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On the evening of September 21, 2020, Hongxing Erke held an online cloud conference of Qidan 2.0 at the China Sports Press General Office of the General Administration of Sports, officially releasing the limited edition gift box of Qidan 2.0. Compared with the 888 pairs sold out of the first 888 pairs of the Odd Bomb 2.0 Tmall that morning, the evening press conference was also a gathering of big coffee, famous high jumper Zhang Guowei, Sneaker industry legend geek shoe talk, and sports medicine experts of the State General Administration of Sports and other industry leaders attended the press conference that night, presenting a different press conference for the public.

“Fake power outage, real scheming” Hongxing Erke played with light change in the dark

The highlight of the night was Zhang Guowei’s appearance, as a national professional athlete, Zhang Guowei not only started from the actual foot experience, explained the magical black technology of Qibomb 2.0 to let people run 1 km more, but also cleverly arranged a “live power outage accident”, so that the press conference site fell into darkness – just when everyone was puzzled, the light change design of Qibomb 2.0 suddenly broke into view, and everyone realized that this was the careful machine of the “lamp factory”. It is through such a bold and highly innovative move that Hongxing Erke has confirmed his ability to play light, and at the same time, he has protected every night runner with practical actions.

Professional hard power, platform “1 km more”

On the night of the live broadcast, President Hongxing Erke remotely helped the press conference and told the audience about the research and development process of Qidan 2.0. Geek Shoe Talk came to the scene as a representative of the shoe circle, and partnered with Ke Qingmei, chief innovator of Hongxing Erke, to open the live broadcast evaluation debut of Qibomb 2.0, showing the ejection foot feel of Odd Bullet 2.0 from multiple angles and in an all-round way. At the same time, there are sports medicine experts from the State General Administration of Sports, who vividly interpret the mystery of the ejection of Qibomb 2.0 from the perspective of ergonomics and material science.

As a comprehensive upgrade of Qibang Pro, Qibomb 2.0 has received widespread attention from shoe circles before its official launch, and everyone is speculating about what is the magic of this pair of running shoes that are said to allow you to “run 1 km more”, until September 10, the shoe circle media successively issued a pilot map, the mystery of Qibomb 2.0 gradually surfaced – six upgrade modules fully help “run 1 km more”: soft elastic upgrade 62.5%, ejection foot feel makes running easier; The curve rolls up, with a sense of forward push, making running more effortless; The surrounding light change is upgraded, cool blessing, making night running more powerful; The anti-skid upgrade of the zone, no matter how complicated the road conditions, you can run at will; Ergonomic upgrade, intelligent pressure is easy to put on and take off, and the foot feeling is more comfortable; Multi-dimensional locking system makes the step more stable.

Station B UP master, as a loyal fan of the odd bullet series, also followed by a more comprehensive and vivid evaluation of the top foot of the odd bullet 2.0, including the head of the B station UP master manual Geng and the well-known UP master geek shoe talk, talentless, Gaozu talk, including more than 100 UP masters, all presented their unboxing videos for the first time for the odd bullet 2.0. In addition to the stunning limited gift box packaging, the ejection foot feel of the Odd Bullet 2.0 makes the UP owners collectively want to stop.

As an enterprise that has focused on carrying out various social welfare and charity activities since its inception, Hongxing Erke took the release of Qibomb 2.0 as an opportunity to announce that for every pair of Qibomb 2.0 running shoes sold, it would donate an equal amount of sports equipment to the Welfare Fund for the Disabled, fulfilling the sacred social mission of an enterprise operator with practical actions and creating a national brand that the Chinese people are proud of.