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House decoration, if your home space is not large, furniture and soft decoration are recommended to choose light colors, with a little color on it. Today I will share with you a set of 89 square meters of three-bedroom and two-living room Nordic style decoration, bedroom cabinets are white, partial bedside background wall with a dark blue wall, super beautiful design, let’s take a look.

Looking at the floor plan first, as soon as you enter the entrance, you will find the dining area, which is adjacent to the kitchen, but the kitchen has been changed from the original traditional kitchen to an open kitchen.

From this angle you can see the entrance door, the design of the restaurant is very simple, with a thin leg dining table, the chairs are made of blue and white matching, it looks like a small fresh feeling, next to the restaurant is a sideboard, the refrigerator is embedded in, it looks more neat!

The kitchen space is not large, so the original traditional kitchen is changed to an open kitchen, so that the kitchen space will appear more spacious, and the light is more transparent and bright, the cabinet uses a white hanging cabinet with a wood-colored floor cabinet, these two colors match, looks very good.

Looking at the living room from the dining room, the living room is very transparent and bright, and outside the living room is a large balcony, with light gauze curtains, which do not block the light.

The living room did not make a suspended ceiling, but the dining room area was partially made of a suspended ceiling, covering the pipes of the central air conditioning, and the living room ceiling was equipped with black track spotlights, using a multi-source lighting design.

The TV background wall in the living room is very simple, it is a large white wall, and the place of the curtain is reserved above the TV, and you can usually put the curtain down and watch movies at home. The TV cabinet uses a small white low cabinet, which increases the storage space and can make the space appear more spacious.

Behind the sofa is an open study, with a sofa as a partition in the middle, and the sofa chooses a brown leather sofa, which is just enough to embellish it, so that the space is not too white!

The open study room is very simple, with a bookshelf, a table, a chair, it becomes a study room, in fact, this can also meet daily needs.

Come in the bedroom to see, this is the master bedroom, the dark blue latex paint wall on the background wall of the head of the master bedroom is really amazing, very beautiful design, I think the whole home, the most beautiful decoration is this wall.

The bedroom is equipped with a white wardrobe and a wood-colored Windsor bed, and the overall match is very harmonious and looks comfortable!

Take a picture of this wall casually, it is beautiful!

The other bedroom is mainly white, this bedroom does not have much space, so the bed and wardrobe are customized, the white wardrobe has a minimalist design, it looks simple and generous, this wardrobe design is also popular now, if you like, you can collect it.

The whole bathroom is mainly gray and white, the sanitary ware is white, and the bathroom cabinet adopts a mirror cabinet, which can increase the storage space.

The bathroom is divided into dry and wet partitions, and the professional bathroom floor is laid, which is comfortable and good-looking! The plasterboard ceiling is used on the ceiling, with downlight lighting, and a bath bomb, it is really a pleasure to soak in such a space!

If you like the decoration design of this 89 square meter three-bedroom two-living room Nordic style house, you can collect it and refer to it.