into account the area of hanging clothes while meeting storage needs, and the middle of the shoe cabinet is also designed with a hollow area to place some small green plants, and also adds hidden light to illuminate, usually when you go home at night, you will feel very bright, and the warm yellow light will not affect the rest of the family.

The location of the roof is also designed with a hidden light source, usually do not want the indoor light is too bright can use this small light, will also feel very warm, but also save electricity.

【Living room】

Design highlight: zebra pattern

The sofa background wall in the living room is selected with a zebra decorative painting at the entrance position, which makes the two areas have a connection and also plays a decorative role. The simple lines and design also meet the owner’s requirements for a minimalist space.

Design Heighten: Add green elements

The living room adds green elements on the basis of black and white main colors, green curtains and animal-shaped small seats add vitality and vitality to the space, and the living room becomes more warm after adding green plants, meeting the preferences of the owner’s children, and also making the whole room very personal, no longer the same simple design.


Design highlight: open kitchen

The kitchen is an open design, if the kitchen is designed to be closed, it will affect the ventilation and lighting of the room, so the decoration chose an open kitchen to make the indoor light more transparent.


Design highlight: transparent seats

The restaurant chose transparent seats, which has also become a highlight of the home, and the transparent seats look very designed.


Design highlight: Hidden light source

The bedroom also chooses the design of hidden light source to create a warm and calm sleeping space.

【Second bedroom】

Design highlight: Tatami design

The second bedroom combines tatami mats and bookshelves, taking into account the functions of rest, storage, work and study, which is more practical.


The whole house is based on black and white with green elements, the overall simplicity is very fresh and vibrant.

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Clever use of hidden light sources, add green elements to black and white to create a warm and comfortable home home