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Everyone knows that skirts are an indispensable item in girls’ wardrobes, it is very easy to wear, and very feminine, but you want to dress well and fashionable, be sure to choose a good style, I recommend you can try the following four, each of which is very thin and tall, then continue to read.

The first is the classic black skirt in the fashion circle, the charm of the little black dress everyone has to admit that its status in the fashion circle has always been very high, and the following black skirt matching is also extremely mature and stable, wearing on the body can show a sense of fashion and dashing temperament, so that your own temperament is improved. Don’t wear pants in winter, these “skirts” are elegant and gentle and thin, and they are beautiful.

This black skirt is longer than the knee and covers the ankles, which makes it look extremely thin and thin, but if you are small, try not to try too long skirts, you can choose to expose your ankles, so it will feel lighter.

The dress blogger matched the upper body with a black undershirt, a black small turtleneck and a black skirt to create a matching of the same color, which looks very coordinated, and this black way of dressing is also particularly calm, daily wear without worrying about stepping on thunder, and then put on a chain bag or metal necklace, will feel more expensive.

The second is a slit skirt, sexy and feminine, and in this season, you can try more popular colors, if you still want to be stable and generous, then earth tones are definitely the first choice.

Let camel color, brown and khaki be the most elements of autumn and winter exit, if the skirt length reaches the calf position, if the straight design is adopted, there will be some sense of restraint, combined with the design of the upper slit, not only can make our line more convenient, but also can increase a certain degree of skin exposure, highlighting the mature charm of sexy and feminine.

If you are tall like a blogger, then you can also directly learn from her way of dressing, the upper body is layered with a white shirt and a V-neck knit, increasing the sense of layering at the same time, but also achieving the effect of warmth, when going out, with a cashmere coat is more dignified and noble charm.

Choose boots on the feet, which can also keep the calf part warm, which is not only practical, but also very foreign.

The green sweater below looks very eye-catching, and then with a split skirt on the lower body, it can also show a sense of luxury, the split design stretches our legs, and reveals your sexy leg skin, which looks lighter and more romantic.

In fact, the design of this split skirt is not pompous, and the split is only a small exposure of our leg skin, the area of the split is not large, suitable for daily wear, but also more suitable for autumn and winter, if you want to make the personal leg line better decorated, you can also try the high split design, a large area to expose your sexy skin.

You can also match the feet with booties, because boots and skirts are a set of suitable for autumn and winter, boots will look cool on the lower body, and the skirt forms a connection, which can naturally show the long legs.

The check design on this skirt is actually very classic, gray and black checks combined, it looks low-key and high-class, and it is also very atmospheric to wear on the body, and the check elements are more regular, so that you can avoid complexity, very suitable for daily wear.

The third is this year’s super popular check skirt, this check skirt is a classic in the fashion circle, in addition to the check skirt, there are also many hipsters like checked coats or checked suits, are both retro and fashionable.

The color on this skirt is basically brown and coffee, this earth color does look a lot more mature, wearing it on the body can also show a sense of premium, and the concave shape of the clothing with earth tones can subtly highlight the elegant and intellectual charm, which is more attractive than bright colors.

Paired with a tweed jacket, gentle and warm, this tweed coat is shorter and suitable for small people, and then reflects her slender waist by cinching in the waist, showing thin and tall, and the figure looks better. With brown Martin boots under the feet, it is simple and intellectual, and the slimming effect is super obvious.

Finally, the fourth is a pleated skirt, if you feel that the ordinary hip skirt is too monotonous to wear on the body. Combined with this pleated design, let’s make the look more flexible through the pleated elements, and it will swing with your pace on the body, looking very dynamic and swaying.

Generally, pleated skirts will choose the style design of A-line skirts, the skirt is slightly expanded, more flexible and feminine, and it really looks particularly elegant and sweet when worn in winter, and it is not fat to wear calf socks, leggings and other warm and close-fitting items.

Choose a simple and generous pleated skirt, really can be worn all year round, like winter, you can use it as a coat or down jacket underwear and knitwear to match, simple and comfortable, easily show the gentleness of girls.

Inclusiveness is also very strong, usually whether it is intellectual elegance or playful age reduction college style, you can choose such a pleated skirt to match, in the winter if you don’t know what to wear, you can directly choose such a pleated skirt, gentle and elegant and temperamental, super beautiful.

The upper body will not feel bloated even if it is matched with a heavy down jacket, and the color of this blue down jacket is quite foreign, which is conducive to showing white temperament, with a pleated skirt, especially flexible, looks very fashionable, and then step on a pair of black boots, looks quite versatile, the whole person’s aura will be instantly improved, allowing you to become the focus of the crowd.

Whether you’re small or tall, you can get yourself these dresses this winter, the above four skirts are extremely elegant and high-class, suitable for pear-shaped figures, and fashionable to wear in winter.

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