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Gaofa City Chiyuan, Fula Yayuan garbage collection points are dirty and messy? Property reply: Rectified

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On January 22, the reporter received news from citizens that the public health environment of Chiyuan and Fule Yayuan in Gaofa District, Futian District, was worrying: domestic garbage was not sorted, garbage centralized recycling points, smelly sky, rat infested, waste furniture and clothes were piled up in the open for a long time, blocking the fire escape. The reporter’s interview found that similar problems once existed, and now they have been rectified.

On the morning of the 22nd, the reporter visited the community according to the news. The reporter saw that two garbage collection points were located on the east and west sides of the community: the sorting bins of the east recycling point were neatly placed, and there were no mobile garbage bins outside the boxes, but there were discarded cartons stacked next to the sink; The collection point on the west side is also neat.

The garbage collection point on the west side, the rightmost house in the picture is the garbage room, which is used to store mobile bins filled with garbage.

At the garbage collection point on the west side of Fuller Court where citizens broke the news, four or five mobile garbage bins full of garbage were seen resting next to the sorting bins, just blocking the fire escape of the community.

The location shown in the citizen sticker is the garbage collection point on the west side of the community.

The reporter immediately began to visit the community. An aunt told reporters that the usual sanitation of the community is okay, and residents will also sort and put garbage. Discarded cardboard boxes are tied into bundles and pulled away when the trucks come, and supervisors are on duty to help sort garbage in the morning and evening.

The person in charge of the community property management office said that yesterday (21st) afternoon, he received a complaint from Futian Street, so that the property could check and correct itself and make a reply. In response to complaints from citizens, the Property Management Office carried out rectification one by one: the garbage collection point is close to the building, and sometimes it is inevitable to smell, so it adopted the method of washing and cleaning to reduce the odor of garbage; Fire escape obstructions will be immediately removed and garbage will be removed to the garbage room.

The above two pictures are the garbage collection point on the east side of the community, according to residents and property staff, there will be special personnel to pack and clean up.

According to the property, in order to improve the hygiene of the community, supervisors will be arranged to be on duty from 7 am to 9 pm every day, and there are cleaners responsible for the daily cleaning of the surrounding environment; The garbage collection point is equipped with a poisonous rat house, which regularly sanitize four times a week; The removal and transportation of kitchen waste is generally arranged before 12 pm, and other garbage is cleaned and transported from 2 pm to 3 pm, and large garbage is centrally placed in the basement, and after a certain amount is completed, it is cleaned and transported centrally.

Edited by Wang Ziye

(Author: Shenzhen Special Zone News reporter Wang Xiaohu)

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