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Applying a mask in winter is of course the most popular one!

For sheet masks and spreadable masks, babies who love beauty are turnip greens and vegetables have their own love, but there are indeed some differences between the two, today let’s talk about what are the advantages of spreadable masks?

1. The fit is very high. Compared with patch masks, applying masks can moisturize the nose furrows and corners of the mouth that are not easy to take care of.

2. Applying the mask can be carried out for zoning care. For example, apply a cleansing mask to the T-zone and a hydrating mask to the U-zone, and meet all maintenance needs in one DIY.

3. Unlike patch masks, application masks can be used in a row. After several consecutive mask treatments with different effects, you can enjoy a beauty salon-level SPA at home.

Therefore, in winter, more people will prefer spreadable masks, and the essence in patch masks will seem a little inconvenient. Today, the beauty editor has selected the treasure items among the 10 spreadable masks for you, you can choose according to your needs!

Moisturizing class

01 FILORGA Filorga

Ten complete patching masks

I believe that everyone is familiar with the necessary Filorga Ten Complete Tonic Mask for staying up late, and this mask is really effective for staying up late. The main ingredients of the mask are NCEF+ elastin, rhamnosan and hyaluronic acid, which are exclusive to Philoja, and you can clearly feel the narrowing of the pores on the side of the nose and the skin is fine and translucent every time you use it!

It has a similar texture to a cream, spreads well, has a light fragrance, and feels great to use. It can moisturize for a long time after applying, and after washing, I feel that there is a moisturizing film with a layer of water mist on the face, and the battery life is very strong.

02 Lumene Arctic Ice Fountain

Plumping hydrating repair gel mask

As a Finnish national treasure, Lumene has always focused on facials in extremely cold and dry environments. The mask contains oxygen-rich bubbles, allantoin, Arctic Ice Spring Water and Birch Sap Extract, which not only speeds up the skin’s metabolism, but also calms and astringent while hydrating and anti-inflammatory.

Ice fountain mask is definitely the net red in the mask, the cost performance is very high, and you have to apply a thick layer every time to feel at ease. The texture is super beautiful, like an ocean, more viscous transparent blue gel, easy to push. After applying to the face, it will add a lot of moisture to the skin, and the moisturizing effect is superb.

03 First Aid Beauty

Oatmeal First Aid Repair Hydrating Mask

All First Aid Beauty’s products are safe, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, non-acne-free, and suitable for all skin types. This oatmeal repair mask is FBA’s most popular application mask in recent years, and it is rich in oat granules that gently exfoliate and promote the absorption of subsequent products.

The oat mask is a white paste on the face, and after waiting for ten minutes, the white mask on the face will be slowly absorbed by the skin, leaving only oat granules. The immediate hydration effect after washing is no less than applying an essence mask. If you have acne skin or redness of the skin, you can also apply it to calm the skin.

04 Karin Herzog

Glow Hydrating Essence Mask

Founded more than 40 years ago by Nobel laureate Dr. Paul Herzog, the Swiss niche brand Karin Herzog is an absolute authority in the field of active oxygen skin care products. The main products are anti-aging and whitening and brightening, which are niche Internet celebrities in China.

With 2% oxygen, this active oxygen serum mask effectively removes yellowing and evens skin tone, whitening and improving the appearance of fine lines. It is creamy when squeezed out, and it is a little cool when applied to the face, and it is a gentle and comfortable coolness. After use, the skin obviously feels whitened and brightened, and the effect of removing yellow qi is obvious.

Sleep class

01 ELIXIR Eliselle

Sleep mask cherry blossom version

Elixir’s sleep mask has always been the king of out-of-stock, and the cherry blossom limited model has a super high value, and the beauty party quickly starts. The Sleep Mask provides long-lasting hydration, stability and barrier repair at night, and is infused with water-soluble collagen, Skullcap root extract, Rosemary extract and other active ingredients.

Pale pink gel texture with small particles inside, refreshing and easy to push, after pushing, the particles will be absorbed by the face. When applying the whole face, don’t forget to take care of the corners of the eyes, mouth, and both sides of the nose. The sleep mask can be applied overnight and absorbed, so you can sleep peacefully without staining your bedding and pillow.


Small Muscle Egg Sleep Mask

COCOCHI’s AG anti-sugar series of small skin egg masks are really cute, and the individually wrapped masks are really like cute little eggs. This mask is anti-sugar and antioxidant, which can be used for first aid type restoration. The single-pack design is also very convenient for traveling and traveling, which is very suitable for babies who often travel around and stay up late.

The light aroma gives people a pleasant feeling, use the small spoon inside to stir the egg yolk protein, evenly spread on the face, when first applied, it is cool and refreshing, about 10 minutes after slowly absorbed, the texture is transparent and not easy to stuffy. After applying it, you will feel that the skin is full of nutrients, very moisturized, and soft to the touch, tender like a shelled egg.

03 EviDenS de Beauté

Next Day Rejuvenating Essence Mask

The niche brand Evidens has designed a series of highly effective skincare products for sensitive skin, and the basic water ingredients used for all products are from Lafoux Alpine Spring Water in France. Inspired by the powerful self-healing and healing power of Hokkaido deep-sea salmon, the next-day rejuvenating sleep mask deeply nourishes and revitalises the skin.

Very special purple translucent gel-like, silky texture is easy to push on, immediately after the face into a film without rubbing mud. You can leave it on overnight, and after cleansing your face with warm water in the morning, you can feel that the skin is delicate and shine-free, and the collagen is full. The frequency of use is recommended to be used for 3 to 4 days, and then it becomes 2 times a week, and after a period of use, the effect is amazing, and it is an absolute smearing childlike artifact.

Cleaning class


Foaming essence detox mask

Malin + Goetz is from New York, and the brand stands for simple and effective skincare, so it simplifies the skincare step into two steps: cleansing + moisturizing. Using innovative oxygenated cleanser technology, the foaming serum detoxifying mask flushes dirt, oil and makeup out of the skin, whilst Sweet Almond Oil helps to soothe skin and build a healthy sebum membrane for a balance of water and oil.

This detox mask is different from ordinary cleansing masks, it quickly changes from cream to foam after applying to the face, the foam is thick, let it sit for a few minutes and then cleanse, after washing off, there will be no tightness at all, which is very suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

02 Swissclinical

Ruike purifying and applying mask

Swissclinical is an original Swiss high-end skincare brand originating from Switzerland. Enriched with 5 ingredients: Kaolin, Shea Butter, Biosabolol, Peppermint Extract and Swiss Glacier Water, the purifying mask gently exfoliates dead skin, tightens pores while reducing breakouts for a radiant complexion.

Soft cream texture for a particularly comfortable skin feel. After a few uses, fine lines and dry lines at the corners of the eyes and mouth can be effectively relieved, and the skin becomes particularly plump and plump, as if applying skinboosters to the skin, the effect is remarkable.

03 Lysedia

Rejuvenating deep cleansing mask

As a French medical beauty anti-aging brand, Lysedia has a unique RegecellX5 patent, which integrates medical innovation into skin care product formulas, and even French actresses and supermodels are its super fans. The main ingredients of Bamboo Activated Charcoal and Pure Kaolin Clay provide immediate results in unclogging pores and repelling shine.

The moisturizing texture is gentle and non-irritating to apply to the face, suitable for all skin types. After use, you can feel that the pores are clear, the old and aged keratin is peeled off, the skin will be visibly whitened and translucent, and the subsequent makeup will become fit.

Of the above ten spreadable masks, which one do you grow the most?

Written by: LtwYelw

WeChat editor: Lu jun

Source: Instagram