Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

New Strategy

“Nike acquires AI platform Celect to better predict user shopping behavior”

Nike on Tuesday announced the acquisition of Boston-based predictive analytics firm Celect to strengthen its direct-to-consumer strategy. Nike COO Eric Sprunk explained that as Celect’s technology is integrated into Nike’s mobile apps and websites, Nike will be better positioned to predict retail shopping patterns and behavior. Acquiring Celect is easier and faster than spending two to three years incubating the same platform in-house.

Nike hopes Celect can help it reduce its stock-out rate and reduce the unplanned increase in demand for sneakers and clothing. If Nike can better control inventory and keep goods from overstocking in warehouses, it can help reduce pressure on profit margins. (Sina Finance)

“Jingdong invests in home life brand life worry-free, focusing on the sinking home market”

On August 8, Group announced that it completed its investment in the worry-free life of a chain enterprise of daily necessities. At the same time, will establish a joint venture supply chain company, Jingmao Technology Co., Ltd., with the intention of breaking the barriers of online and offline channels and promoting the home improvement business into the sinking market.

According to QuestMobile data, the current number of users in China’s sinking market exceeds 600 million, which is mainly characterized by price sensitivity and higher trust in offline physical stores. Worry-free Life happens to be an offline affordable lifestyle home furnishing chain store mainly existing in third-, fourth- and fifth-tier cities, which directly connects factories and consumers and reduces intermediate links to improve supply chain efficiency. (36 Kr)

New technology

“24-hour sell-out “artificial milk” ice cream, a new revolution in food production methods”

Biotech startup Perfect Day has released the world’s first animal-free dairy product, “artificial milk” ice cream. Three different flavors are available: vanilla blackberry toffee, milk chocolate and vanilla sea salt fudge, which cost $20 per pint.

PerfectDay produces the two main proteins in milk through fermentation: whey protein and casein by extracting cow’s DNA and adding it to microorganisms like yeast. Dry protein is combined with vegetable fats, water, vitamins and minerals to create a lactose-free, vegan product with the same taste, consistency and nutrients as cow’s milk for ice cream, cheese, yogurt and a range of other dairy products. (Foodaily)

“Scientists have developed an “artificial tongue” that can taste whiskey of different years”

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Recently, the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom has developed an “artificial tongue” that can taste whisky of different years. The “artificial tongue” is actually a tiny glass wafer containing 6 million “artificial taste buds” that are 500 times smaller than human taste buds, made of 6 different gold and aluminum and coated with different chemicals. When they “taste” the whisky, the plasma resonance of the metal produces subtle changes, which vary from category to category and vintage, and the sensitivity is even higher than that of professional tasters.

This technology can help beverage manufacturers ensure consistent product quality and help combat counterfeit products. In the future, it may also be applied to a wider range of scenarios, such as the rapid identification of toxic substances and environmental monitoring of rivers. (Love Faner)

New products

“21 coffee products from Nestlé and Starbucks launched in mainland China, targeting the home coffee market”

The first coffee line launched by Nestlé and Starbucks since joining forces in May last year is finally on sale in Chinese mainland. The two launched the “Starbucks At Home” series – a total of 21 coffee products, including roasted coffee beans, coffee capsules from Nespresso and Nescafé Dolce Gusto; and “We Proudly Serve Starbucks Coffee” total coffee solutions for off-store drinking scenarios.

For Nestlé, partnering with Starbucks can leverage Starbucks brands to increase its visibility into consumer perception and get a piece of the high-end coffee competition. For Starbucks, Nestlé, which has considerable advantages in offline coffee retail, can help Starbucks quickly expand its products to more markets around the world. (Interface News)

New Mode

“Internet Direct Selling Brand Commons Re:Store Opens First Flagship Store in San Francisco”

Re:Store will open its first flagship store at Maiden Lane, San Francisco’s high-end shopping promenade, and more than 70 brands have already applied for booth rentals. This is an American company specializing in providing shared stores for Internet direct selling brands, mainly for Internet direct selling brands that have been established for at least 4 years and have more than 10,000 followers on social media for men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, health care products and home furnishing brands. Brands can rent shared space and purchase warehousing services.

While the way people shop is changing, brick-and-mortar stores are still necessary to be less likely to simply sell goods. Re:Store provides a one-stop solution for direct selling brands to help them better reach consumers, and helps brands create synergy through the form of collection stores, providing more opportunities for startups. (Luxe.CO)

《Plastic bags that can be eaten directly and can be dissolved in water》

Image copyright belongs to Jinxia Niu

Mart Salumäe, CEO and co-founder of Decomer, announced that they have developed an edible, water-soluble plastic bag that is currently mainly used for food packaging, but can also be extended to other pharmaceutical, crop and fruit packaging.

Unlike previous methods of extracting biodegradable plastics from chemicals or animal products, the newly developed plastics are based entirely on plant materials, safe enough to be eaten and naturally dissolved in both cold and hot water. Most importantly, the easy availability of plant materials greatly reduces costs, making it possible to market this new type of plastic bag on a large scale. Decomer’s next step is to raise seed funding to invest in partnerships with large food companies. (Foodaily)

“Artificial Meat Team” has added new people, Subway will launch plant-based artificial meat sandwiches

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Subway announced a partnership with artificial meat manufacturer Beyond Meat to test the plant-based meat sandwich “Beyond Meatball Marinara” and began trial sales in 685 restaurants in the United States and Canada in September. The new product will replace the original meat with Beyond Meat’s customized plant-based meatball product for Subway, with the marinade and cheese remaining unchanged. Subway claims that the brand’s classic sandwich contains 20 grams of protein, while the plant-based meat sandwich contains 24 grams of protein.

Subway hopes to attract the attention of consumers by testing new products, thereby increasing customer flow and improving performance in stores. “Our consumers value innovation in the taste and taste of food, and plant-based artificial meat products meet these needs.” Len Van Popering, chief brand innovation officer at Subway, said. (Interface News)

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New Strategy

New technology

New technology

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