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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

In our lives, accidents occur from time to time that make us need to re-evaluate the importance of things, and sometimes we are sad for birthdays; Sometimes it’s a friend who has a major problem. For me, the funeral of a good friend made me feel undependent, disturbed, and wondering what I was doing

I want to go to the bank and withdraw all our deposits, to Tahiti. I want to put all the plastic saucers on the road and reverse the car to crush them. I want to learn ballet. I want to throw away all the fake flowers and replace them with a green vine and flowers. I want to put away the little rugs and let the dust fall wherever it loves. That very night, I examined my life, rearranged everything, and made an oath. I don’t want to learn from the woman on the Titanic, who wept bitterly when she climbed the lifeboat in an accident and her life and death were uncertain: “I knew this earlier, and I ate the sweet cakes, chocolate, and cheese after the meal.” ”

If each of us knows life like this young lady, then every day of our life will be as if it were the last day of our lives.

You know that drawer where I put my old tights? I threw away all those old things that I couldn’t wear and hated at first glance.

Remember the dusty rose-shaped candle in the foyer? I set it on fire yesterday.

And there is a 5 cm crack in the window, we said that it should be repaired when selling the car? Ha, fixed. Guess who we invited to dinner on Sunday, it was Meiling and Jiachang; We met them at 16 banquets and each time they said, “We should get together.” ”

There is also that big jar of sauerkraut, because only I eat it, I can’t bear to open it and throw it away. Alas, then what does it matter!

I washed my hands with a small piece of shell-shaped pink soap and my husband said to me, “I thought you’d keep it?” As soon as it gets wet, it doesn’t look like a shell. ”

I looked down at the soap bubble in one hand. Shells simply contain life. Now I give it a chance to become more valuable.

Smart Small Rucksack:

Tomorrow after tomorrow, tomorrow is so much; I was born for tomorrow, and everything will be done.

Many people are ambitious, but in the end they don’t achieve anything. Because he is always used to saying to himself: Let’s do this tomorrow, there is no time today.

As everyone knows, success never nostalgic for the past, let alone the future, it only exists today.

So let’s tell ourselves: life is short, don’t put off what you want to do until tomorrow, and do everything we need to do before the sun goes down today. Don’t wait until everything is ready to do what you want to do.

Life is always changing, and that time never comes, so let’s start now.