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There must be a time in your life when you want to eat Dalian, see Dalian, listen to Dalian…

As soon as September arrived, the sea breeze in Dalian immediately cooled down, making people’s hearts tremble: it is a good time to open the sea in autumn again!

Today, Dalian’s four-month fishing moratorium is over, and the fishing boats moored in Bohai Bay are racing and returning with a full load, and a large wave of fatty seafood can “wave” again!

I have seen that some people on the Internet asked, Beijing is called the imperial capital, Shanghai is called the magic capital, what should Dalian be called? Some people in Dalian replied, that must be called “Langdu”!

There are seas and waves in Dalian, and it turns out that there are good waves.

Figure 1| Hekebin ©

Figure 2| Helen knows the world ©

In Dalian,

“Wave” is actually a word that is both good and evil.

Saying that a person is “very wavey” is not necessarily a disparagement, but it may also be a compliment that he is fashionable, energetic, and driven.

Dalian is indeed “wave”, standing proudly on the tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, surrounded by the sea on three sides and backed by mountains on one side is rare enough; And the people of Dalian, who are “bloody” at the beginning, uphold the bold and capable rivers and lakes of the descendants of the Kanto region, but they live in the exotic style imprinted by the colonial era; The combination of Chinese and Western foundations has bred the delicacy of this “wooden show in the northeast”, and has been holding its own pace and tonality high for a hundred years, and the fashionable and magnificent temperament has simply penetrated into the bones.

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This kind of “wave” is not only the confidence of umami food, the exquisite life, the pursuit of romantic mood, but also the spirit of excellence and enterprising, dare to be the first in the world.

It also stirred in the hearts of many people: there must be a time in your life to eat Dalian, see Dalian, listen to Dalian…

Pictured| Gong Xiaojian ©

Where does Dalian’s “wave smell” come from? As soon as Dalian seafood comes out of the water, you will suddenly realize.

At this moment, Dalian Bay, which has been silent for a season, is in a busy and cheerful moment, and the fishing boats have returned baskets full of beating pride: flying crabs (pike crabs), shrimp creepers (skin shrimp), sea oysters (oysters), mackerel, yellow croaker, pomfrets, squid, scallops… Autumn fresh goods are all available!

Figure 1| Ah Lei ©

Figure 2| Documentary artist Li Rujian ©

Some people say,

Traveling all over the country, seafood must be the best “villain” in Dalian


That’s right, its secret is “God pays for food”.

You also open the map of China to see Dalian, at the intersection of the Bohai Sea and the sea, the unique sea area of 39° north latitude, the colder sea makes the growth cycle of seafood slower, the meat quality is firmer, all this nourishes the unique “wave taste” of Dalian seafood, has become the pride of Dalian.

The deliciousness of the ingredients gives Dalian people enough confidence. And because it is a descendant of the Kanto region, seafood and Lu cuisine can be perfectly combined, whether it is fried and cooked, they pay attention to the original taste. Those mouthwatering salty and delicious tastes can be traced.

Figure 1 2 | Phenanthrene 2 ©

I remember reading the story of a Tianjin netizen who went to Dalian for the first time in 1980 and ate the seafood of his life: steamed flat fish (silver pomfret fish). A flat fish was filled with a large plate, and there seemed to be no other seasoning except salt. That taste, even for him growing up on the coast, is an unforgettable memory.

Indeed, the ultimate confidence in the ingredients is that almost all seafood in Dalian people is boiled and steamed.

Say “boiled”, that is really only boiled in white water, and some don’t even put salt. Because they are convinced that only in this way will they collide with the ultimate “freshness” of seafood.

Authentic Dalian people eat seafood the most at home. The method is simple, more than ten seconds out of the pot, the moment the lid is lifted, the fragrance comes with the steam, and the taste buds of the whole family have long been unable to resist the temptation of salty and fresh taste.

The seafood flavor of the Dalian people’s formal banquet is more inclined to authentic Lu dishes, such as stone pot sea urchin tofu, green onion roasted sea cucumber, etc.

It is said that when Dalian’s time-honored masters make seacucumbers with green onions, they have the secret of using scallion oil to boil them, and stewed sea cucumbers into a gelatinous shape will emit an incomparable green onion aroma in a smooth way. As soon as you take a bite into your throat, you can understand why this dish is a royal meal!

When it comes to staple foods, Dalian people love seafood dumplings: sea intestines, sea urchins, mackerel, shrimp, and there is nothing that cannot be made into dumplings.

This is their long-term tacit understanding with the ocean, and it is also the most “wave” experience of seafood cuisine.

In order to prepare for “China on the Tip of the Tongue”, Chen Xiaoqing visited the “Rifeng Garden” hotel on Xiaoping Island twice. If nothing else, just to eat the most authentic sea intestine dumplings, which is “the most unforgettable dumpling he has ever eaten in his life”.

A plate of Q bomb full, thin color dumplings brought up, fresh fragrance to the nose, quickly clipped one and sent to the mouth, sea intestines crisp and tender, leeks fresh and spicy, just hot mouth, extremely satisfied. It turns out that the seafood filling is many times more delicious than the usual meat filling!

Figure 2| Olive Restaurant ©

In addition, the cool breeze and moonlit night of the coastal city, how can you lack seafood barbecue? No need to put too much seasoning, just simply grill a dozen sea oysters, a plate of scallops, iron plate squid, a few bottles of beer “tons of tons” under the belly, the gentle sea breeze of Tiger Beach blows, a few full burps one after another, this is the peak of Dalian people’s “waves in the waves” of life.

Therefore, the “wave” taste of Dalian should of course be eaten fresh! Eating is the strong atmosphere of life in the streets or seashores, eating the most luxurious original taste gifted by nature, eating the confidence of Dalian people in local customs, and eating the pride and cheerfulness of Dalian people!

Dalian people have lived by the sea for generations, and their words and deeds carry a lot of the breath of the sea, and the days pass leisurely, but the waves show amiable and lovely characteristics.

Because there is a lot of seafood, it is full of “sea oyster flavor” as soon as you open it. The origin of Dalian dialect is in the same vein as the Jiaodong official dialect, which also belongs to the Bohai Sea Circle, and has the characteristics of marine culture.

In the past, more than 80% of the people in Dalian were the descendants of Shandong’s “Guandong” peasants, and they were wrapped in a strong atmosphere of their hometown, daring to do things, humorous, and humorous, which made the later ones

Dalian dialect is both earthy and ruthless, but also simple and clear.

Pictured| Yan Instant Eternity ©

Dalian people always speak with “blood” (second tone), which means “special, very”, such as “blood cheap” and “blood grievance”. They love to hang “blood biao” on their lips, not only to say that the other party is too stupid, but also with cordial ridicule.

Lang is also the most flavorful Dalian dialect. Dalian people love waves, and Dalian girls are also known throughout the country. Saying “swing” is a compliment that girls can read.

There is an old saying in Dalian,

“Bud rice noodles


Belly, indeed good pants”

, rather sacrifice the appetite of the mouth, but also dress brightly and decently.

This is the attention of the older generation of Dalian people,

They not only inherit the good character of Shandong people, but also exquisite, fashionable and modern.

Photo| Photography of Kenko ©

Dating back more than 100 years, this city founded by the Russians and then colonized by the Japanese has always had a strong foreign cultural influence.

Dalian writer Susu once lamented that people here have seen more Russian fashionable and avant-garde “braji” and tweed daiko with high waists, as well as Japanese clean and tidy “bangxiazi” (shirts) and upright kimonos.

When they can decide their destiny, the keen sense of clothing has long been portrayed in the bones, fashion and decency have become the collective pursuit of Dalian people, and the stubborn self-esteem is both face and inside.


Dalian people love to wear, it is precisely because they love life, in order to always maintain a delicate serious, lazy and not lazy attitude to life, and the days are bright and colorful.

They have so many options that they can wave out of the house.

Every spring, the cherry blossom festival, summer costume festival, beer festival, hiking fair, and marathon gather the bustle and prosperity of the city;

As a “football city”, Dalian people uphold the tradition of national sports, and can see people playing football in various green stadiums at any time in the evening and weekends;

Figure 1| Queenio ©

Because it is a hilly city, Dalian people simply do not ride bicycles, give their love to their feet, just walk and stop along the most beautiful coastal road, overlooking the blue waves, and measure the most proud coastline with their footsteps, “bloody” (especially cool)!

Therefore, whenever I walk in such Dalian, I don’t like to get into any attractions, but it is very comfortable to walk around the city streets at will. From Xinghai Square to the seaside style of Xiajiahezi, from Zhongshan Square to the north of Shengli Bridge, from the century-old tram to the vicissitudes of Lushun Old Street… In this way, I am free to wave, and I can feel the vividness and spirit of the day.

Figure 1| A cat © has a head on it

Figure 2 |andy_cqs ©

Moreover, with the hard work of Dalian people, although the economy of Northeast China is generally sluggish, Dalian still maintains a steady momentum of development, and has been ranked first in the GDP of Northeast cities for more than ten consecutive years.

Dalian’s days are indeed waves, standing at the front of the wave, they have always lived vigorously, lived with a head, and dared to be the first in the world.

Their self-confidence and waves, that is, love both themselves and the city.

For the authentic Dalian people, it is naturally good, but it is not as good as Dalian!

Figure |andy_cqs ©

Shen Congwen visited Dalian in the 60s of the last century, and in his words, Dalian people were even neatly dressed at street stalls, and women at department store counters were dressed “delicately”, even in Shanghai; At first, he thought that Dalian was not as bright and open as Qingdao, but later found that it was not only fashionable and atmospheric, but also had the delicacy of Qingdao.

Now it may be difficult to understand why Shen Congwen compares Shanghai, Qingdao and Dalian.

Photo| Chen Baozhong ©

If we say that the Shanghai fashion created by Shanghai Ten Mile Ocean Field is a kind of tone of Shanghainese; Qingdao’s free-spirited and Republican literati nourished the foundation of its bold mind; so

Dalian, which combines the majesty of the north and the beauty of the south, has long been immersed in Western European style and Eastern rain, and has long been a romantic combination of Chinese and Western.

If you want to experience the charm of this culture that permeates the city’s blood, you must remember it no matter what season you come here

Bring all your senses, sight, smell, hearing, touch, all open up, let yourself become a rhythmic wave, swaying with the mood of Dalian…

Mei Niang, who is also known as “Nanling Beimei” with Zhang Ailing, came to Dalian with her father in 1933 as a child, and many years later, she still feels,

“I walked through different seaports in my motherland, but Dalian always appeared in my memory with the most brilliant colors.”

Indeed, the hue of Dalian is not very similar to the traditional northern cities, it will not be straightforward and flat, but change color by its own nature.

When the cherry blossoms of spring and April are placed in Lushun, it is a puff; In midsummer, the Nanshan Road is full of acacia blooms, which will turn it full of green and white in the eyes; Now in autumn, French plane trees are dotted with golden yellow, walking on the spacious and quaint Gorky Road, thinking that Tian Han and Guo Moruo have also wandered under such romance, and my heart is a little more smoked.

Figure 1| Xiaoning WHN ©

What remains constant is the mottled trees of the various exotic buildings. European, Russian, and Japanese styles each have their own, but they all show the gorgeous and lively yellow wall spires, red bricks and green tiles. The charming charm of complexity but harmony makes people’s mood particularly hearty and open.

Dalian has many such brightly colored, magnificent and exquisite buildings, they are often the essence of the combination of Chinese and Western, breaking the monotonous moderation, exuding the unique Dalian “enough waves and enough freedom” ideas and mood.

Pictured | EJay Ah Jie ©

When acacia flowers bloom, the smell of floating over the city and buildings is “always fragrant”, which is the common memory of Dalian people. It was captured by the Chinese plum lady and deeply cherished by Kiyooka Takuyuki in Japan.

Kiyooka Takuyuki was born and raised in 1922 on Nanshan Road in Dalian, and returned to Japan more than 20 years later, where he wrote the book “Dalian under the Acacia Tree”, repeatedly muttering that the city of acacia in Dalian always has an intoxicating fragrance, which is “a clear dream recalled in pleasure”.

Many times, taste often hits our hearts more instantly than seeing them, and stirs our souls for a long time.

Figure 1| Dalian teacher © Li

Figure 2| Aaron Gleichmut ©

Moreover, these colors, these tastes, are not dull and silent. They are often shaken and stirred by various sounds, the sound of the sea breeze, the tinkling of trams, the laughter of people “rushing to the sea”… In this way, it was washed away far away, and the breath of the dream was even more confusing.

Dalian’s mood is such an elusive thing, it is not concrete, but more timeless.

Bathed in the storm of the century, Dalian has always swayed and waved. This is the unique humanistic tone of this city, and it is also their life order and inner perseverance, which ultimately makes this northern pearl of literature and art, open-mindedness, openness and inclusiveness.

Pictured | cat with © blue eyes

Perhaps only by stepping on the land of Dalian and experiencing such a search for “traces of the waves” can we understand why in the mind of Kiyooka Zhuoxing,

“Dalian’s cosmopolitan atmosphere as a free trading port, as well as its bright and refreshing terroir, is unmatched anywhere else.”

And what the people of Dalian have done is just as simple as Huang Yongyu’s words:

“Clear love, direct disgust, sincere like. Standing in the sun and expressing yourself loudly and undeservedly. ”

This kind of love, perhaps also personal, flows in every hidden corner of Dalian with strong emotional attributes.

I was lucky enough to have loved that once and never gave it up, and that was enough.

Because Dalian, it’s such a wave! You, do you want to come to the wave once?

Pictured| Maxi ©

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