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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Recently, an old machine of relatives and friends has problems and cannot be used normally, and when playing games such as LOL, CF, blue screens will frequently appear. After testing, it was found that there was a problem with the power supply, and it returned to normal after replacing the power supply. However, because the computer is too old, it is no longer possible to run the latest stand-alone and online games smoothly, so it is ready to upgrade some hardware. In the previous test, it was found that the processor used was AMD Athlon II X3 445, and there was a possibility of opening the core, so I checked it with a motherboard in my hand, and sure enough, it could open the core.

First post the motherboard, this MSI motherboard, is a second-hand product I collected on Taobao, has been used for more than two years, has been open core use, very stable. It was also a MSI motherboard before, but that one was more expensive, it was a hybrid motherboard of MSI, and it was also possible to open the core. It’s a pity that the motherboard was burned by the domineering power supply of the Red Star family. (The Red Star bomb was really not covered, and it burned more than half of the whole machine without saying a word.) )

The model of this motherboard is 870A-G45, which I bought after referring to a lot of information. At that time, I also bought ASRock’s demon board, but it was bad when I received it, and later I replaced it with another one, which was also bad and the color was super poor. At that time, I didn’t know how to buy freight insurance, and I tossed twice before and after, and the freight was up to the price of a motherboard, because this was also tied to the seller for half a day, and the motherboard could not be lit after I received it, but the seller said it was normal. Later, through complaints, it was returned, and second-hand things were not easy to buy.

The hard disk interface is SATA 6Gb/s and can use SSDs, although the effect is worse than Intel motherboards.

Four memory slots for perfect support for AMD-specific memory sticks.

The power supply interface is 8P,

The motherboard I received at that time was very new, I felt washed, and it was good to use it for more than two years, and there were no problems.

The core is successful, but unfortunately there is no L3 cache.

In the past, the nuclear opening was very hot, but now it has long become history, and it is estimated that no one will play anymore.


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