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There are always nights, in addition to difficult insomnia, there is also an uncontrollable itching sensation in the lower body.

There are always occasions when the upper body is in a meeting to report, but the lower body is itchy and rubbing on the chair, like sitting on pins and needles.

Why is the vulva always so itchy sometimes? Could it be that the boyfriend let himself contract some unclean diseases? Don’t rush to beat the object first, just read on.

Vulvar itching can be caused by these reasons

Vulvar itching is a symptom caused by different lesions, female vulvar pruritus is mainly in the labia majora and labia minora, partially involving the anus, due to continuous scratching, often accompanied by skin hypertrophy and maceration, clitoris and vaginal mucosa prone to redness and erosion.

Symptoms of itching in women are caused by a variety of reasons, the common ones are as follows:

● Local stimulation of the vulva

Vaginitis causes irritating vaginal discharge:

The most common are

Vulvovaginal candidiasis

(Also known as mycovaginitis, vulvovaginal candidiasis)

, 75% of women will have it at least once in their lifetime. Secondly

Trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial vaginitis


Urine or fecal irritation:

Impersonation of urine or fecal fluid in patients with genital tract fistula causes pruritus in the vulva.

Other local irritants:

Labia majora creases

Accumulation of dirt


(e.g. pinworms, pubic lice)

Chemical products

(Medicines, alkaline soaps, perfumes, deodorants, care lotions, etc.)

Chemical fiber or woolen underwear

and so on, can cause itching of the vulva.

● Vulvar localization

Primary disease

It is more common in skin diseases with nonneoplastic lesions within the epithelial epithelium of the vulva

(eg, vulvar eczema, chronic lichen simplex, lichen sclerosus, vulvar squamous epithelial hyperplasia)

, may also be seen in vulvar tumors

(Vulvar epithelioma-like lesions and invasive carcinoma)

● Systemic diseases

Systemic chronic diseases:

Diabetes, uremia, jaundice disease, vitamin B2 deficiency, leukemia, vitiligo, etc., can cause vulvar itching.

Vulvar itching is more common in women in the group with diabetes

, and was significantly associated with poor diabetes control.

Endocrine disorders:

Common in postmenopausal women with estrogen deficiency in the body.

● Sedentary bad habits

The shape of the vulva allows warm, moist secretions to maintain long-term contact with the skin, but sitting for a long time can easily lead to dampness and occlusion of the vulva, changes in temperature and humidity, and obstruction of blood circulation.

This causes itching of the vulva, and the long-term hot and humid environment is also a breeding ground for bacteria.


Latex condoms

, can also cause skin allergy or non-atopic skin irritation in some people.

Mental tension

It may also induce or exacerbate vulvar itching.

How to solve the painful itching pain

Vulvar itching is not difficult to cure if the cause is clear. The sisters do not need to be too shy, go to the hospital in time for examination and symptomatic treatment.

For bacterial vaginosis, sexual activity may be a risk factor for its development, but there is currently insufficient evidence for bacterial vaginosis due to sexual transmission.

No treatment is required for asymptomatic sexual partners.

If vaginitis due to microbial infection

(e.g., mycotic vaginitis)


Adhere to follow-up, thorough treatment, and avoid recurrence

。 If there is sexual activity during treatment, condoms should be used consistently to avoid cross-transmission and unclean sexual intercourse.

Daily attention to private care,

Do not scratch or use private parts of the product, keep the private parts dry and clean

。 You can wash your private parts with water, change your underwear frequently, and change sanitary napkins in time during menstruation.

Avoid sitting for a long time,

Avoid fragrances, perfumes, cleaning products containing emulsifiers or antimicrobials in your private parts

, some people avoid latex-containing condoms and lubricants and preservatives. Avoid wearing pants that are too tight, and you can replace them with cotton breathable and loose ones.

Finally, Xiaohong wants to ask everyone,

What are the other unspeakable health concerns?

You can leave a comment, Xiaohong will help you answer~


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