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For every expectant mother who learns that she is pregnant, she must love all kinds of cute little baby items, although it is still far from the due date, but it does not prevent expectant mothers from often visiting mother and baby stores, a certain treasure, etc., so when is the most appropriate time to buy a maternity bag? The answer is not fixed, depending on the individual situation, as long as it is not overworked.

Personally, I recommend that you can slowly start preparing the delivery bag 3 months before delivery, too early to prepare for fear of everyone’s empty joy, too late to prepare for fear that the baby will come out early, after 7 months the baby tends to be stable in all aspects, the mother’s belly is not very large, the movement is more convenient, and there is energy to prepare materials. As a mother who has given birth for 4 months, today I will introduce the most practical list of maternity bags from two aspects: baby items and mother items.

Everyday items for your baby

Feeding section

2 feeding bottles, high safety, anti-flatulence preferred choice, the size is roughly about 200ml;

2 pacifiers, neonatal aperture, later when the baby grows up, temporarily purchase the required pacifier;

1 silicone soft spoon, feeding milk powder and water during hospitalization to avoid nipple confusion caused by direct use of feeding bottles;

1 bottle of milk bottle cleaner, no additives from natural plants;

A set of bottle brush and drainage rack, you can choose to buy a silicone bottle brush, which is convenient for cleaning and durable;

1 milk warmer, multi-functional water-added type milk warmer with temperature control and constant temperature is highly recommended, which can be used as a constant temperature kettle or used for warm milk and warm food in the later stage;

daily necessities

Diapers 2 packs of NB and 1 pack of size S (90 pieces per pack), newborn need to be changed frequently to avoid red butt, diapers preferred conditions are breathable, anti-side leakage, light and soft. The baby grows quickly, does not need to hoard too much, and needs to be purchased temporarily;

Paper towels are consumables, you can stock up on more,

4 packs of wet wipes + 12 packs of wet wipes + 18 packs of cotton soft towels + 18 packs of cloud soft towels. 湿巾‬直接‬接触‬宝宝皮肤‬会‬太冷,可以‬出门‬游玩时‬备‬一包‬;


2 diaper pads, which can be placed under the baby’s butt when changing diapers to avoid staining the bed;

2 storage cars, which can store the baby’s belongings and the mother’s belongings, neat and easy to access;

1 nail clipper, 1 self-priming hair clipper (self-priming to prevent hair from falling on the baby), 1 ear temperature gun (always monitor the baby’s body temperature), 1 piece of baby laundry soap (children’s clothes are washed separately from adults), the changing table I used for 2 months and was idle;

Costume section

4 sets of one-piece clothes 52 sizes, 3 sets of 59 sizes. When purchasing, remember to ensure that the material A pure cotton light color has no peculiar smell and no decoration, and the safety and comfort of clothes is the most important;

3 pairs of socks, poor thermoregulation ability of the baby, avoid wind on the soles of the feet; 2 hats;

Bathing skin care

1 baby bath, preferably foldable, oval;

1 baby bath net, mesh bath bed can be, no need to buy a foamy suspension pad;

Wash and care 2-in-1 bottle, you can use it once a week, the baby’s skin is fragile, and you can use water again;

6 baby saliva towels and 2 scarves, wipe your face, wipe your hands, and wipe your buttocks separately;

2 baby washbasins, wash your face and buttocks separately;

1 bottle of baby touch oil, 1 bottle of baby moisturizer, 1 buttock cream (to prevent red butt, I didn’t use it, wash your butt frequently and change diapers);

1 bottle of alcohol and 1 box of cotton swabs;

Sleeping supplies

1 baby bed, 1 baby mattress, pay attention to whether it can be spliced together with the bed at home when purchasing;

Baby quilt 2 beds, newborn baby wrapped quilt is better, this kind of hugging is tighter, the baby is very secure, reduce crying and restless emotions. When taking the baby out, wrapping the quilt will also be warmer;

1 baby pillow, no pillow for 3 months, sleep on the left and right sides, pillow with a height of 1 cm after 3 months;

Travel section

1 baby stroller, the necessary supplies for the mother to take the baby out, the price is not too expensive, you can buy a waist stool after 4 months, and you can buy a baby walking artifact after 7 months;

1 safety seat, necessary safety materials, is also essential;

Mom’s daily necessities

Document section

Original ID cards of both parties, original household registration books of both parties, medical insurance card, pregnancy examination manual, birth permit;


1 toothpaste, 1 toothbrush, 1 towel, 2 washbasins, 1 bottle of mouthwash, 1 comb, 1 head rope;

Production materials

Maternity sanitary napkins, buy Sophie, buy three packs per yardage (super long, ordinary for daily use, ordinary for night), it is not enough to buy it temporarily, and it can also be used for later menstrual holidays;

1 pack of sanitary napkins for blood measurement;

5 packs of knife paper, breathable can be made sanitary napkins, or cushioned under the body to isolate lochia;

50 pieces of puerperal pad, consumables to isolate lochia after childbirth, you can buy more to prepare, and you can use it as a diaper pad for the baby if you can’t use it up;

1 perineal irrigator, an artifact that cleans the lower body by yourself;

Perineal cold compress 5 packs, if there is labia swelling during vaginal delivery, you can use cold compress to physically reduce inflammation;

60 pairs of disposable underwear, no need to wash bloody underwear, save effort for you, me and him;

1 postpartum abdominal belt, insist on 8 hours a day after delivery, and there will be unexpected effects after 42 days;

1 bedspread to avoid lochia staining the bed during childbirth;

2 sets of confinement clothes, 2 confinement hats, 4 pairs of confinement socks, 2 pairs of confinement shoes;

2 packs of toilet paper, chocolate, Red Bull, water cup with straw, charger, power bank;

100 breast pads;

1 breast pump, 1 milk storage bag, you can use the breast pump to stimulate the nipple more when there is no milk, and remove the milk in time when the milk is long to avoid blocking the milk;

Delivery room items

1 pack of wet wipes, 2 puerperal pads, 1 bedspread, Red Bull chocolate, pregnancy health booklet, diapers, sippy cups, mobile phone, charger, 2 fetal heart rate monitoring straps (some hospitals need to bring your own baby clothing bags, depending on the hospital)

Hospital items

NB diaper 2 packs, baby clothes 4 sets of size 52, socks 3 pairs, cotton soft towel 2 packs, cloud soft towel 2 packs, gauze towel 1, saliva towel 2 strips, quilt 1 bed, 1 feeding bottle, 1 small can of milk powder, 1 silicone soft spoon, 2 washbasins, 1 bath, 1 hot water pot – baby chapter.

20 pieces of puerperal pads, 2 packs of sanitary napkins, 1 pack of sanitary napkins for blood counting, 2 packs of knife paper, 10 pairs of disposable underwear, confinement clothes, confinement shoes, confinement socks, confinement hats, 1 set of toiletries, 1 comb, 2 head ropes, 10 anti-leakage breast pads, 1 washbasin, 1 postpartum abdominal belt, 1 perineal irrigator, 6 packs of cold compresses, 1 breast pump – mother.

I hope that all mothers can give birth smoothly!

#你好, New Life #

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