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The cute and chubby Zheng Xinyi, the figure belongs to the plump type, without the curve of the front and back, more of a different kind of mature beauty. However, in this era, slenderness is not the only criterion for evaluating beauty, beauty should be diverse, and Zheng Xinyi’s dressing taste is also very good. The color of the shirt is low-key, the long-sleeved style, the silk fabric is comfortable, more attention is paid to sensory comfort, and the pattern on it is not childish or complicated, it is very simple arrangement, and the black split skirt is casual and full of freedom.

Fat girl Zheng Xinyi interprets the beauty of confidence with this outfit:

Highlights (1): The comfort of silk shirts

It’s not that the design is amazing, but the beauty will not neglect the physical comfort when pursuing the refinement of appearance and shape. The silk shirt looks high-end and generous, the fabric is smooth, and the cold clothes are like a clear spring in summer, reducing the fiery heat, and even the mood of the beauties is brightened. Especially the trend pattern that integrates modern style, arranged in an orderly manner, exquisite and uncomplicated, simple and versatile, and has more attractive advantages, adding more style to the image of beautiful women. Zheng Xinyi wore the “essence of slightly fat beauty”, and her shirt and split skirt were smart and neat, confident and open.

Highlights (2): Black split skirt

First of all, the choice of color is very careful, black will not go wrong, for the various styles of the top can also be easily controlled, will not suddenly jump out from the visual center point, let alone have different styles and cause confusion effect. The black split skirt adds acceptability on the basis of the regular skirt, breaks through the vulgarity, confidently and atmosphically exposes the legs, so that the temperament of the beauties rises instantly. For the hip line, the skirt is extremely well shaped, and the split looks both classic and feminine.

Zheng Xinyi’s styling summary: Using a traditional silk shirt, the color system is low-key and unassuming, and pays great attention to sensory enjoyment, which is a kind of connotation charm, and she is more mature and stable. The plump body is paired with a black split skirt, the buttock line is perfectly outlined, and the split is even more fashionable, not too indulgent, and the overall look is very in line with Zheng Xinyi’s aura.

How do fat girls dress the best fashion? Let’s learn Zheng Xinyi’s dressing style together!

First, the dress is more gentle and gentle, which can play a perfect effect on the cover of our legs

The long skirt is almost close to the ground, showing a gentle and gentle side is very feminine, and the fluttering skirt is super attractive, so at the same time, the design of the long skirt is a loose skirt that can help us cover the leg shape, without any constraints, but also create a very elegant styling experience, good looking index five stars.

Second, black is a very thin color, whether it is a skirt or a combination of clothes is very attractive

Compared with light-colored clothes, dark colors are more low-key, black is a very versatile color, when we wear a set of black clothes for daily wear can make us look slimmer, after all, black is not so high-profile, often more in the presentation of the attractive side, very friendly to fat girls.

Third, wide-leg pants are not very demanding on the figure, and they are particularly versatile to wear

Loose-fit clothes can always bring casual feelings, such as wide-leg pants are very eye-catching, easily provide daily casual style, and such wear is not very demanding on the figure, with a pair of flat shoes is enough, and even with a high ponytail to wear and upgrade, but also provide a full age-reducing atmosphere.

Tips: In addition to choosing black clothes and loose fits, we can also use some accessories for decoration, such as occasionally using a belt to tighten the waist to make the curve of the body better expressed, even fat girls can present a perfect dressing effect.

Fat girls can also have their own fashion, aside from their own appearance, choosing the most suitable style of clothing can also have a bright side, such as black brings us a sense of self-cultivation, the casual style presented by the loose fit is very able to add points to our image, we can be as brave as Zheng Xinyi to show their beautiful side! Well, that’s it for today’s content, sisters who love to dress, let’s make it more fashionable together.

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